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General discussion / sW- spiderWorms (2007-2018) - 11 years birthday!
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:14 PM »
Hi worms!

Freestyler: sW - spiderWorms, 11 years birthday! -

In all these years, we have made combo tricks, #100 animated tricks videos, and great maps!
Thx 4 the fun times on wormnet!

May the rope be with you!
Regards Nullum

General discussion / Dedicated to Team17
« on: October 17, 2016, 10:31 AM »
Imagine how fun it will be with RTW (Real Time Worms)


To watch replay wkRubberWorm.dll need! :D

TUS Discussion / Fake player
« on: October 17, 2013, 09:52 PM »
A fake player use my nick name on wormnet as sW`Nullum and as Nullum`sW, and he ask 4 TUS game :(

:-\ I don´t play TUS :-\

To MonkeyIsland: Please remove/disable my name from Leagues/Cups/Tournaments, to avoid false report.

I have already reported to CS with some files, but he can´t make a solution on this, and informed me that, he already know him, and it is not first time he use fake nick names from others...

A sick sense of humor! :(

Schemes / 2 new "oldschool" scheme from wwp
« on: May 31, 2012, 08:01 AM »
BnC = Bow and Cluster:
Add feature(s): /Batty Rope (crateshower max 5 boxes)
Invented by Laban & Nullum
Info: No rules. Plays only in crave map. This game is almost same as Team17 but just longer. Bow is most used to climp up and cluster is to place it down under worms asses.

Add feature(s): (crateshower max 5 boxes)
Invented by Laban
Info: No rules. Plays only in open map. Teleport game.

- Bonus Scheme -

Sheep Glitch:
Add feature(s): /TS (rubber, sdet, ldet, fdpt)
Invented by Nullum
Info: You can Sheep Glitch from rope, but I found out, you can also Sheep Glitch from bungee too. That why jet+bungee is added and it don´t need to activate lg.

Don´t remix those schemes plss.

TUS Discussion / 10 cheating
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:30 PM »
:-\ - I know what these cheating does - :-\
01. wkShopperDoubleSpace.dll = Doublespace used in TTRR
02. Silkworm = Doublespace with timing
03. UWT = Doublespace
04. xSpeed = Tool to speed up or speed down
05. Tool Assisted = You can controled every steps on worms
06. Autohotkey = Macro scripts

:-\ - But does anyone what these new cheating thing is? - :-\
07. wkAutoKeys.dll = ?
08. wkCheatPack.dll = ?
09. wkKawooshKickNoMsg.dll = ?
10. wkLobbyCheating31.dll = ?

Here are many reasons I don't play TUS because of these cheating stuff. I bet here will be 75% cheaters on TUS. I hope CS would fix those stuff and disable it in next update, before I want start to play TUS again.

 ???  :o  :(

TUS Discussion / Statik aliasing
« on: February 21, 2012, 01:18 AM »
mm'Statik'nlF is aliasing!!!

Statik use name as sir-J'sK and Ahimas'sW

Statik joined sW as Ahimas'sW and make fun with sW, and quit again after 2 week. It is ridiculous and so stupid. I didn't expect it, special from Statik... Later I found out he use nick name as Sir-J too, here are evidence.

1. Im 100% sure sir-J is as statik because he roping samme style - Ect in TTRR, you can compare it with TUS replays.
2. Most of time he always add "at" word on a replay file.
3. Here are some evidence of statik, who he use fake name as sir-j and ahimas.

Statik as Ahiams:
Statik as Sir-J:
Here are replay:,%20sL%60Ahimas,%20Mati,%20@sW%60Nullum%60.WAgame

And now Statik kicked me out from nlF, because I count statik as alias:

I got file "wkShopperDoubleSpace.dll" from statik when he use nick name as Ahiams. It a very usefull cheat stuff on TTRR. I don't use it! 09.35.03 [Online] Ahimas`sW`, Bundy974DoF, @sW`Nullum`.WAgame
On that replay too, U can see he got mobilenet. So that mean he can play on 2 computer on wormnet also mobilenet and net. That is impossible to checkking IP of statik.

Why I post this, is I own MonkeyIsland a favor, because I had cheating on TUS on using x-speed with I regretted it alot. :(

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