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UC Rowy Madness Cup

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Turkey Triad
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Name: UC Rowy Madness Cup
Type: Private
  • Allowed groups: UC
Game type: 1vs1
Created: June 04, 2017, 04:36 PM

Cup scheme(s): scheme Rowy Madness edit
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Scheme explanation:
Rowy Madness = Rowy played on a BnA map (Small objects + instant mines). However, we don't use the rowy scheme, but a special one, that includes infinite Low Gravity, Jetpacks & parachutes.

Short Rules:

Fire weapons always in order, start with zook, then homing etc. you can use chute, lg and jet each turn. if fail fire a weap use it next turn, so always use first weap in panel with ammo 2. games are bo5, the row goes over the rounds so if your last used weap in round 1 was shotgun you start round 2 with pistol, not with zook. only weaps with retreat are dyna, mine and vase.

- 24 worms/player, games are bo5, use maps from mappack only
- Cow Penalty: Other player may use patsy, or proceed his rows, as he wishes. Usually we dont like punishing. Agree with opponent on using cow penalty or not before start game, please!

Rules in detail:

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- 8 worms per team. Each player enters 3 teams (3x8 = 24 worms/player)
- Use maps from mappack only!
- AWTRW (attack with the right weapon): always use the next 1 on the weapon table with ammunition 2, beginning with bazooka, then homing missile, then mortar, and so on.
-AET (attack every turn): you need to use the next weapon even if you can't do damage.
falls, plops, timeouts, skips etc. are cows if you did not use the correct weapon before.
-  If you fail using the next weapon in row (by for example jetting into a mine), use that weapon in next turn, dont skip any weapon.
- Jetpack,  Parachute and Low Gravity may be used each turn, all other weapons are part of the row. Use the rope as a weapon only, for knocking. After the rope you skip to tele, tele may be used in same turn.

- Rounds: games are bo5. In the 2nd round you start with the rowy weapon you ended with in the 1st round (in other words, the rowy carries over several rounds). The stockpile is set to anti, so all weapons used in the first round will show up in the 2nd round as 1x. Select the first weapon that has 2x and proceed with rowy.
Most of the time you will use the f1 to f3 weapons in the first round and then start the 2nd with the f4 row. And the 3rd round of the match with f8 or so.
- If the bo5 match isnt over when you reach patsy (and have used it), go back to the f1 weapon and start rowy anew. If you still haven't finished the bo5 match after going through the panel twice, finish it with patsy's.

- Cow Penalty: Other player may use patsy, or proceed his rows, as he wishes. Usually we dont like punishing. Agree with opponent on using cow penalty or not before start game, please! thanks hollow
- Accidental use of weapon: it may occur that you accidently use a weapon that you weren't supposed to use yet. In that case, take the cow penalty (if chosen). The next time the weapon shows up that you already used (and that is now no longer available), skip your turn, but don't take the cow penalty.
If it's still the 1st round of rowy, you may use the 1x weapon and save the skip turn for later. If you're lucky, the match won't get that far and you won't have to skip/go.
- If you didnt use a weapon at all in the cow turn: use the weapon next and proceed the rowy as normal.

Note: Only weapons with retreat are dynamite, mine and vase. so dont try to throw your nade from jet e.g.
Note: Games of bo5 will be roughly the same length as 1 regular rowy.

****original scheme idea and most of this text by hhc****

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1 Germany Hurz UC dS Kf June 05, 2017, 02:50 PM
2 Turkey Triad UC dS PCMR June 05, 2017, 02:57 PM
3 Germany schaf UC b2b PCMR June 05, 2017, 03:03 PM
4 France LeTotalKiller UC AbC dS June 05, 2017, 03:09 PM
5 Romania MarianRV UC ZaR PCMR June 17, 2017, 08:39 AM
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