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My God ((
I want to apologize to the HHC Player and everyone else if I make a mistake in the tournament.
At the time of uploading the game I was wrong I think: /
My second tournament only, at first I did not even know I had to report the game.
I did not pay attention at the top of the upload area where the numbers are 1: 0
On the home page of the site TUS, it is appearing that I won the match when I actually lost. I wanted the reponsavel someone so it removes the points that were given. It was a mistake
Once again I apologize to everyone


Can I participate or will I be withdrawn for having created a closed tournament for Brazilians only?

NOTE: This tournament I created is my first tournament, so I put only Brazilians so we could exchange information since others have already participated. So hope everyone understands is more for a test, which will aconterer normal.
But if I create another tournament it will open to everyone :)

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