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TRL #5
October 11, 2011, 04:06 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Team17 before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Team17 before the game. Lost 40|40 points

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Information Game scheme: TRL: Team17
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Game Chat(s)
[eS`CineK`e2N] have fun guys
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> SAY ME all tactick
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> page down and crtl
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> and u will see evrytime chat
[`Profe`eS`iE] but this clanners help to play tus classic clanners
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: regel 1: port dich zu den crates um waffen zu bekommen!
[`Profe`eS`iE] np,
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> fucking bad cr8 :D
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: regel 2:dann fang an zu zaubern oder zu plopen wie du kannst
[MongoMaN`GaT] oh bad spawn
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> but i will get him if he tele there :D
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> LOL XD
[eS`CineK`e2N] LOL
[eS`CineK`e2N] XD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> ok
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: der andere knaller htte mich plopen knnen wenn ich mich geportet htte :P
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> yeaaaaah xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> tele to cr8?
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> or block
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ein schfchen flausch flausch :D
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: dannn losen wir halt mal
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> cowwwwws xDDDDDDDD
[MongoMaN`GaT] die!
[eS`CineK`e2N] xDd
[eS`CineK`e2N] i wont!
[GaT`BlinkY] :D
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] damn if u get correct wind u will get me :/
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i will get there cr8
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> u can putch him
[MongoMaN`GaT] full blue wind = phew :D
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: die pros wissen das doch so oder so
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: DIE HABEN KHE!
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> bl :<
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: wichser -.-
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> 2 cr8s xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] uuuuuuuu xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] blinky :/
[MongoMaN`GaT] bad idea
[`Profe`eS`iE] bl
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i dont think so
[eS`CineK`e2N] what to do?
[MongoMaN`GaT] :)
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: is ja nur tus ;)
[MongoMaN`GaT] wow
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> nice idea xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> garf tele
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i see xd
[GaT`BlinkY] meh
[MongoMaN`GaT] :(
[eS`CineK`e2N] fat worm
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] ^^
[MongoMaN`GaT] now ur dead if he do the right step :P
[eS`CineK`e2N] faaaaaail
[eS`CineK`e2N] lol
[eS`CineK`e2N] noob
[`Profe`eS`iE] xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] :<
[MongoMaN`GaT] :DDD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> cow on him
[eS`CineK`e2N] ?
[MongoMaN`GaT] :>
[eS`CineK`e2N] no way
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> noobish lol
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i thinked its work
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> :<
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ?
[`Profe`eS`iE] i thought not but np
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> but :) need to use rope :D
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i mean
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> worm
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> :D :D
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: da steht auch kein gegner :P
[eS`CineK`e2N] fp go
[eS`CineK`e2N] :)
[MongoMaN`GaT] it dosnt work man accept it :P
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> dina :D
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> what to do now?
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: httest des schaf hochschieen knnen aber so is auch gut...unsere base :D
[MongoMaN`GaT] lölö
[eS`CineK`e2N] fuck lol
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> thinking aboutttttttttttttttttt he bunce...
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> and plup
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> so bad me lol
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> no need blue wind
[MongoMaN`GaT] :P
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> u can bangee to down
[eS`CineK`e2N] xd
[GaT`BlinkY] mit träger einsperren ...
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: machs so!
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ne nich so
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ^^^
[eS`CineK`e2N] thanks team mate
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: jetz wirds nix mehr :/
[`Profe`eS`iE] ^^
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: nimm cluster und geh aufn pixel
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> now i will be more careful
[eS`CineK`e2N] :O
[eS`CineK`e2N] kamikadzie? xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] shit
[MongoMaN`GaT] aw
[MongoMaN`GaT] LOL
[eS`CineK`e2N] fuck lol
[MongoMaN`GaT] alive :D
[eS`CineK`e2N] what a luck
[`Profe`eS`iE] vbl
[eS`CineK`e2N] i got some fucking bad
[eS`CineK`e2N] i think its lucyfer xd
[MongoMaN`GaT] lül
[`Profe`eS`iE] lol
[eS`CineK`e2N] :O
[`Profe`eS`iE] sd fock
[eS`CineK`e2N] no sd? X((((((
[eS`CineK`e2N] block
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] nooooooooooo
[MongoMaN`GaT] my cat camed in my house :D
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> fuuuuuuuuck i m fucking bad
[MongoMaN`GaT] jo
[eS`CineK`e2N] haha
[`Profe`eS`iE] ^^
[MongoMaN`GaT] schade :/
[eS`CineK`e2N] next plx no sd
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] aw
[MongoMaN`GaT] LÜL
[`Profe`eS`iE] ^^
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> :) i do :<
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> but me worm :(
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> but he is dead too
[eS`CineK`e2N] fat
[eS`CineK`e2N] sheepy
[eS`CineK`e2N] XD
[MongoMaN`GaT] damn
[`Profe`eS`iE] xD
[GaT`BlinkY] crap
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> LOL xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] fuck my cat :D
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> we no have sd weepon
[eS`CineK`e2N] :(
[MongoMaN`GaT] bo3 or something?
