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Secret Worm Service Cup

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Name: Secret Worm Service Cup - SWSC
Type: Public
Game type: 1vs1
Created: January 15, 2023, 05:56 PM

Cup scheme(s): scheme VarietyChallenge, scheme MultiSheepRace, scheme CTS Sheep War, scheme Mine Surfing Game, scheme Drive for Weapons, scheme JetPack Race
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Years ago, a brave and heroic Bin Weevil (Gam) went around the world to explore and discover new things. Wanting to inspire and train, the old war vet formed an elite team of agents who would make it their mission to try and be crowned 'top agent of the year'.

Attention! The Bin is calling up the nation’s worms to see if they have what it takes to cut it in the SWS.

We’ve sent out various worms to participate in military style training, or agent style training, if you chaps don't get what I mean.

The top winner will secure a place in the SWS. You not so 'orrible lot will get to test your skills for real on a number of obstacles, under the watchful eye of me, Gam, in which I will guide you all the way through to graduating with flying colours.

Let's hope you lot get the hang of this!

Over and out,

Major Gam (retired)

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Author Topic: Cup #1180, BIG ZAR RR  (Read 2877 times)

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Re: Cup #1180, BIG ZAR RR
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Re: Cup #1180, BIG ZAR RR
« Reply #16 on: January 06, 2023, 12:14 PM »
Knockout stage has begun, and deadline is January 20th.

Everyone else, I thank you for participating in this cup! It means a lot!  I hope to see you again in another cup!

STE has a BIG RR cup of his own coming up. That cup will use normal BIG RR scheme!

Good luck!
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Re: Cup #1180, BIG ZAR RR
« Reply #17 on: January 21, 2023, 08:12 PM »
Kevin04 has won! Congratulations! Well played!

Thank you everyone else for playing! It's been great!

Hope to see you next time!

See you :)
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