October 22, 2018, 04:31 AM

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$$wXw$$$TOURNAMENT prize
Knockout, Round 2
July 29, 2017, 06:57 PM
Argentina cFc ea
Gained 5 points
Italy FUB bui
Lost 5 points

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Information Tournament name: : #965: $$wXw$$$TOURNAMENT
Tournament scheme(s):
iC WxW cup scheme

Game Result: 1:0
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19 by Hussar
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Game Chat(s)
[dP`Komo] and kinslayer, and instantly
[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[TdC`Senator] kins is kinda on/off xd
[TdC`Senator] ren, nah
[dP`Komo] I guess tho everyone knows kinslayer will outlaw or kick or pump or something stupid and damage himself tho
[TdC`Senator] that
[dP`Komo] ren is as good as you lol
[TdC`Senator] i didnt mention myself
[dP`Komo] And i'd say you are strong
[dP`Komo] I giess
[dP`Komo] The others you know will play good everytime
[dP`Komo] The others, 50/50
[dP`Komo] But, they are all good enough to win
[TdC`Senator] just based on my experience from wxw tus games
[FUB`Sbaffo] please guys vote me on tus awards
[FUB`Sbaffo] most annoying wormer
[FUB`Sbaffo] i wanna win that so bad
[dP`Komo] The difference is you guys focus more
[dP`Komo] kins/ren just don't really care that much
[daiNa`cfc] ren is rusty too
[dP`Komo] I wouldn't say rusty
[dP`Komo] Cuz i've played some games with him and he does well
[dP`Komo] He just loses attention and focus when playing league matches
[dP`Komo] The difference is crazy from what i've seen
[FUB`Sbaffo] komo when you streaming
[FUB`Sbaffo] you haven't saved any streaming
[dP`Komo] I can't atm have some problems
[dP`Komo] I got it working, then suddenly it started crashing
[FUB`Sbaffo] aw
[dP`Komo] I can stream, it works fine
[FUB`Sbaffo] would have been awesome if you'd be streaming this tournament
[dP`Komo] But, when I leave a game, it crashes
[dP`Komo] So I can't minimize or anything
[dP`Komo] Yeah I know...
[dP`Komo] But within next couple months I should have things working well
[FUB`Sbaffo] i hope so
[FUB`Sbaffo] wa need more streaming
[dP`Komo] goom streams a lot
[dP`Komo] But it's mostly non-roping stuff
[FUB`Sbaffo] i'd be streaming
[FUB`Sbaffo] i have a shitty pc/net tho
[dP`Komo] Mostly, Hysteria, Team17, Aerial etc
[FUB`Sbaffo] man i ate so fast i'm feeling high right now
[FUB`Sbaffo] :D
dP`Komo..daiNa`cfc: What happened with you and Chris? I thought you guys were really in love? It sucks these days that couples can't stay together anymore, everybody just has temporary attachments...
[FUB`Sbaffo] lol it's like i'm not used anymore to f keays
[FUB`Sbaffo] *keys
[FUB`Sbaffo] nice
[daiNa`cfc] ty
dP`Komo..daiNa`cfc: For the 1st time in my life I felt real love, just coming home from work so I could lie in bed and hold her in my arms cuddling, best feeling ever, just lying talking and touching
dP`Komo..daiNa`cfc: And now it's gone and i've never hated my life so much
dP`Komo..daiNa`cfc: How people can just give up...
daiNa`cfc..dP`Komo: i cant talk about that rtight now lol im playing
daiNa`cfc..dP`Komo: haha
daiNa`cfc..dP`Komo: its personal aswell
[FUB`Sbaffo] crap
[dP`Komo] I knew that was gonna happen lol
[FUB`Sbaffo] i'm so bad
[dP`Komo] Bl
[daiNa`cfc] wtf that turn
[FUB`Sbaffo] WTF??!?41'
[dP`Komo] I wish they would fix that glitch
[FUB`Sbaffo] unbelievable
[dP`Komo] It's definitely in the top 3 most annoying glitches of this game
[FUB`Sbaffo] how could that even happen i was faster than the bullet
[dP`Komo] 1. Zooking yourself with fast zook / 2. When your rope gets stuck in a few pixels and your worms comes to a stop almost / 3. When your computer skips a couple frames for no reason and that mistake that took 1 second to happen cost you an entire game...
[dP`Komo] Ok so masta through then
[TdC`Senator] ill play him :o
[TdC`Senator] will be hard
[FUB`Sbaffo] so that depends on my computer too?
[dP`Komo] What does?
[FUB`Sbaffo] shit
[FUB`Sbaffo] shouldn't have killed that one
[FUB`Sbaffo] gufo
[daiNa`cfc] phew lol
[FUB`Sbaffo] gufo
[FUB`Sbaffo] plz
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[dP`Komo] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] gl next round
[daiNa`cfc] gg
[daiNa`cfc] thx cya

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