February 28, 2020, 08:51 AM

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Hysteria Fruits Cup
Group 3
October 27, 2018, 11:48 AM
United States Pn BrS S17
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1074: Hysteria Fruits Cup
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Game Result: 2:1
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[go2m] looks good to me
[go2m] gl hf
[Danger135] uh, strong hand
[go2m] just was playing a little kaos, going to adjust lol
[Danger135] my first game today.. im cold...
[go2m] my first hyst game, so kinda cold
[go2m] i keep expecting crates
[go2m] lol
[Danger135] deadly hole
[Danger135] X.x
[go2m] 1 down
[Danger135] always >> wind... grrrrrrrr
[go2m] safer
[Danger135] ouuuuu
[go2m] bl wind
[go2m] mine
[go2m] lol
[go2m] almost
[Danger135] wind dont like me
[go2m] whew
[Danger135] almost
[Danger135] fuuuuuuuu
[go2m] oh no
[Danger135] stupid wind
[go2m] lolol
[go2m] works
[go2m] 4
[go2m] gj
[go2m] weak
[go2m] f2
[go2m] goal
[Danger135] phew
[go2m] n wind
[go2m] that lg
[Danger135] too strong for lg..
[Danger135] ok, I am evidently bad with LG
[go2m] if that was zook
[go2m] wind was good
[go2m] n
[Danger135] xD
[Danger135] 3-4
[Danger135] toing..
[go2m] gj
[Danger135] ty
[Danger135] ruuuun
[go2m] lololl
[Danger135] same as me
[go2m] XD
[Danger135] xD

[Danger135] same
[go2m] n
[Danger135] atleast...
[go2m] ouch
[Danger135] O.o
[go2m] ty
[go2m] dang
[Danger135] my strawberry!
[Danger135] weeeeeeeeee
[go2m] :)
[go2m] lot of right side plops today
[Danger135] again my straw...
[go2m] XD
[go2m] i want to eat it now
[go2m] lucky
[Danger135] =ô.ô=
[go2m] n wind
[Danger135] what an army there upside..
[go2m] digging
[go2m] almost finished crafting
[Danger135] hot hot hot
[go2m] ooh
[go2m] dont turn and burn
[Danger135] im dead
[go2m] lol
[go2m] i should have used fuse
[go2m] hit me if you want some grave dmg XD
[go2m] ns
[Danger135] :D
[go2m] barely
[go2m] lol
[go2m] too hard
[Danger135] die with me
[go2m] ok
[Danger135] or self :P
[go2m] bounce
[Danger135] no grenade-friendly position
[go2m] lol
[go2m] ya
[go2m] i could spam petrol but i want to try something else first
[go2m] ok
[go2m] hit one or hit all :)
[Danger135] O.o
[go2m] gg
[Danger135] n
[Danger135] gg
[go2m] t
[go2m] 1-1

[Danger135] kiss kiss
[go2m] lol
[go2m] did not pay off
[Danger135] xD
[go2m] dat spawn
[go2m] lol
[Danger135] whooops
[go2m] nt
[go2m] angle
[go2m] ouch
[go2m] sink you go
Danger135 knew it
[go2m] lol i hit myself
[go2m] moo
[Danger135] my carrot!
go2m munches
[Danger135] terrible hide
[go2m] needed more angle
[go2m] touch
[go2m] n fire dodge
[go2m] battered
[go2m] nt
[go2m] oop
[go2m] angle
[go2m] wind too strong anyways i think
[go2m] 1 step at a time
[Danger135] uh. opened
[go2m] weak
[Danger135] where to safe hide hp worm...
[Danger135] *28
[go2m] ty
[Danger135] np
[go2m] nt
[Danger135] xD
[go2m] that floating carrot is distracting me
[go2m] now twins!
[go2m] setup
[Danger135] :S
[go2m] gotcha
[Danger135] grrrrrrr
[go2m] aw
[go2m] just a touch more
[Danger135] its time to start fight
[Danger135] (im trying ....)
[go2m] me too
[go2m] not bad
[Danger135] heeey
[go2m] almostt
[go2m] phew
[go2m] thank god
[go2m] forgot lg
Danger135 need practice with LG+zooka
[go2m] :)
[go2m] lg nade even harder
[Danger135] LG nade looks as slowmotion
[go2m] ya
[go2m] ok
[go2m] gg man
[Danger135] ggrrrr
[go2m] thanks for playing
[Danger135] ty

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