November 19, 2019, 01:08 AM


Are you ok with having no condom in sexual activities like vaginal oral and anal

13 (76.5%)
4 (23.5%)

Total Members Voted: 17

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Re: Condom in sexual activities
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Bravo  ;D

Maybe some credit should be given to Godmax for being one of the first to discard condoms, in the context of his four-in-a-bed romps (alongside Tobi). Other fuckers may have been inspired by him.

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Re: Condom in sexual activities
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Gotta give myself credit for this thread. If I didn't make that parachute topic, we wouldn't be talking about this.

Anyway, I think condom is the most responsible route to go if the partner wants that. It's after all her body you are invading. Worst case scenario she might get pregnant.