[eS`CineK`e2N] its bo 1 but we can rm
[`Profe`eS`iE] i cant play after this :/
[eS`CineK`e2N] aaaaaaah :(((
[MongoMaN`GaT] nono :D
[eS`CineK`e2N] so sad
[`Profe`eS`iE] i wanna lunck :/
[`Profe`eS`iE] but we are here all the days
[eS`CineK`e2N] xDD
[`Profe`eS`iE] in this same time at same channel xd
[MongoMaN`GaT] lol
[eS`CineK`e2N] die
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: kp
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: nimm nich den falmmenwerfer
[eS`CineK`e2N] :)
[MongoMaN`GaT] eh
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> how ?
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> how to put the nana
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i h8 it xd
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> risky a bit
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: grab dich nach oben
[MongoMaN`GaT] -.-
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> what to do?
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> nana there?
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: schn gewehr :)
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: wenn dus schaffst mach es!
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> pc crash?
[MongoMaN`GaT] fucka -.-
[`Profe`eS`iE] xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] 0.0
[GaT`BlinkY] ...
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: der ean gtte sich dan hochbraben knnen :P
[eS`CineK`e2N] gj
[MongoMaN`GaT] oh my god
[MongoMaN`GaT] fucking nana
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[`Profe`eS`iE] xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> what now?
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: + einen lamen block -.-
[MongoMaN`GaT] GRRRR
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: hab idee
[MongoMaN`GaT] WTF
[eS`CineK`e2N] what he doing?
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[`Profe`eS`iE] lol
[GaT`BlinkY] -.-
[GaT`BlinkY] dunno lol
[MongoMaN`GaT] when the fire comes back its shit
[GaT`BlinkY] hättest noch so 1-2 runden warten müssen
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: wollte eben mit flammenwerfer da durch und mit dem 2ten Ean burnen
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: jo
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: geh weiter
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> i will try
[MongoMaN`GaT] jo ^^
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> ye
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: boden^^
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: wasser du knaller :D
[MongoMaN`GaT] eh
[MongoMaN`GaT] :)
[eS`CineK`e2N] i m scard a lot
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] okay
[eS`CineK`e2N] gg
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] yesa!
[MongoMaN`GaT] gg
[eS`CineK`e2N] professor is better :D
[MongoMaN`GaT] WHOOT
[MongoMaN`GaT] but shit off :D
[MongoMaN`GaT] he plop
[eS`CineK`e2N] ye
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> ye sux
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ratlos...auf draw warten
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> what we gonna do
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: aber ein crate :)
[MongoMaN`GaT] oder 2
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> w8 kill one worm with telecow xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] lol
[MongoMaN`GaT] :P
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: np
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> but idk :<
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> hard to say
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> make nice hide
[GaT`BlinkY] trapped lol :D
[MongoMaN`GaT] :D
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: geh doch den gang runter und hols crate!
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> LOL
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: jetz schminck dirs ab ..
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> YEA
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> kill him!!! XD
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: wie jetz?
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ll
[eS`CineK`e2N] start killing xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> aqua and homing
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> dont fail xD
[GaT`BlinkY] first time thought this would be a friendly match w/o killing :/
[`Profe`eS`iE] gg
[eS`CineK`e2N] nooooooooooooo lol
[eS`CineK`e2N] XD
[eS`CineK`e2N] hahaha
[eS`CineK`e2N] almsot fail xD
[`Profe`eS`iE] xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] almost*
[MongoMaN`GaT] damn
[MongoMaN`GaT] gg
[MongoMaN`GaT] that will make aa draw..i think
[eS`CineK`e2N] nop
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[eS`CineK`e2N] just dont wafil
[eS`CineK`e2N] xd
[GaT`BlinkY] what
[eS`CineK`e2N] fail*
[eS`CineK`e2N] ah ok
[MongoMaN`GaT] i got in one crate a holy nade :DD
[eS`CineK`e2N] whatever
[eS`CineK`e2N] xd
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: jup
[eS`CineK`e2N] for what now xD
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: mhh...mach
[eS`CineK`e2N] LOL
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] :D
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> dont fail xd
[`Profe`eS`iE] pixels...
[eS`CineK`e2N] kurwa
[eS`CineK`e2N] xd
[eS`CineK`e2N] nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[eS`CineK`e2N] xDDDDDDD
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: ja draw
[`Profe`eS`iE] i hate this one
[eS`CineK`e2N] kurwa draw
[eS`CineK`e2N] xd
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> u think will be draw?
MongoMaN`GaT..GaT`BlinkY: win oder?
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> or he won?
[eS`CineK`e2N] lol
[GaT`BlinkY] win :D
[`Profe`eS`iE] gg
[eS`CineK`e2N] no way
[MongoMaN`GaT] WE WON?!
[eS`CineK`e2N] xD
[MongoMaN`GaT] YEAH
[MongoMaN`GaT] GG!
<<eS`CineK`e2N>> wTF! XD
[GaT`BlinkY] gg :D
[GaT`BlinkY] n1

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