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"You are an idiot! Hahhahahhahahhahhaa ahhahahahahhaaa!~"

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Name: "You are an idiot! Hahhahahhahahhahhaa ahhahahahahhaaa!~"
Type: Fanfare
Author: Unknown, Α.Rеgnеɾ, ComputеrVirusWatch, Endеrmanch
Submitted by: Niue TripleQuestionMark

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Time: December 11, 2020, 10:10 AM
You are an idiot, also known as idiot or nobrain,
was a Javascript browser-hijacking trojan found within a webpage
containing a looping flashing video with a mocking message.
The trojan would proceed to make several pop-up windows appear,
each playing the video & each traveling across the screen,
closing one would make more pop up, causing mayhem.
The trojan is simply designed to annoy rather than
cause any actual damage to your device, albeit it
might be a bother for your eyes and ears.
Apparently it was used on some forums back in the early 2000s as a prank.
Now, you can use this to add some salt on the injuries of opposers
you vanquished in case you feel the "Sarcastic" & "Flush"
fanfares aren't enough
... okay, but seriously, I suggest
to behave during gameplay & try taking things lightly.
After all, our world has already enough ulcer-inducing nonsense.
Besides, games are for the sake of amusement, distraction, & comfortation ;)  .

Fanfare comes in two variants, the second slightly filtered, then normalized.

As of today, a Flash recreation of the trojan may be accessed via .
And here's a video showcasing the original :


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Why I'm idiot?

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Why I'm idiot?
It's a old meme/joke from the early years of internet before the death of Flash.