June 21, 2018, 03:07 AM

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#1 Hysterial BnG Harder, faster, funnier
Knockout, Round 1
September 13, 2017, 09:16 PM
Hungary dP rM ea
Gained 5 points
Croatia HCP alCo ded
Lost 5 points

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Information Tournament name: : #988: #1 Hysterial BnG
Tournament scheme(s):
Need for speed!

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[csongi``dEEpEE] hf
[VicEnz0`hcp] i have to read rules again
[VicEnz0`hcp] glglgllglglg
[csongi``dEEpEE] same rules as bng, except u only have to re-aim after doing dm
[csongi``dEEpEE] dmg
[VicEnz0`hcp] aha i see
[VicEnz0`hcp] fuking lag
[csongi``dEEpEE] wn2..
[csongi``dEEpEE] Asked u if u can host without it.. ;d
[VicEnz0`hcp] can you host on hb?
[VicEnz0`hcp] oh sry no lg
[VicEnz0`hcp] nvm didnt hit
[VicEnz0`hcp] i mean
[VicEnz0`hcp] we can try on hb
[csongi``dEEpEE] lags seem to be gone
[VicEnz0`hcp] its good
[VicEnz0`hcp] fak nadeee
[csongi``dEEpEE] nt xd
[VicEnz0`hcp] ty:D
[csongi``dEEpEE] ??
[VicEnz0`hcp] :D
[VicEnz0`hcp] well
[VicEnz0`hcp] fak it
[VicEnz0`hcp] i pressed wrong
[VicEnz0`hcp] everything
[csongi``dEEpEE] I can see that xd
[VicEnz0`hcp] well
[csongi``dEEpEE] n
[Muk] vns
[VicEnz0`hcp] ty
[VicEnz0`hcp] replay
[Muk] reaim
[csongi``dEEpEE] u have to reaim..
[VicEnz0`hcp] op
[VicEnz0`hcp] ohhhhhhh
[VicEnz0`hcp] sryyyyyyy
[VicEnz0`hcp] good i didnt hit you
[csongi``dEEpEE] np
[VicEnz0`hcp] :D
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[VicEnz0`hcp] its faked up to reaim in 1 sec
[VicEnz0`hcp] 2
[VicEnz0`hcp] n1
[VicEnz0`hcp] oh fakkkk
[VicEnz0`hcp] bad tp
[VicEnz0`hcp] niceeee
[csongi``dEEpEE] t
[csongi``dEEpEE] u only have to re-aim 20 degrees
[VicEnz0`hcp] am i ded
[VicEnz0`hcp] aha aha
[VicEnz0`hcp] oh me
[VicEnz0`hcp] but only after hit?
[csongi``dEEpEE] yes
[VicEnz0`hcp] in normal bng you have to reaim every turn
[csongi``dEEpEE] no dmg done=no reaim
[csongi``dEEpEE] yes
[csongi``dEEpEE] gg
[Muk] how often do you want to hit that tree, Vi?
[VicEnz0`hcp] thats what i wanted to ask myself
[VicEnz0`hcp] nice
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[VicEnz0`hcp] g

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