June 25, 2022, 04:23 PM

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Knockout, Round 3
May 08, 2022, 06:27 PM
United Kingdom ob ZaR
Gained 5 points
Hungary FS
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1156: Waveriders
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for Waveriders cup

Game Result: 3:0
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Game Chat(s)
MarCello has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (
[ob-blitzed-zar] hf
[MarCello] Get ready for a P.A.R.T.Y Pirate P.A.R.T.Y P.A.R.T.Y Its pirate party time!!
[Lupastic] do pirates party? I dont think so
[Lupastic] they murder : ]
[Lupastic] they drink and kill
[MarCello] Welcome to the island where your pirate dreams come true.
[MarCello] Over there is Captain Yarrface drinking from a shoe!
[MarCello] Everywhere you dig you'll find some treasure in a chest The local tavern's full of crew who want to go on quests
[Lupastic] nice fd
[Lupastic] mostanában nagyon rászoktam a lány WA csapatok gyártására
[FS`Echiko`ae] female team in wa...=
[FS`Echiko`ae] ?
[Lupastic] yes, Marci x$
[MarCello] uh
[MarCello] xd
[FS`Echiko`ae] no I was asking to complete the translation
[FS`Echiko`ae] nowadays lots of female team in WA...?
[MarCello] Deepl translate use.
[Lupastic] hmm nope, but you were close ^^
[FS`Echiko`ae] nvm, gypsy language is of no interest
[Lupastic] to translate it correctly
[Lupastic] nowadays you have been making a lot of girl teams for WA
[Lupastic] this
[FS`Echiko`ae] ah you ok
[Lupastic] not me, Marci
[Lupastic] I miswrote it xd
[Lupastic] rászoktál
[FS`Echiko`ae] I thought "nowadays lots of female team in WA can read hands like all gypsies"
[Lupastic] I never had a girl team in WA
[Lupastic] xdd ey woman
[Lupastic] xD
[Lupastic] epic surfing
[MarCello] reallly?:
[Lupastic] igen
[Lupastic] so tell me Marci..
[Lupastic] do you like french people? :P
[Lupastic] jean claude van damme?
[Lupastic] gerard depardieu?
[MarCello] * Jean Reno from les visiteurs o.o
[ob-blitzed-zar] thiery henry
[Lupastic] yes him too xd good player
[FS`Echiko`ae] jean claude van damme is from belgium+
[Lupastic] belgium france.. its basically the same
[Lupastic] haha
[Lupastic] its like norway or denmark.. same
[Lupastic] its like hungary or bulgaria
[Lupastic] italy or spain ;)
[FS`Echiko`ae] like hungary, poland, serbia,
[FS`Echiko`ae] same poor countries
[Lupastic] xD poland is a top country you fool
[FS`Echiko`ae] not for us
[FS`Echiko`ae] xD
[Lupastic] serbia is a poorass country, bulgaria too
[ob-blitzed-zar] no fd
[FS`Echiko`ae] polish people come here xD
[ob-blitzed-zar] :s
[FS`Echiko`ae] xD
[ob-blitzed-zar] and ur country is poor?
[FS`Echiko`ae] mine?
[ob-blitzed-zar] @lup
[FS`Echiko`ae] hmmm average
[Lupastic] Hungary? WELLL
[Lupastic] ahaha
[FS`Echiko`ae] he is from gypsyland
[Lupastic] let echiko answer this question
[FS`Echiko`ae] his president is gypsy
[Lupastic] answer Tommy's question pls
[FS`Echiko`ae] Hungary is a poor country with a poor language, poor economy and poor people. Always depressed. but it's all Orbán's fault
MarCello Listening: Flogging Molly - These Times Have Got Me Drinking/Tripping Up The Stairs (Visualizer)
[FS`Echiko`ae] ecco bravo datti all'alcohol
[FS`Echiko`ae] ZaRred
[MarCello] nice shoot
[Lupastic] zar zooking
[Lupastic] (s)zar
[MarCello] szar
[FS`Echiko`ae] zär
[FS`Echiko`ae] zár
[FS`Echiko`ae] :D
[FS`Echiko`ae] closed
[Lupastic] poor country but with the most beautiful language ;3 little correction
[Lupastic] the rest you wrote are 100% correct
[FS`Echiko`ae] poor nonsense language
[FS`Echiko`ae] depressed people or bitches
[Lupastic] you're too noob for it thats all :P
[Lupastic] too hard for ya
[FS`Echiko`ae] it depends
[ob-blitzed-zar] ops
[Lupastic] even for a multilangual person like you who speaks 5-6 languages
[FS`Echiko`ae] and with bitches I am not talking about only women ;)
[Lupastic] hungarian is difficult for your skills even
[FS`Echiko`ae] 0o
[MarCello] yesss
[Lupastic] xd almost nice roping
[MarCello] ez egy good question!
[Lupastic] a minimax még létezik?
[FS`Echiko`ae] I just understood szorakozas, a, miért, ez egy
[FS`Echiko`ae] xD
[MarCello] RIP Mini, Max Pici-cica és Maci kutya
MarCello Mindenesetre RIP Mini, Max, Picicica, Macikutya :(
[Lupastic] a fecsegX tipegXket néztem néha :P
[Lupastic] de elhalt 1 millió agysejtem
[MarCello] én alig vártam az Animaxot, hogy a dinoszauroszok királyát nézhessem. :D
[MarCello] high
[Lupastic] gg ^^
[ob-blitzed-zar] gg
[ob-blitzed-zar] brb
[Lupastic] 1-0
[Lupastic] okie
[MarCello] 1 0 for me
[Lupastic] xd

