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Do you think that the world is getting worse?

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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Who wrote that for you, STR?  :D

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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Statistically, no, the world is not getting worse. Extreme poverty, child labour, legal slavery are all going down, and the economy is growing faster than ever (not counting Europe).

Can you show me some legit research/statistics on that please? That is great news if it's true but from what I saw it's not going down... I hope it's true.

The statistics are from Gapminder (, which in turn uses official data from organizations such as the UN, World Bank, WHO etc.

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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Statistically, no, the world is not getting worse. Extreme poverty, child labour, legal slavery are all going down, and the economy is growing faster than ever (not counting Europe).

What concerns me, however, is that humans are becoming less independent. We aren't embracing individualism anymore, or at least not on the level we should. We are letting the collective and the government keep us safe and make more decisions for us. This is dangerous, because it leads to us losing our ability to think for ourselves and handle difficult situations. It makes humans easier to control, both by government institutions and large corporations. Google wouldn't be the largest internet corporation if users were aware of their spionage, filter bubbles etc. and if they'd known how to avoid it (using alternatives such as Firefox, Opera, Duckduckgo etc.).

It's self-perpetuating problem because as we become worse at thinking critically, we become less skeptical to institutions and corporations, further letting them increase their influence on us.

Oh, and then there's also the fact that debate culture is constantly getting worse and focusing more on feelings than rational arguments like the other guys mentioned, preventing discussion of real issues such as this reach the light of day.

So in other words, people as individuals will get less choice, or choices that are equal. So to lose individuality is actually a bad thing, and could be categorize as worse. Slavery IS worse, but stripping away choice and freedom replaces it. Though, if all human turns into mindless drones, it is only for Government's control, in other words, slavery in a blissful world.

Interesting video to look into

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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seems like wormsnet is more unstable than before, so definitly yes

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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To answer the question directly - Yes, I do think that the world is getting worse.

I only have experience with the so-called "Western World." I've never actually been out of the United States and a lot of my views have an American/Western bias.

That said, I am a critical thinker and I pay more attention to social/political/cultural issues than most people I know, and I am also 38 so I have a bit of life experience. For me, the best and worst thing to ever happen to humanity is the internet. Regional differences are rapidly disappearing and societies are becoming more and more homogenous. This includes accents, preferences, values, and so on. The internet was great back when it was simple and mostly for nerds. Nowadays it's a staple of virtually everyone's life, especially younger folks. I personally think that the internet has affected women worse than men. It has allowed men to be more intrusive and domineering, it has desensitized men to sex and intimacy (because of free porn everywhere) and placed a burden on young women to act like porn stars and not have any morals. It has also made women even more competitive towards each other than ever, which is why every chick these days uploads a million selfies on various social media platforms constantly and also uses a bunch of goofy filters. Another thing is that women are naturally more 'follower' types than 'leader' types (debate this if you will, but it's true) and as such they are far more likely to be brainwashed/indoctrinated by bogus information floating around social media, and are far more likely to be swayed into becoming fake ideologues and championing totally absurd ideas, like 3rd/4th wave feminism, social justice, et al. There's a lot to talk about in regards to women and the internet but for the sake of brevity I'll leave it there.

Internet is also terrible for men in many ways too. It de-incentivizes men to go out and pursue women because not only are women being programmed to be something repugnant to many guys, they also have a virtually limitless supply of free porn so any time they have that natural urge to fuck they can instead just jerk off to some smutty video, which in the long run is damaging psychologically and even spiritually in a sense. There's also a million time-wasting distractions available online (such as gaming) so men are doing less and less traditional hobbies like crafting, mechanical work, carpentry, etc. It's basically serving to extend boyhood well into the 20's and even beyond. It has also made it much harder for men to find decent women because women are so used to being bombarded with dick pics, solicitations, dating websites, etc... The standards of women these days are higher than ever before and ironically they have less to offer than ever before because they are more unattractive inside and out. (Leftism, SJW mindsets, feminism, obesity, sluttiness, lack of traditional feminine roles/skills, etc.)

Aside from internet we just have more technology in general, and more technology = more productivity = increased demands = increased stress and lack of happiness. All the while the rich keep getting richer, the middle class shrinks, and the poor get slightly less poor.

Our food is all junk. It's all processed and full of chemicals, hormones, preservatives, and so on... not to mention tons of added sugars, which is why diabetes is on the rise worldwide, and we are learning that diabetes and blood sugar issues is killing millions of people.

