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Map: roperace_tony71 in challenge #52

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ahahah, this map was once in challanges on kitrr :P wasn't it?
Do you want to compare the times Dulek? :P

i thought this too.. didn't anubis submit replays that were illegal?  :P

True, replay in attachment. I think Mablak did 33 too, but sadly no replay.

did he really think that anyone could believe in it? It was too sick even as for the best ropers those times, and few taps looked extremely impossible even as for the fastest tapper ever (if he was him :P)

Yeah, don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure Anubis admitted this was a cheat replay.

I'm pretty sure I could do a 35 though without cheating.  The pump is the only way I think.  A fast run through and then a pump with no hesitation.



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