October 22, 2018, 04:28 AM

Game #222714, reported by TnL`MazingerZ, Viewed 286 Time(s)

MOLE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 !!! TUS scheme (Official)
Group 7
December 16, 2017, 03:13 PM
Gained 5 points
Netherlands che ea meow
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
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Players history
1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1035: MOLE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 !!!
Cup scheme(s):
Mole Shopper

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Map(s)

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Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[TnL`MazingerZ] hf
[HHC] hf
[yojik] hf
[HHC] i guesso
[HHC] its about honour!
[yojik] i bet hhc will be last in case of win too cause i won against him
[yojik] but who knows the exact reglament
[TnL`MazingerZ] :/
[HHC] 3rd or 4rd
[HHC] its equally shit :D
[yojik] true :D
[TnL`MazingerZ] haha
[TnL`MazingerZ] yes
[HHC] headshot
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
[HHC] wow
[TnL`MazingerZ] aw
[TnL`MazingerZ] o.O
[HHC] damn
[TnL`MazingerZ] almost...
[HHC] cockwind
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
[TnL`MazingerZ] aw
[HHC] bleh
[TnL`MazingerZ] :P
[HHC] :<
[TnL`MazingerZ] o:O
[TnL`MazingerZ] n1
[HHC] how about that escape
[HHC] haha
[HHC] ty
[HHC] escape?
[HHC] ooo
[HHC] nice
[TnL`MazingerZ] ty
[TnL`MazingerZ] aw
[HHC] damn
[HHC] costly fail
[HHC] but wind saves
[TnL`MazingerZ] -.-
[HHC] doh
[TnL`MazingerZ] uf
[HHC] :/
[HHC] bl
[TnL`MazingerZ] aw
[TnL`MazingerZ] ?
[HHC] worst turn ever
[TnL`MazingerZ] almost...
[HHC] damn
[TnL`MazingerZ] shit
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
[TnL`MazingerZ] o.O
[TnL`MazingerZ] :/
[HHC] now hope
[TnL`MazingerZ] o.o
[HHC] uhoh
[TnL`MazingerZ] gg
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
[TnL`MazingerZ] :)
[HHC] very nice
[TnL`MazingerZ] i win
[HHC] gg
[TnL`MazingerZ] ty

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Game #222714, reported by TnL`MazingerZ
« on: December 17, 2017, 12:07 AM »

Incredible Opening, Mr HHC! :)

EDIT: also, Nice Plop mr Mazi
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