[Lupastic] joy
[Lupastic] eeyyy nutteh
[ob-blitzed-zar] njoy and destr0y
[Lupastic] yes luv n rhymes
[MarCello] italian joke: Why dont Italians like Jehovahs Witnesses?
[MarCello] They dont like any witnesses.
[Lupastic] hmm xd
[Lupastic] Echoki?
[MarCello] Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta way.
[Lupastic] xDD
[Lupastic] ok this was nice!
[Lupastic] finally
[Lupastic] finally a good joke from Marci
[MarCello] How do you say goodbye to an Italian chef?
[MarCello] Pasta la vista!!!
[ob-blitzed-zar] xd
[ob-blitzed-zar] terrible
[Lupastic] :d this one was shit, but the one before that
[MarCello] Knock! Knock! Whos there? Venice who?
[MarCello] Venice, when does your mom get home?
[FS`Echiko`ae] bravo blitzie
[FS`Echiko`ae] nice mexi
[FS`Echiko`ae] this map is bad drawn xD
[ob-blitzed-zar] ty
[ob-blitzed-zar] wasnt it arch or inflex
[ob-blitzed-zar] idk
[FS`Echiko`ae] arch maybe
[FS`Echiko`ae] or mexi
[ob-blitzed-zar] flex inlaw
[ob-blitzed-zar] or suttin
[FS`Echiko`ae] dunno xD
[Lupastic] i like it very much when you say "suttin" instead of something
[FS`Echiko`ae] after your games I will practice a bit
[Lupastic] very british from you :3
[Lupastic] very chav
[FS`Echiko`ae] with rope
[ob-blitzed-zar] mint
[ob-blitzed-zar] :)
[FS`Echiko`ae] 0o
[Lupastic] xd Marci focus
[MarCello] - Women are like pizza. Meat is better than mushrooms.
[Lupastic] Echoki practise big rr on those tight jetpack race maps :P haha
[FS`Echiko`ae] per favore
[FS`Echiko`ae] smettila co ste stronzate
[FS`Echiko`ae] sono battutacce
[FS`Echiko`ae] no I will train a bit on a map
[FS`Echiko`ae] to increase the speed
[Lupastic] battutacce I like this word
[Lupastic] cacce
[FS`Echiko`ae] battutacce = bad jokes
[Lupastic] nice shooting
[MarCello] not nice.
[FS`Echiko`ae] bel piccione
[Lupastic] sine missione
[FS`Echiko`ae] SINE QVA NON
[Lupastic] nice c:
[ob-blitzed-zar] t
[MarCello] not shoot
[MarCello] hehe
[MarCello] bad
[Lupastic] it would have been risky if u stood at the right side
[Lupastic] at the edge
[Lupastic] it had a high chance toshoot urself and then fall all t he way back
[FS`Echiko`ae] stai perdendo tempo
[FS`Echiko`ae] ecco
[Lupastic] xd gg
[FS`Echiko`ae] gg
[MarCello] ugly ciao

