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Files Comments / File #1123, W:A Content Downloader
« on: February 16, 2017, 12:54 PM »
Really nice idea here but the plug-in needs improvements. For instance, it gets clumsy with my archive files where their structure begins with the folder "Worms Armageddon" and it then leads to the "User" directory – as a result, nothing is copied into the target directory at all but the task status is claimed as "Success! :)".

Files Comments / File #787, Ass9 Original
« on: April 03, 2015, 09:53 PM »
There are lots of files missing here. You should consider packing them into one single archive file and just upload that file to TUS.

Leagues Games Comments / Game #181326, reported by Kano888
« on: December 02, 2014, 01:39 PM »
I'm amazed, Kano. :) Such a great gameplay of yours.

Now your sims can play against Godmax and Tobi!

Leagues Games Comments / Game #159016, reported by SiD
« on: December 12, 2013, 10:23 PM »
I smell wrong replay file put here.

Leagues Complaints / [SOLVED] j0hny
« on: December 08, 2013, 04:08 PM »
Yesterday, I got issues with the guy called j0hny. It all started when I asked him for a free TUS league on the Mole Shopper funner lobby. He agreed and the funner started. Then I told him about my pick but he refused to tell his until I point out the schemes I dislike. I gave him free choice, so he can choose any scheme, even some one I may don't know but he still keep asking me about it and I got pretty mad right after I realised the way how he wants to choose his own pick. So I told him that I'm giving him the so-called "karny kutas" ("penalty dick" – a famous Polish sticker) and the statement of it was just supposed to be funny but not offensive in any way. And then he started an argument, he called me a "gimbus" (an informal Polish word that means a school pupil of Gymnasium, a part of education in Poland, in a contemptuously way but in this case it's a simple insult that means a person acting like a casual 13-16-year-old teenager), that "my girlfriend left me" and some other abusements towards me. I didn't want to make/raise any flame wars, I just wanted to prevent him from doing it but he got me, eventually and refused me to ask about anything.


07.12 22:47: to #AnythingGoes:  j0hny`UC`pH> !host mole
07.12 22:47: j0hny`UC`pH: QUIT :Joined Game

The log from the Mole Shopper gameplay along with the English translation written in yellow:

