October 22, 2018, 04:38 AM

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MOLE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 !!! TUS scheme (Official)
Group 7
December 16, 2017, 04:27 PM
Russian Federation
Gained 5 points
Netherlands che ea meow
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1035: MOLE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 !!!
Cup scheme(s):
Mole Shopper

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[HHC] hf
[yojik] hf
[HHC] zzzz
[Danger135] fluffies go go go! :D
[HHC] ey!
[yojik] :P
[Danger135] there are another moles outside....
[HHC] what you mean?
[Danger135] today is cup day?
[HHC] ouch
[yojik] cup started at least weak ago
[yojik] i bet earlier
[HHC] yeh
[HHC] you can just play when you meet
[HHC] only tourneys are 1 day
Danger135 [Instructions:]
Danger135 [1.) take crate]
Danger135 [2.) kill enemy]
[yojik] no need to take crate
[yojik] u can win just with moles
[Danger135] yes.... if enemy havent bananas
[HHC] oooo its on!
[HHC] eeeh
[HHC] the cow goes mooo
[HHC] the mole goes frml frmofl froml
[HHC] moles does 7?
[HHC] skunk*
[Danger135] skung doing pschchchchchchchh
[yojik] i need medkit
[Danger135] i won mole cup by 2 skunks
[Danger135] thats problem :) medkit is not supported
[HHC] skunk goes poopoopoopoo :<
[Danger135] that was 3 pixels only
[HHC] byebye
[Danger135] why is not tus 1vs1vs extra enemy opponent?
[HHC] cos you can team up?
[Danger135] any tus game, one extra opponent would play and attack both.
[Danger135] "universal enemy"
[Danger135] kill him! ------>
[Danger135] both! :D
[HHC] time for suiii
[Danger135] almost pile ---->
[yojik] us kami\
[HHC] cpu1 tele :D
Danger135..yojik: be cAreful, he own the roof
[HHC] uhoh
[HHC] holy shit nasty
[HHC] n1
[Danger135] careful, there is little-shit-fire
[HHC] asdasdfas
[Danger135] yes. brutal colors...
[HHC] ouch
[HHC] n1
[Danger135] free crate <-----
[HHC] even more shit now
[Danger135] note: you stopped the fire (glitch)
[HHC] im so dump
[Danger135] Can Quokka animal swimm?
[yojik] i bet no
[Danger135] there is another weird animal: ayeaye
[HHC] noob :x
[HHC] what makes ayeaye sound?
[HHC] o dear
[Danger135] o deer
[HHC] a deer?
[Danger135] no.
[HHC] oof
[HHC] bl man
[Danger135] aye aye is name of animal
[HHC] now deploy the supernana
[HHC] and gg
[Danger135] add one more worm ---->
[yojik] dafuq
[yojik] i can lose now
[yojik] 1 banana = lose
[Danger135] yes, you can
[HHC] gonna try kill 100 in that hole >>
[HHC] be gone smelly worm
[HHC] bleeeh
[HHC] least holed him
[HHC] uhoh
[HHC] phew
[HHC] qwell
[HHC] no
[HHC] greedy
[yojik] windwindwind
[Danger135] hmmm. im checked tus page... you are losers both. no win. xD
[yojik] yes
[HHC] ..l..
[Danger135] but now! one of you will win. be proud =)
[yojik] i need to win now and hhc to defeat mazinger
[HHC] stupid game
[HHC] i play mazinger after this game
[Danger135] girders are not limited?
[HHC] he in ag
[HHC] no :/
[yojik] by count - no
[yojik] limited range - yes
[HHC] lol
[Danger135] armed worm is coming
[HHC] tis but a noob
[HHC] hm
[HHC] 65?
[Danger135] almost dead worm is always more dangerous
[HHC] hmm
[HHC] almost 65
[Danger135] yes. almost
[Danger135] superweapons are disabled.
[yojik] ye
[HHC] :/
[yojik] but banana, redgrens, cows, holy
[Danger135] now what. 2 cows?
[Danger135] wow
[HHC] come to papa
[HHC] i have a worm switch
[Danger135] 34
[HHC] wish me luck
[Danger135] <----- free crate
[yojik] here's weak banana
[yojik] u can't kill all anyway
[HHC] :D
[HHC] gg :D
[yojik] nice
[HHC] t
[Danger135] almost
[yojik] gg
[HHC] gg
[yojik] please defeat mazinger
[Danger135] nice game

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