February 23, 2019, 07:46 AM

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CaveZaR Roper Roper in Cavees
Knockout, Round 2
October 10, 2017, 06:19 PM
Spain TdC ea
Gained 5 points
Norway sex ZaR
Lost 5 points

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Information Tournament name: : #1007: CaveZaR Roper
Tournament scheme(s):
ZaR Roper (Cave)

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Map(s)

Kradie's CaVeZaR 32 by Kradie
1920 x 696, BIT, 3.04 KB, Downloaded 239 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Kradie`ZaR] Hf
[NBRthelales] Hf.
[NBRthelales] It seems my worm is fat
[NBRthelales] Or you maybe draw this on purpouse
[NBRthelales] Aw, wanna pile INside
[Kradie`ZaR] Eeh bl
NBRthelales 1
[Kradie`ZaR] =S
[Kradie`ZaR] UhOH.
[NBRthelales] slidee
[Kradie`ZaR] Nooooo.
[NBRthelales] Siiii.
[Kradie`ZaR] xd
[NBRthelales] ;p
[NBRthelales] hmm
[NBRthelales] gj
[Kradie`ZaR] ty
[NBRthelales] ?
[Kradie`ZaR] 2 lazy to pile
[NBRthelales] I see
[Kradie`ZaR] See
[NBRthelales] Tyhat mine 00
[Kradie`ZaR] WOW
[Kradie`ZaR] xd
[NBRthelales] saaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[Kradie`ZaR] scared me a bit
[Kradie`ZaR] ^^
[NBRthelales] me too
[NBRthelales] solved.
[Kradie`ZaR] (Y)
[Kradie`ZaR] awww
NBRthelales checking that 2 mines remains
[NBRthelales] See above if ur name is
[Kradie`ZaR] hoho
[NBRthelales] phew
[NBRthelales] nh
[Kradie`ZaR] ty
[Kradie`ZaR] hahaha
[Kradie`ZaR] yep
[Kradie`ZaR] :P
[NBRthelales] but ^^
[NBRthelales] uhhhh
[Kradie`ZaR] sheeeeeeet
[NBRthelales] SUI SPOT
[Kradie`ZaR] yeah lmao
[Kradie`ZaR] fucked it up ^^
[Kradie`ZaR] zar golf
[NBRthelales] ;p
[NBRthelales] next scheme ^
[NBRthelales] ôw
[Kradie`ZaR] Shoot at mine so it flies
[Kradie`ZaR] hits a hole
[Kradie`ZaR] xLOL
[NBRthelales] lal
[NBRthelales] nt
[Kradie`ZaR] ty
[NBRthelales] but crate 39 ...
[NBRthelales] hohoh
[Kradie`ZaR] haha
[NBRthelales] No more worries
NBRthelales checked out 1 mine
[NBRthelales] Others is yours
[Kradie`ZaR] uhoh
[Kradie`ZaR] time to lose
[Kradie`ZaR] xd
[NBRthelales] Maybe !
[Kradie`ZaR] aww
[Kradie`ZaR] noe firebomb
[NBRthelales] I forgot if cow or not
[NBRthelales] hide
[Kradie`ZaR] it isnt ^^
[Kradie`ZaR] ty
[NBRthelales] uh oh
[Kradie`ZaR] awww
[NBRthelales] scared scream spot
[NBRthelales] sSs
[Kradie`ZaR] gotta love these crates
[NBRthelales] ;o
[Kradie`ZaR] aww
[NBRthelales] aw a w ww
[Kradie`ZaR] gg :)
[NBRthelales] Gg.

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