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One Final Comet Dodging Cup Cuz why not
Knockout, Round 1
September 03, 2018, 12:57 PM
Poland Fox DOS dS
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
0 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
Players history
1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1065: One Final Comet Dodging Cup
Cup scheme(s):
Comet dodging race wee

Game Result: 4:1
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cdrw07 by Unknown
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Game Chat(s)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Vel'a stastia!
[Danger135] ù Pixie is first :D
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
[Danger135] have fun
[Fox`Artec`DOS] "Na mista, a cekejte na rozkazy!"
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I've got that soundbank, ha!
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I've got a few Czech and Slovak soundbanks.
[Fox`Artec`DOS] homolkovi
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Czech Standard
[Fox`Artec`DOS] this one
[Fox`Artec`DOS] two Slovak sbs
[Fox`Artec`DOS] etc.
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Danger135] oi
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Dobrá hra.
[Danger135] gg

[Danger135] gl
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Vel'a stastia!
[Danger135] homolkovi soundbank? I do not have that. Only two Czech: Ludek Sobota, a Mafia
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I see
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I don't have the Mafia one tho, I think.
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I also have polivka
[Danger135] where you found it? I have soundbanks only from "WA New Edition"
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Found them thanks to uncle Google, my friend.
[Fox`Artec`DOS] and also, I'm a kinda nerd in such things lol
[Danger135] ok, I will google it. Probably it will on worms cz
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] some of them were on some obscure website though
[Fox`Artec`DOS] the one with Polivka and Homolka
[Fox`Artec`DOS] and one sb more

[Fox`Artec`DOS] Vel'a stastia!
[Danger135] 2
[Fox`Artec`DOS] rip the ? balloon
[Fox`Artec`DOS] phew lol
[Danger135] (phone call)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] no prob
[Fox`Artec`DOS] critical moment
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Danger135] gg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Dobrá hra.

[Fox`Artec`DOS] Vel'a stastia!
[Danger135] HF
[Fox`Artec`DOS] whoa
[Fox`Artec`DOS] woo
[Danger135] uh oh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] another crticial moment
[Danger135] yellow is not lucky color?!
[Fox`Artec`DOS] *critical
[Danger135] again phone,...
[Fox`Artec`DOS] apparently?
[Fox`Artec`DOS] np
[Fox`Artec`DOS] heh
[Danger135] alive!
[Fox`Artec`DOS] cum
[Fox`Artec`DOS] deed
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Dobrá hra
[Danger135] HA!
[Danger135] =)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] abo ne pro me
[Fox`Artec`DOS] >w<

[Fox`Artec`DOS] Vel'a stastia!
[Fox`Artec`DOS] so yeah, here's your 1 point
[Danger135] hf
[Danger135] +gl
[Fox`Artec`DOS] only 3 worms of yours left
[Fox`Artec`DOS] heh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] now wondering if both Eci and that Angry worm were the very last worms
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Danger135] AW!
[Danger135] gg
[Danger135] =)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] Dobrá hra.
[Fox`Artec`DOS] well, gl in the other part of the KOs

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Game #223450, reported by ArtecTheFox
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Fucking lucky fagnoobcup. The biggest bitches win it all nonstop

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