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TEL #5
July 15, 2011, 04:09 PM
Rookie 1276 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 28|20 points
Absolute Beginner 807 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 27|20 points

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Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[cfc-okeii] hf
[cfc``Djflow] hf
[cfc``Djflow] yo tb ya soi una mierda wei xD no ai pedo
[cfc-okeii] haha
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: Hf
[SnipeR-dC] Hf
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: pqp me divirto mt jogando esses tel
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: kkkk
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: bah
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: principalmente jogando com vc :$
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: ahuehuaeh
[dC`VulZ`ea`] cruz credo
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: wee
[SnipeR-dC] D:
[dC`VulZ`ea`] nice mind
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: ser ?
[cfc-okeii] oh casi
[SnipeR-dC] wow
[SnipeR-dC] nt
[cfc``Djflow] chin
[dC`VulZ`ea`] pra cair na mina
[cfc-okeii] nt xD
[SnipeR-dC] ah droga
[SnipeR-dC] XD
[dC`VulZ`ea`] ta bom
[dC`VulZ`ea`] isolou ele pelo menos
[SnipeR-dC] uaehuhae
[dC`VulZ`ea`] hum
[dC`VulZ`ea`] macaco me pegou
[dC`VulZ`ea`] n1
[dC`VulZ`ea`] aw
[dC`VulZ`ea`] lol
[cfc-okeii] puta xd
[SnipeR-dC] oo
[dC`VulZ`ea`] caralho
[cfc``Djflow] ke pendejin xD
[dC`VulZ`ea`] errei todos os pulos
[SnipeR-dC] KKKKKK
[cfc-okeii] xD
[dC`VulZ`ea`] apertei tudo errado
[SnipeR-dC] Q pendejin
[SnipeR-dC] XD
[dC`VulZ`ea`] ia te dar ele pra vc skunkar
[SnipeR-dC] hmm
[SnipeR-dC] woo
[cfc``Djflow] no mames xD
[dC`VulZ`ea`] heuiSAHEUIASE
[dC`VulZ`ea`] ri mt
[cfc-okeii] q fue eso ? jajaj
[dC`VulZ`ea`] viga horizonal
[SnipeR-dC] po
[SnipeR-dC] nunca fala isso
[dC`VulZ`ea`] foda q pega 81
[SnipeR-dC] q eu até hoje
[SnipeR-dC] nao aprendi
[dC`VulZ`ea`] -----
[SnipeR-dC] fala cima
[SnipeR-dC] ou baixo
[dC`VulZ`ea`] xD
[SnipeR-dC] XD
[dC`VulZ`ea`] horizonte
[dC`VulZ`ea`] agua
[dC`VulZ`ea`] horizontal
[SnipeR-dC] gj
[cfc-okeii] jodete a durruss
[cfc``Djflow] ack
[cfc-okeii] XD
[SnipeR-dC] XDDDDD
[cfc``Djflow] :/
[dC`VulZ`ea`] sheep
[dC`VulZ`ea`] anda < e sheep
[SnipeR-dC] merda
[cfc-okeii] si estas como la mierda wei xd
[dC`VulZ`ea`] n1
[SnipeR-dC] matou
[SnipeR-dC] rofl
[SnipeR-dC] XDDD
[SnipeR-dC] ty
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: hehe
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: XDDD
[SnipeR-dC] bl
[cfc``Djflow] valgo verga vato
[cfc-okeii] yo ya vali
[cfc``Djflow] amonos a ropear wei devo acostumbrarme a ste teclado
[cfc-okeii] a wei
[cfc-okeii] x
[dC`VulZ`ea`] sputnik vs sputnik
[cfc-okeii] d
[cfc-okeii] gg
[cfc``Djflow] gg
[SnipeR-dC] gg
[cfc-okeii] cu
[cfc-okeii] amonos
[SnipeR-dC] rm ?
[HostingBuddy] cfc``Djflow has disconnected: Connection closed
[HostingBuddy] cfc-okeii has disconnected: Connection closed
[SnipeR-dC] aff
[dC`VulZ`ea`] gg
[SnipeR-dC] :C
[dC`VulZ`ea`] kkkkk
[HostingBuddy] dC`VulZ`ea` has disconnected: Connection closed

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