[00:00:00.00] [HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[00:00:00.00] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] gl hf ya'll
[00:00:00.00] sW`RunAway funzz
[00:00:01.28] [j0hny`UC`pH] njoy
[00:01:19.54] [j0hny`UC`pH] jaki pick grasz? [Which pick do you want to play?]
[00:01:29.50] Fox`PeCeT`DOS..j0hny`UC`pH: Minowe szalenstwo [Mine Madness.]
[00:01:34.32] [j0hny`UC`pH] k
[00:01:46.08] [j0hny`UC`pH] w co nie lubisz grac? [What games do you dislike?]
[00:02:27.64] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ady dobra, daj, co tam chcesz [Ah, it's alright, pick anything you want.]
[00:03:15.14] [j0hny`UC`pH] ok tylko musze sie dowiedziec w co nie lubisz grac 'D [OK, I just want to get to know what games you don't like. :D]
[00:03:16.90] [j0hny`UC`pH] :D
[00:04:08.52] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] heh
[00:04:19.60] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a po co Ci ta wiedza? [For what do you need such knowledge?]
[00:04:47.62] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] hmmm
[00:04:56.56] [j0hny`UC`pH] bo nie wiem jaki pick wybrac :D [Because I dunno what to pick. :D]
[00:04:57.86] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] Godmax wants to play his game specially created for me
[00:05:00.30] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] heh
[00:05:08.36] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] to powiedz wpierw to, co masz na mysli [So let's say your thoughts, firstly.]
[00:05:17.00] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] zreszta, nie moge odwolac Twojego wyboru [Anyway, I cannot reject your choice.]
[00:05:20.40] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] zasad nie znasz? [Dunno the rules?]
[00:05:27.94] [j0hny`UC`pH] wiem [I know.]
[00:05:37.46] [j0hny`UC`pH] ale chce wybrac to w co nie lubisz grac :D [But I want to choose a game you don't like. :D]
[00:06:26.72] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] oopsie [about the turn]
[00:06:55.40] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] w to co nie lubie [A game that I don't like...]
[00:07:06.00] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] i tu juz masz u mnie wielkiego kutasa na droge [And from now on you've just got a big dick from me for the journey.]
[00:07:15.56] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ta slynna nalepka [That famous sticker.]
[00:07:23.58] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] karnego, znaczy sie, kutasa [I mean, a penalty dick.]
[00:07:25.66] [j0hny`UC`pH] what is wrong with this crate?
[00:07:48.08] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] to Ci powiem, ze nie trawie CTF, bo luckerskie to jak nic [So I can tell you that I can't stand CTF's cuz they're 'luckery' like nothing...]
[00:07:58.26] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] i w ogóle chujowe [...and shitty in overall.]
[00:09:09.62] [j0hny`UC`pH] a ciebie co? Dziewczyna rzucila? [And what's with you? Your girlfriend left you?]
[00:09:24.32] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] i co kryjesz swoja osobowosc [And what's with you hiding your own identity?]
[00:09:25.94] [j0hny`UC`pH] nie uwiera Cie? [Doesn't it pinch you?]
[00:09:28.64] [sW`RunAway] ops
[00:09:29.40] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] juz mi paru o Tobie powiedzialo [Some people have already told me about you.]
[00:09:59.74] [j0hny`UC`pH] ze jaram zielsko? [That I smoke weed?]
[00:10:01.88] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] rofl [about the turn]
[00:10:02.44] [j0hny`UC`pH] D:
[00:10:09.30] [j0hny`UC`pH] nawet na youtubie mi to pisali xd [They've even told me about it on YouTube. xd]
[00:10:24.50] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] jak to ma spowodowac u mnie ból dupy, to sie gleboko mylisz [If this is gonna cause my butt hurting then you are very mistaken.]
[00:10:45.18] [j0hny`UC`pH] ty naprawde masz jakis problem :D [You've really got some problem. :D]
[00:10:55.00] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] i sie podnieca lol [And he's getting excited, lol...] [I was speaking of j0hny here]
[00:11:02.36] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] wiesz [You know...]
[00:11:09.18] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ja tylko jedno pytanie skrytykowalem [...I've only criticised that one question from you...]
[00:11:15.38] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a Ty myslisz, ze ja cie w ogóle [...and you think that I'm doing it in general.]
[00:11:46.10] [j0hny`UC`pH] nie uwiera cie? [Doesn't it pinch you?]
[00:12:09.24] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ej, a Ty sie czujesz dobrze? [Hey, you're feeling alright?]
[00:12:17.22] [j0hny`UC`pH] ale nie uwiera cie? [But doesn't it pinch you?]
[00:12:17.98] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] bo ciagle nie przestajesz tematu "o dziewczynie" [Cuz you're still not finishing "the girlfriend" topic.]
[00:12:23.10] [j0hny`UC`pH] ten kij co go masz w dupie :D [That 'stick' you have in your ass. :D]
[00:12:30.54] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] aha
[00:12:39.56] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] fajny masz styl [You have a cool style.]
[00:13:01.82] [j0hny`UC`pH] wyluzuj kolo bo ci rzylka pieprznie [Chill out, dude, or you'll get your brain melted.]
[00:13:19.24] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] powiedzialem, ze przestajemy [I've said that we're finishing it.]
[00:13:51.80] [j0hny`UC`pH] sam zaczoles i nawet nie wiem o co, ale nie ty jeden gimbusek na swiecie [You started it yourself and I don't even know for what but you're not the only "gimbus"'ey on the world.]
[00:13:58.68] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] "gimbusek" ["Gimbus"'ey.]
[00:14:13.90] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a wszystko tylko z jednego pytania [And all that coming from just one single question...]
[00:14:21.72] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] wiesz, ja Cie w ogóle jeszcze nie okreslilem [Well, I haven't even described you.]
[00:14:33.68] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a to, ze ktos tam cos o Tobie mialo byc potraktowane jako ostrzezenie [And the fact that I said some stuff that someone had something about you was just ought to be taken as a warning...]
[00:14:36.48] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a nie jako obelga [...and not as an insult.]
[00:15:27.82] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] po prostu nie fair sie pytac, jakich schematów ja nie lubie [It's just not fair to ask what scheme I dislike...]
[00:15:32.06] [j0hny`UC`pH] ja sie pytalem (dla jaj) jaki styl najmniej ci odpowiada, a ty mi o jakis kutasach wyjerzdzasz, pomysl czy to jest normalne? [I asked (for the heck of it) what style you approve least and you're talking about some dicks, think about it, is it even normal?]
[00:15:32.84] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] tylko po to, by mi/innym dopiec [...just to tease me/others.]
[00:16:26.36] [j0hny`UC`pH] nie wiadomo za co dostalem od Ciebie jakiegos kutasa, i teraz wychodzi na nie ze to ja jestem winny [I don't know the reason for getting some dick from you and now, it turns out that I'm the guilty guy.]
[00:16:29.42] [j0hny`UC`pH] wiesz co bujaj sie [You know what, get lost.]
[00:16:31.80] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] lmao xD [about the turn]
[00:16:41.74] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a ja sobie tez tylko dla jaj [But I also did it for the heck of it.]
[00:16:43.38] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] i co? [And what?]
[00:16:50.22] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] lyso Ci, nie? xD [It hurts you, right? xD]
[00:17:29.12] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ej masz racje jestem polak robak cebuulak xd [Hey, you're right, I'm a Polish worm, a redneck. xd]
[00:17:49.58] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] troche humoru, Jezu [A bit of humour, Jesus...]
[00:18:38.30] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] to nabroilem xd [about the turn]
[00:21:51.36] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ufff
[00:22:33.20] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] gj
[00:22:33.40] [sW`RunAway] 99
[00:22:35.38] *** sW`RunAway is quitting
[00:22:35.44] [j0hny`UC`pH] gg
[00:22:36.40] *** sW`RunAway is quitting
[00:22:38.26] *** sW`RunAway disconnected due to quitting
[00:22:38.28] [HostingBuddy] sW`RunAway has disconnected: Connection closed(1 kill) to Ritas (Fox`PeCeT`DOS)
[00:22:54.16] *** **H?îR ßÂ?Đ$** (sW`RunAway) forced out by disconnection due to quitting
[00:23:55.74] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] a, i nie zalapales metafory z "karnym kutasem" [Oh, and you didn't get the metaphore about "the penalty dick".]
[00:24:01.70] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] ale mniejsza o to, jebac to [Never mind, fuck it.]
[00:24:04.70] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] gg
[00:24:07.82] *** j0hny`UC`pH is quitting
[00:24:12.98] *** j0hny`UC`pH disconnected due to quitting
[00:24:13.00] [HostingBuddy] j0hny`UC`pH has disconnected: Connection closed

