July 21, 2018, 07:13 PM

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Darts Darts Revolution
Knockout, Round 2
September 26, 2017, 08:33 PM
United Kingdom TdC dS ZaR
Gained 5 points
Poland Fox DOS dS
Lost 5 points

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1 - 1
Information Cup name: : #932: Darts Darts Revolution
Cup scheme(s):
Game Result: 3:0
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Game Map(s)

Deviation by Hurz
2560 x 928, PNG, 32.69 KB, Downloaded 617 time(s)

Shiny World A1 dSTC by TheKomodo
2560 x 3016, PNG, 46.77 KB, Downloaded 149 time(s)

This map has no author on TUS.
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1280 x 928, PNG, 21.61 KB, Downloaded 0 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gl & hf
[spleen17`TdC] hf
[spleen17`TdC] need test throw?
[Fox`Artec`DOS] nah, thanks :3
[spleen17`TdC] ok
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I'll try my best from the very beginning
[spleen17`TdC] ah forgot the wormnat 2 lagd
Fox`Artec`DOS 5 pts
[Fox`Artec`DOS] oh, I see
spleen17`TdC 5
[Fox`Artec`DOS] bl
Fox`Artec`DOS 8 pts
spleen17`TdC 12
[Fox`Artec`DOS] n1
[spleen17`TdC] thx
Fox`Artec`DOS 12 pts
Fox`Artec`DOS *13 pts
spleen17`TdC 17
[Fox`Artec`DOS] another bl
Fox`Artec`DOS 18 pts
spleen17`TdC 24
spleen17`TdC 31
Fox`Artec`DOS 23 pts
Fox`Artec`DOS 28 pts
spleen17`TdC 41
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vn
[spleen17`TdC] ty
Fox`Artec`DOS 33 pts
[spleen17`TdC] ae
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
Fox`Artec`DOS 38 pts fs gg
[spleen17`TdC] gg lol

[spleen17`TdC] hf
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gl & hf
spleen17`TdC 9
Fox`Artec`DOS 6 pts
spleen17`TdC 24
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vn!
[spleen17`TdC] thanks :p
[spleen17`TdC] lucky
Fox`Artec`DOS 15 pts
[Fox`Artec`DOS] perhaps the opposite lol
spleen17`TdC 36
[Fox`Artec`DOS] wow
[spleen17`TdC] weird throw yeah
[spleen17`TdC] hard to get angle
Fox`Artec`DOS 21 pts
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I'm aware of it.
spleen17`TdC 51
[Fox`Artec`DOS] that's splendid, man
Fox`Artec`DOS 30 pts
spleen17`TdC 63
[spleen17`TdC] did shit here in last round xd
Fox`Artec`DOS still 30 pts
[Fox`Artec`DOS] whacha mean by that?
[Fox`Artec`DOS] as in in this map?
[spleen17`TdC] yeah i sucked on it last ttime
[spleen17`TdC] all 3-6
spleen17`TdC 75
[Fox`Artec`DOS] *on this map
Fox`Artec`DOS 39 pts
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ah, I see lel
spleen17`TdC 81
Fox`Artec`DOS 48 pts
spleen17`TdC 93
Fox`Artec`DOS 54 pts fs gg
[spleen17`TdC] gg

[spleen17`TdC] hf

[spleen17`TdC] hf
[spleen17`TdC] ooh
spleen17`TdC 15
[Fox`Artec`DOS] nt
spleen17`TdC 30
Fox`Artec`DOS 6 pts
spleen17`TdC 39
Fox`Artec`DOS 18 pts
[spleen17`TdC] ` ow
[Fox`Artec`DOS] hmmm, bl
Fox`Artec`DOS 30 pts
spleen17`TdC 48
Fox`Artec`DOS 39 pts
[Fox`Artec`DOS] aw
spleen17`TdC 54
spleen17`TdC 60
Fox`Artec`DOS 51 pts
spleen17`TdC 75
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vn gg
[spleen17`TdC] thx
[spleen17`TdC] gg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gl in finals
Fox`Artec`DOS 51 pts fs gg
[spleen17`TdC] cheers man
[spleen17`TdC] good to see you again
[spleen17`TdC] later :)

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