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« on: September 16, 2023, 10:08 PM »
Can't believe I'm doing a self introduction after all these years on TUS... but this is definitely a happy occasion :P
Let's roll!

1. Your name
I'm Roman (could be Maria if borned a girl :-*)

2. Your age (+ your b-day)
28. Turning 29 in 6 days, do the math!

3. Your nationality
Proud to be Ukrainian

4. City/town/village you live in
Can't name any spot on the map. Both family houses have been destroyed so army is my home now. Kinda vagabonding atm

5. What you do for a living
Worked as a translator + interpreter + English/Italian teacher. Military accountant atm

6. Married/dating smb/single TUS player?
Dating a hot 22 y.o. ginger weeeeehhaaaaa

6.5. HAVE YOU ALREADY DONATED TO TUS?!?!?!?!1!11!!1??
ye ye I did the thing

7. Your hobbies (+ favorite sport)
Reading books and writing out/recording my own thoughts/ideas in form of poems or prose, playing board games, taking lonely strolls. Used to play volleyball and table tennis as a semi-professional. Also into football (soccer LOL) and chess

8. A thing you feel everybody should hear from you RIGHT F NOW
I'm not Asbest or any other Ukrainian player aliasing lolo I'm Rocket all the way since 2008 aeee!

9. Things irl you think you are really good at
Managing people, organizing events, taking responsibility, making friends, digging the truth and missing life-changing opportunities :D

10. Things irl you are terrible at
Cycling, swimming, horizontal bar routine, eating hot (°C) food, listening to death metal music ewww

11. If you'd been paid for playing WA, how much would've it be?
Naaaah I'd play for free cos WA experience is PRICELESS
... oki +50 cent for each mexi maybe

12. Habits making you a holy person
Making my words meet my actions

13. Habits making you a bad m*th*rf*ck*r
Making my words meet my actions lel

14. Tell us your worst joke
I'm Asbest guys
I'm Sir-J

15. Any music bands/films/books you'd like to recommend us?
Book: Moral Letters to Lucilius (Seneca)
Film: Captain Fantastic (2016)
Music band: Phantogram

16. Name your WA role-model(s)
Artillery: Komo
Rope: Dulek

17. Your WA credo
If you fail, make sure it's WSE at least

18. Your best WA skill
Expert in anticipation of opponent's fail

19. Your keyboard, pleeeaaase
Chicony KU-0503 (check dis thug!)

20. Random thing to put as a Post scriptum
My kids are going to join ICB to play some clanners in like 15 years
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Re: Rocket
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I miss nice bios on clan boards like this, good stuff, although my children will still beat rockets children in the future at worms

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Re: Rocket
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Finally I can post this again..
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Re: Rocket
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Great player and great person. Love you Rocket

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Re: Rocket
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Great player and great person. Love you Rocket

100% agree!

Me and Rocket were together in few clans, it was big pleasure to play clanners together!  :-*