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How To Create A Cup
« on: November 05, 2009, 05:11 PM »
I've put a direct link to the cup-create page on your 'My Panel' (Or in your user actions)

Just to be so clear, I'll create a cup as test to show you how things are supposed to work.
Ok, Here's an image of how this page looks:

Numbers on the image:

  • 1. Cup name:
    Type a name for your cup. It works best to set something meaningful.

  • 2. Cup Scheme(s)
    You can set as many schemes you want. There's an autocomplete running there. You can type the scheme name or scheme ID on TUS, And you get to select the schemes. In this case, Scheme 10 is Rafka's Normal NNN luckless scheme and 7 is Ray's Elite scheme.
    Your scheme must be on TUS. There are already many standard schemes on TUS, So if you are planning to host a popular scheme you can select it there. If you need to pick very specific scheme for it, Then you have to create your scheme on TUS first. Here's the Guide on how to save scheme on TUS.

  • 3. Cup Scope
    This is the place where you set specific groups for your private cup. Select whether you want to choose clan or community OR you want to pick a country. Click on 'Add more groups' to add more!!
    In my example, I picked 2 clans: dP and RoH.

  • 4. Cup Password
    Imagine you wanna make a cup between some of your friend, Who do not share any group. No same clans or communities and country.
    That's where cup password kicks in ;) You set a password for the cup, And give the password to your friends. When entering the cup, system asks for password.
    Note that you can both set password and set scope. In this situation, The people who are in the specified groups do not need to enter password, and people who are not in any groups, Will have to input password.
    I guess it is a good practice to always set a password. Because maybe you need only 1 guy to complete your cup and there isn't anyone left in the specified groups. So you can give the join password to a friend to fill the last one. No? Ok don't set any password.

    Note: If you set a scope or password for your cup, You are creating a private cup.

  • 5. Sign ups date
    You can set your cup sign ups date in the future, Not stright away. Why?
    Some cups takes much time to get filled with people. Many times some of the people who join your cup at first, Gets bored of waiting and quit worms!! You can set the time a bit in the future so that you can advertise your cup and when sign ups are open, Many people join at once and you start your cup faster.
    No? Ok, Set it straight away.

  • 6. Request public
    If you wanna host a public cup, Then do not touch the password or the scope part. Check this box to tell us you wanna host a public cup. Do you really think you can handle many of people? Not an easy job. Remember we rate cup mods!!

  • 7. Description
    Write some explanation for your cup. Welcome people to your cup! Explain your cup and how you want it to be. Any specific rules? write them here. How you want different schemes to be handled in different parts of the cup? Write all here!

Ok, You are done!! click on the create, if you had some errors, System will tell you. otherwise you'll see your cup in the 'recent cups' page. Congratulations!!

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