Back to #AG:

07.12 23:14: j0hny`UC`pH: JOIN :#AnythingGoes
07.12 23:14: Fox`PeCeTfull> ej [Hey...]
07.12 23:14: Fox`PeCeTfull> to moge hostnac? [Could I host?]
07.12 23:14: j0hny`UC`pH: QUIT :Joined Game
07.12 23:15: j0hny`UC`pH: JOIN :#AnythingGoes
07.12 23:15: j0hny`UC`pH: QUIT :Joined Game [he joined ShopperForPatree, managed to find him there quickly]

Coming to the ShopperForPatree lobby:

[2013-12-07 22.15.00] ••• Fox`PeCeT`DOS is joining a game on DirectIP named "", hosted by Direct IP
[2013-12-07 22.15.00] ••• Successfully joined game. Players are: HostingBuddy, Patree, Caio, j0hny`UC`pH, Fox`PeCeT`DOS
[2013-12-07 22.15.00] • Welcome to Patree's game, Fox`PeCeT`DOS.
[2013-12-07 22.15.01] [Patree] rules all or kick
[2013-12-07 22.15.04] *j0hny`UC`pH* tus free
[2013-12-07 22.15.04] • The owner has kicked Caio.
[2013-12-07 22.15.04] ••• Player parted or was kicked: Caio
[2013-12-07 22.15.07] • Selecting a random Shopper map from WMDB...
[2013-12-07 22.15.08] • Sending Husk_-_Swordmen's_grave.png [island (file), no borders (file), 0% water level (file)]
[2013-12-07 22.15.11] [Patree] rules pecet? (:
[2013-12-07 22.15.12] *j0hny`UC`pH* co sie obraziles na mnie? [The hell, have you taken offence at me?]
[2013-12-07 22.15.14] [Fox`PeCeT`DOS] cka xd
[2013-12-07 22.15.17] • Selecting a random Shopper map from WMDB...
[2013-12-07 22.15.18] • Sending AngelTimi88_-_Paints_Flowers.png [island (file), no borders (file), 2% water level (drops) (file)]
[2013-12-07 22.15.19] • Selecting a random Shopper map from WMDB...
[2013-12-07 22.15.20] • Sending Kilgore_-_PantoShop.png [island (file), no borders (file), 0% water level (file)]
[2013-12-07 22.15.21] • Selecting a random Shopper map from WMDB...
[2013-12-07 22.15.23] • Sending Indi_-_Ice_Cold_Shopper.png [island (default), no borders (default), 0% water level (default)]
[2013-12-07 22.15.39] *j0hny`UC`pH* jakiego picka masz? [What's your pick?]
[2013-12-07 22.15.42] ••• Player parted or was kicked: j0hny`UC`pH [as you can see, he totally ignored me here]

And again, back to #AG:

07.12 23:16: j0hny`UC`pH: JOIN :#AnythingGoes
07.12 23:16: Fox`PeCeTfull> lecz sie
07.12 23:16: Fox`PeCeTfull> gosciu [Take your medicine, dude.]
07.12 23:17: j0hny`UC`pH> teraz juz wiesz dlaczego nie masz przyjaciol [Now you know why you don't have friends.]
07.12 23:17: Fox`PeCeTfull> co [What?]
07.12 23:17: j0hny`UC`pH: QUIT :Hosting a game: k4tsis

I keep in mind that I may deserve a free victory for the free league match (when Mine Madness was supposed to be the pick of mine) but before any actions like that, I want to hear the final opinion from the judges. I'm attaching the proofs, as well.

General Information / Our website
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:59 PM »

Sign-Up Requests / How to ask for a sign-up
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:52 PM »
To request a sign-up, just contact me here using TUS messaging system (PM's). The initial info I need is just your country and the most preferred scheme. Most of our conversation is carried on via e-mail or other way approved by mutual agreement.

General Information / Members list
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:35 PM »
The list of current Fox` members is available here:

Files Comments / File #460, Męski głos
« on: August 16, 2013, 10:19 PM »
Man, I couldn't have seen the comment before using 7-Zip to unpack this file but thanks to my stubbornness I decided to try to read the comment by opening the archive on a HEX editor just to read this:
The sounds are maded by me!
Absolutely don't copy them without my permission!"...

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