February 28, 2020, 07:58 AM

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Hysteria Fruits Cup
Group 4
October 23, 2018, 09:06 PM
United States NBR S17
Gained 5 points
Norway ZaR
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1074: Hysteria Fruits Cup
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Game Result: 2:0
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRthewalrus] glhf kradie
[NBRthewalrus] uh oh
[sex-prabe`zar] u2 mate
[NBRthewalrus] so youve been mostly zarring?
[NBRthewalrus] set myself up
[sex-prabe`zar] Mostly.
[NBRthewalrus] okay a hit
[NBRthewalrus] we can commense the battle now
[sex-prabe`zar] I think aerial hehe.
[sex-prabe`zar] It is serious now.
[NBRthewalrus] ive done that a lot lately
[NBRthewalrus] in this cup against marian
[NBRthewalrus] i did 2 turns like it was aerial
[sex-prabe`zar] I see.
[NBRthewalrus] and just jetpack launched
[sex-prabe`zar] Hmm
[NBRthewalrus] kradie
[NBRthewalrus] what was that
[sex-prabe`zar] Yes?
[sex-prabe`zar] Demostration of poor skillz
[NBRthewalrus] oh
[NBRthewalrus] hes clinging to the cliff
[sex-prabe`zar] :)
[NBRthewalrus] oh
[NBRthewalrus] why
[sex-prabe`zar] sad
[NBRthewalrus] that isnt even close to working
[NBRthewalrus] ns
[sex-prabe`zar] ty james bond
[sex-prabe`zar] gs bro
[NBRthewalrus] ty
[NBRthewalrus] pretty easy tbh
[NBRthewalrus] same wind as last
[sex-prabe`zar] It shows committment James
[sex-prabe`zar] You are good player
[NBRthewalrus] aaaaaaa
[sex-prabe`zar] Be proud
[sex-prabe`zar] Hehehe
[sex-prabe`zar] man
[sex-prabe`zar] Damn good shot
[NBRthewalrus] thanks
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[sex-prabe`zar] yeah
[NBRthewalrus] ive got good spacing
[NBRthewalrus] chances are if you throw iut anywhere it hits
[NBRthewalrus] n1
[sex-prabe`zar] Reasonable
[sex-prabe`zar] ty
[sex-prabe`zar] vn1 busd
[NBRthewalrus] whammy
[NBRthewalrus] ty
[NBRthewalrus] oh
[sex-prabe`zar] sex
[sex-prabe`zar] nt
[NBRthewalrus] mehghh
[NBRthewalrus] got the gift wind too
[NBRthewalrus] cant miss out on that prabie
[NBRthewalrus] omg
[sex-prabe`zar] heheehehehe
[sex-prabe`zar] u funny mate
[sex-prabe`zar] :)
[sex-prabe`zar] safe rol
[sex-prabe`zar] sex
[NBRthewalrus] gift wind too
[sex-prabe`zar] wow
[sex-prabe`zar] wtf
[NBRthewalrus] vns
[sex-prabe`zar] ;)
[NBRthewalrus] wooot
[sex-prabe`zar] tyt
[NBRthewalrus] see worm fly
[NBRthewalrus] rekt
[sex-prabe`zar] damn bro
[NBRthewalrus] aqhahah
[NBRthewalrus] 2 direct hits
[NBRthewalrus] omg
[NBRthewalrus] 8
[sex-prabe`zar] sex
[sex-prabe`zar] RIVER OF POWERRRRR
[NBRthewalrus] ow
[NBRthewalrus] ok
[NBRthewalrus] idea
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[sex-prabe`zar] nt idea
[NBRthewalrus] also sui
[sex-prabe`zar] sex
[sex-prabe`zar] i could win
[sex-prabe`zar] but i will lose
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[sex-prabe`zar] yep
[sex-prabe`zar] gg
[sex-prabe`zar] alright
[sex-prabe`zar] peace bra

[sex-prabe`zar] hf
[NBRthewalrus] fair enough
[NBRthewalrus] glhf
[sex-prabe`zar] u2
[sex-prabe`zar] allah
[NBRthewalrus] damn no knock
[sex-prabe`zar] pro
[sex-prabe`zar] vns wal
[NBRthewalrus] ty
[NBRthewalrus] ooh da push
[sex-prabe`zar] ffs
[NBRthewalrus] oh my
[NBRthewalrus] nooo
[sex-prabe`zar] omg
[NBRthewalrus] ooooooioonmggggg
[NBRthewalrus] not like i pictured it
[sex-prabe`zar] 1SEX
[NBRthewalrus] woo
[sex-prabe`zar] da,m
[sex-prabe`zar] sex
[NBRthewalrus] phew
[NBRthewalrus] almost full blast on myself
[NBRthewalrus] instead i was rewarded
[NBRthewalrus] ns
[sex-prabe`zar] t
[sex-prabe`zar] wtf
[sex-prabe`zar] I TURNED AROUNS
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[NBRthewalrus] ggs kradie
[sex-prabe`zar] lmao
[sex-prabe`zar] wtf
[sex-prabe`zar] gg

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