[Lupastic] joy :d gl
[MarCello] suprise :3
[Lupastic] what a nice way to end this cup! with an Echiko map
[Lupastic] julian pepe onzima
[FS`Echiko`ae] it's still not ended
[Lupastic] thank you for coming here :)
[Lupastic] nice one
[MarCello] nice two
[FS`Echiko`ae] blitzie
[FS`Echiko`ae] the surf...?
[MarCello] was surf.
[MarCello] volt
[FS`Echiko`ae] volt?
[FS`Echiko`ae] nagyon siess xD
[Lupastic] yeah I think there was but not sure
[FS`Echiko`ae] ah maybe yes
FS`Echiko`ae has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (
[MarCello] turn off the hack.dll
[MarCello] - Milyen szobák vannak a pók lakásában?
[Lupastic] na?
[MarCello] - Csupa hálószoba.
[Lupastic] xDD
[Lupastic] ok this is a nice one too xd in hungarian
[FS`Echiko`ae] madonna
[FS`Echiko`ae] ma lasciatemi perdere dD
[FS`Echiko`ae] xD
[Lupastic] but it can be translated beucase its a joke with hungarian words
[Lupastic] can't be*
[FS`Echiko`ae] I guess I can survive
[Lupastic] no, you want to know this
[Lupastic] you like hungarian language its unique
[FS`Echiko`ae] ok
[MarCello] Két barát beszélget: - Tegnap olvastam az ùjságban, hogy New Yorkban 10 millió patkány van. - Normálisak ezek az amerikaiak? Megszámolják, ahelyett hogy kiirtanák Xket?
[Lupastic] unique like icelandic and latin
[FS`Echiko`ae] madonna
[Lupastic] lol nice : >
[MarCello] ^^
[MarCello] - Mit mond PetXfi Sándor, amikor forró vízbe dobja a dalait?
[FS`Echiko`ae] gehyrst du sæliða, hvæt his forc seged?
MarCello - FORR A DALOM!
[MarCello] XD
[Lupastic] is this old english? x$
[FS`Echiko`ae] yes good
[FS`Echiko`ae] and what does it mean?
[MarCello] hm?
[Lupastic] Tommy should speak old english
[ob-blitzed-zar] ye shal
[Lupastic] gehyrst du - did you know?
[Lupastic] did you hear
[FS`Echiko`ae] it means: "do you know where this ship leads?"
[MarCello] - Jean, ez a vonat Hatvan felé megy?
[Lupastic] bah
[MarCello] - Nem, Uram, csak egyfelé.
[MarCello] - Hogy hívják a cigány macskáját?
[FS`Echiko`ae] byrthnoth maÞelode, bord haÞenode
[MarCello] - Romacska.
[MarCello] - Mit mond a rasszista taxis, ha meglát a zebrán egy kínait?
[MarCello] - Na, ezen a sárgán még átmegyek!
[Lupastic] old english sounds magical too
[Lupastic] but I dislike all nordic languages
[Lupastic] maybe swedish is ok
[Lupastic] and icelandic the rest is shit, norwegian especially : ]
[FS`Echiko`ae] ehm
[FS`Echiko`ae] icelandic is where norwegian comes from
[Lupastic] icelandic is older and magical
[Lupastic] norwegian is a leftover
[FS`Echiko`ae] norwegian etc. come all from old norse
[Lupastic] vn : >
[ob-blitzed-zar] t
[Lupastic] bummah
[MarCello] - Mi van a macska fején?
[MarCello] - Cirmos cica haj!
[Lupastic] xD gg
[ob-blitzed-zar] gg
[Lupastic] report blitzed, congrats ^^
[FS`Echiko`ae] gg

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