Smart phones constantly track and monitor everything people do, and who knows what kinds of effects all of these signals are having? Personally I am scared to even think about 5G because from things that I have seen and read on the internet it will be extremely dangerous and likely used as a form of population control. Of course that is conspiracy theory stuff but look into it yourself if you want to know more.

Even in the summer time I rarely see kids outside playing. They're all indoors with their phones and tablets, sitting in AC, eating sugar, and developing warped minds from internet access. No decent parent would give their kids unregulated/unfiltered access to the internet until they are at LEAST 15-16 years old... in my opinion.

Not that gossiping was never a thing, but it's more prevalent and easier than ever before now.

As we can see in the media, many people have fucked themselves when it comes to public positions both inside and outside of government because of things they have posted online, even well over a decade ago. Maybe the scrutiny is a good thing in some respects but overall it is terrifying to me.

Art is kinda irrelevant anymore. Most people don't give a shit. Literature has fallen off... not that there aren't good books being written, but I'd wager that there are less avid readers today than there was 25 years ago because people spend a bunch of time online and think that counts for reading. (It doesn't.) Music matters far less to most people these days because it's essentially free. The days of physically traveling to a record store and spending money on physical music are long gone and as a result people lose respect for it. Most popular music these days is complete trash, especially modern rap. Rap music in the 90's definitely had a lot of controversial material but at least it was presented in such a way that it was usually thought-proviking or at the very least artistic. Nowadays it's a bunch of autotuned idiots talking about rampant drug use, hypersexuality, deviant sexuality, lack of respect, lack of morals, designer clothes, et al... and the worst part of all is that it all sounds the same. Hiphop was originally all about individuality, having one's own style. These days everyone bites. ("Biting" means copying someone else in hip-hop culture.) Movies aren't nearly as good or as original as they used to be. It's just a bunch of over-the-top special effects/CGI. Look at all of the shitty movie reboots/remakes. The ratio of deep, thought-provoking, artistic films compared to bullshit ones is at least 30:1 in favor of the bullshit.

The wealth gap continues to increase and will continue to increase until we hit a point by which the top ~5% of wealthiest individuals will utterly control everything. They basically already do but the effects are going to become worse and more pronounced. The middle class is dying off and eventually we're going to have a master class and a servant class.

Many younger people no longer have any practical skills. The parents are to blame here. How many people know how to cook nowadays? How to garden? How to fix something? I know tons of women these days whose culinary expertise consists of microwaving shit...

Lots of people keep having children at younger and younger ages, which has a ripple effect across generations because you're having a kid being fucked up from having a bad childhood due to the bad decisions and/or irresponsibility of their parents, and that kid ends up having a kid at a young age and so on... This is due to a decline in values, family, morals, even religious beliefs.

Speaking of religious beliefs, Muslims are breeding at a rate that is going to outstrip most of the world, and many places are dealing with forced migration because of some elite agenda. Islam and Western culture don't mix, and guess what? The Muslims are taking over. Reports indicate that within just a few decades much of Europe will be predominantly Muslim and non-white... and this isn't some conspiracy theory bullshit, it's actual fact backed by evidence. Meanwhile, places like Japan (which is highly homogenous) are slowly going extinct because people aren't reproducing. They're just working themselves to death and the population is aging. Japan as we know it could literally cease to exist by the end of this century at this rate unless something changes.

I could go on and on and on about this topic. I think life was better before smart phones, before ubiquitous high-speed internet, etc. What's really sad to me is thinking about younger people who have never known a life that didn't include internet and cell phones. They have no idea what they're missing, and to them, living in a society without those things probably seems primitive and boring to them. I feel like everything was more 'real' back then. It was more connected where it matters - locally. I feel like living in modern society is like being bombarded with poison and mind control constantly. It's soul-sucking.   

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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Couldn't agree more skunk. Collectivism and progressivism are a plague to humanity. The solution is individualism and conservatism.

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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Couldn't agree more skunk. Collectivism and progressivism are a plague to humanity. The solution is individualism and conservatism.

Same, I couldn't put it better myself. It feels like skunk's text was dragged from my subconscious mind.

At this rate, humanity is heading to a dystopia cyberpunk future. Sci-fi turns to reality, it is actually frightening thought.

I just hope there won't be a super villain who will eradicate mankind to ''save'' it.

But I guess there will be ''freedom fighters'' in the future, and they will likely be tagged as terrorists. You already see this online, if you speak your mind like say Skunk here have, you are quick to be labeled as a bot, bigotry, sexist, racist and so on.

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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phone-only normies is a topic for another thread IMO