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Files Comments / File #1027, Classic (h3oCharles Edit)
« on: March 24, 2023, 04:30 PM »

i finally figured out how to open 3D games' sound archives the proper way, which allows me to extract all W4M/WUM soundbank samples without any compression. Because of this, the soundbank is complete, with every sample in its right place without any compression artifacts anywhere. the folder name still stays as "Classic"

Shoutout to AlexBond for XomView

Please guys help us. How Can I generate 2 singular pixels on a map, each for 1 hostile worm, but without the spawn of 18 small girders above our heads? I was trying to figure it out.
right click the map preview to convert a BIT map to a png map. you can do this before the decorated state

General discussion / Re: Lots of little clans
« on: March 18, 2023, 02:22 PM »
personally i'd like to see the clan and community pages be a bit cleaned up, just so we can actually see who's the real deal these days

also, I've mentioned this multiple times in various discord servers, but these days i'd rather see/have/make a discord+irc bot/server for matchmaking in WA for all major schemes, but that's too elaborate for my skill level

4 doesnt have native windowed mode...? unless you mean d3d9wnd

update regarding this as I've been generating more teams

i attempted the Lemon and Lime team again, and in the first attempt, they apparently thought that a Kiwi is a citrus...

...thankfully, they corrected themselves after a follow-up prompt

As for specific themes, this is where the open-ended nature of the task really shines, as some of the coming-up teams here were based around WA's default soundbanks, Angry Scots being first

The next attempt was a team for the Drill Seargent soundbank, and overall, the names were problematic because of the length, so I had to look up military titles to shorten the names, and now (the titles being all capitalized) look tacky. I could do a follow-up prompt with trying to fix that, but I'm not sure if that's even recoverable

tried one for Cyberworms, and i feel like this one went too all over the place, probably because of my theme prompt... maybe ill try that one again later.

btw, they like to give "The" prefix to a bunch of team names, but that prefix a lot of the times is a difference between the name fitting in, so i usually remove it

next is the Thespian soundbank, and i think this is as best as it gets for this prompt

next, i tried a historic Poland team, and i had to regenerate once due to theme inconsistency, but it came out pretty well

last one for now (with greetings to Dejw) is Linux OSes, which came out perfectly

idk how long I'm still gonna milk this, but this is a pretty good creative exercise for me

Project X is closed source and the author never bothered to share the code

I think you could ask ChatGPT to come up with worm names that have 16 characters limit, [...]
You can also ask ChatGPT to fix potential grammar mistakes in your prompt and then resubmit the prompt again. [...]
usually when I specify that in my prompts, they don't really follow that, and sometimes even makes things more scuffed. maybe not specifying the exact length could work, such as "try using as few characters as possible" or sth like that

I and Xrayez have recently toyed around with using ChatGPT to name Worms Teams, sometimes even using specified themes

for me, this idea started when I plan to host a worms tournament for participants in a polish speedrunning marathon when I needed to nerf myself in some way. the first thing I thought of, is using a team I didn't memorize a rotation for.

this initially started with me trying to recreate an already existing team "Lemon and Lime" I had by recreating it in polish, but not knowing citruses in my native language and being skeptical of synonymical overlaps, I scrapped that idea

the second attempt was trying to write a prompt in polish, and despite it being my native language, it went horribly. the first step was me trying to come up with a name, so to try to be efficient, I ask for 10 names, then picking one I let them name 8 worms afterward

the result itself wasn't that bad, besides some grammar errors and worm 1 having too long of a name, but it was fine otherwise

what made me doubt myself here was them not correcting errors I name them... again, in Polish. perhaps they are inexperienced in that language.

the next attempt was trying to generate team names with a prompt in English, again, starting with team names.
the names themselves made me confused, so the next prompt was to give lore to each name

however, I ended up scrapping this, because the themes were too similar to worms, as in the IRL animal, where I don't think this is necessary, given the teams are usually fantasy-themed (i think). also, some of the themes were akin to dark siding, which (to put it mildly) I found interesting

so, the next thread, with a slightly different prompt, and the fantasy-themed trope shows. also, given the previous thread, I found having lore to each team be useful, so I can figure out the theme of the teams easier at a glance

each worm is also given some lore as well, cuz may as well lol

overall, besides this taking two prompts, i was pretty satisfied... but i thought it could be better. so I took some time to figure out a single prompt for making one team... and i got it!

the first attempt with the new prompt ended up with a toxic theme, which I find kinda ironic. With this result, besides removing "The" from the team name, everything fits like a glove

in the same thread, I tried asking them for a chess theme (specifically about the most popular chess engine), was a little bit disappointed that they named chess pieces...

but refining the theme gave better results

trying to make a polish-themed team, the first answer was about... snakes and mythology...? to be fair, besides the names being in polish, i didn't specify myself regarding that, and I'm fully aware of that

however, asking it to give another team in the same thread... bingo.

as for Xrayez, being the local Hysteria enthusiast himself, he asked for a Hysteria-themed team, which was pretty decent

i think what really makes this fascinating, is besides the limited internal character table and 16-character limit, naming a team of worms is subjective and open-ended, making this a very interesting topic

oh, and here's the final prompt i used. after that prompt, in a new line, you can specify the theme, too
Code: [Select]
give me a name for a team for a game of Worms, along with 8 worm names, with brief lore for it. these do not have to be thematically similar to the real-life animal
what are your thoughts? do you have any team suggestions?

Files Comments / File #2760, Custom Crate Collect Sound
« on: March 01, 2023, 03:43 AM »
bit of a bummer that you'd need to do this for every default soundbank :/

might be cool for custom soundbanks tho

Schemes / Re: Setting utility probability
« on: February 26, 2023, 05:21 PM »
util probabilities can only be changed with kaosmod, which used to be in rubberworm, but now is in the extended scheme settings. even then, it's not perfect, as you are forced to specific sets of odds

keep in mind that the five utils in the weapon panel aren't the only utils, as explained in the scheme setting description

look what barman did to this man

btw, i should be a shill and say that if anyone is interested in speedrunning some WA stuff, go check out the SRC page of WA

Schemes / Re: Weapon balance ideas for intermediate?
« on: February 25, 2023, 09:25 AM »
something something cluster and mortar tricks exist

Schemes / Re: More fine tuning?
« on: February 24, 2023, 08:59 PM »
quantity of weapons in a crate - no, afaik that is a highly requested feature... it is in Hedgewars afaik
fine-tune how weapons behave - besides power settings and maybe some 3.8 stuff, there's nothing. Unfortunately this is not Worms 2's weapon editor ;w;

Schemes / Re: Weapon balance ideas for intermediate?
« on: February 22, 2023, 04:42 PM »
which intermediate version is loaded when using hostingbuddy !host intermediate? or !host normal?

the default [ Intermediate ] scheme that comes with WA

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