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Hysteria Fruits Cup
Knockout, Round 1
November 02, 2018, 03:42 PM
United States NBR S17
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1074: Hysteria Fruits Cup
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Game Result: 2:0
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRwalrussian] glhf
[Danger135] first blood
[Danger135] weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[NBRwalrussian] huh
[NBRwalrussian] woo
[Danger135] no time for mine trick..
[Danger135] ofc.. that mine
[NBRwalrussian] whats the 135 for in danger135
[NBRwalrussian] nt
[Danger135] its secret
[NBRwalrussian] oh really
[NBRwalrussian] lol
[Danger135] but if 2=B...
[NBRwalrussian] arg
[Danger135] in fact, ist some number i wanted to remember
[NBRwalrussian] i see
[NBRwalrussian] ns
[Danger135] could be better... :<
[NBRwalrussian] ack
[NBRwalrussian] ive gone cold
[Danger135] im frozen...
[Danger135] uh
[NBRwalrussian] ackkkkkkkk
[Danger135] better if i will aim that oeange <---
[NBRwalrussian] ice cold
[NBRwalrussian] aaaaaaaaa
[Danger135] heeey! AWW
[NBRwalrussian] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[Danger135] im hitting always same fruit!
[NBRwalrussian] ooooooooooo
[Danger135] O.o
[Danger135] now he uis not there!
[Danger135] got him!
[NBRwalrussian] ow
[Danger135] stop
[Danger135] !
[NBRwalrussian] gg
[Danger135] fall
[Danger135] noooo
[NBRwalrussian] wicked kill
[Danger135] again mine
[NBRwalrussian] wheeeee
[Danger135] slowly slowly... for win
[Danger135] damn! easy shoot.. and i missed
[Danger135] my hide look dangerous yet
[NBRwalrussian] man
[Danger135] ops, there....
[NBRwalrussian] meh
[NBRwalrussian] gg
[Danger135] gg

[NBRwalrussian] glhf
[Danger135] good start
[NBRwalrussian] ty
[NBRwalrussian] this next part looks promising too
[NBRwalrussian] aww
[NBRwalrussian] fail
[Danger135] mines everywhere...
[NBRwalrussian] only one on right side of map
[NBRwalrussian] all on left
[NBRwalrussian] wheee
[NBRwalrussian] oh
[NBRwalrussian] pushed my luck
[Danger135] well :)
[NBRwalrussian] lol
[NBRwalrussian] ahaha
[NBRwalrussian] fahkkkkk
[Danger135] ffff
[NBRwalrussian] HP off
[Danger135] didnt see....
[NBRwalrussian] arg
[NBRwalrussian] nice open
[Danger135] uf
[Danger135] I will try..... maybe fail....
[NBRwalrussian] bahhhh
[NBRwalrussian] hit under worm
[Danger135] ofc fail
[NBRwalrussian] oh
[NBRwalrussian] mine
[NBRwalrussian] gj
[NBRwalrussian] fd
[NBRwalrussian] raaaaaage
[Danger135] fireeeeeee xD
[NBRwalrussian] bewm
[NBRwalrussian] oh
[Danger135] mine. i will land on it 100%
[NBRwalrussian] omg lol
[NBRwalrussian] hmm
[NBRwalrussian] bit long
[Danger135] opa
[NBRwalrussian] wow
[NBRwalrussian] dangerous
[NBRwalrussian] pppppph
[Danger135] =)
[NBRwalrussian] aaaaaaaaaa
[NBRwalrussian] man
[NBRwalrussian] cant get a solid hit
[Danger135] dat mine >>>>
[Danger135] my death
[NBRwalrussian] damnnnnnnn
[NBRwalrussian] sooooooo close
[NBRwalrussian] hmm u d wanna die from that mine
[NBRwalrussian] staying there
[Danger135] my bad
[NBRwalrussian] mayb not
[Danger135] or maybe plop >>>
[Danger135] <---- hello
[NBRwalrussian] gg
[Danger135] weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[NBRwalrussian] so it was plop
[Danger135] gg
[NBRwalrussian] ggs m8
[Danger135] =)

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