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Most people were against most of the changes. However the following changes are done:

- Infinite Teleport
- Infinite Shotgun
- Activating /ts. (teststuff) Holding off space won't fire a full power shot.
- One girder, no usage restrictions

Rope knocking allowed.

Rope knocking allowed.
Use this Team17 scheme: (one turn delay for explosive weapons to avoid first turn plopping, SD weapons excluded from 1-turn delay)

- 2 worms per team.
- Higher fall damage.

- 5 second SD.

- 5 worms per team.

AFR rule REMOVED. No need to do AFR in shopper. Scheme updated:
There's also another scheme pending to be tested. For now we're switching to professor's scheme.

Default WxW scheme will be the same as before. For luckless-enthusiasts, they can use the following scheme only upon agreement:

Download link to latest classic schemepack:

Thx for Roper ^^

would you mind explaining us why singles in ttrr are supposed to be played with 5 worms and clanners with only 3 worms per player? since both players need to finish in an clanner its the same as the old setting in there a serious reason why you have only 3 chances to finish in a clanner but 5 in a single game?

should be 4 in both IMO. 5 in clanners would take a little long?  ???

MI: Please reword the BnG rules, ts does NOT remove full power shots, it just means you have to time them perfect.

You give people the wrong idea lol.

Also, Husks scheme is wrong, he has too much power on grenade explosions, the power must be 3 stars not 4/5, I will NOT use Husks scheme, but I will use all the other rules you stated, thanks.

Wtf was wrong with 5s SD in Hysteria?!?


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