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BeaR SquaD
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BeaR SquaD
Date Registered:
November 18, 2016, 05:59 PM
Number of members:

We are BeaRs, we can BeaR anything

Facts about the BeaRs:
DaMi BeaR wrote all of this
STR BeaR uses sticky keys
MalT BeaR never gives any shits
NiffzKi BeaR loves moles, hysteria, and ESPECIALLY the combination of both
SnakeY BeaR never looks at player list in AG
DieGo BeaR only plays when his boss is not around
AcEr.NaCeR BeaR tries to encourage everyone to play Golf
GoomY BeaR plays too much hyst
SziTuS BeaR trick races like no one else
FruTi BeaR apparently isn't a looped fruit
dRaGo BeaR hates everyone and everything
NicoLe BeaR pretends to be a...
GaBeaR loves to smash guitars.
PQ BeaR is just a hot fart.
LeDik BeaR
ScaRed BeaR

Members TUS Admin BeaR Name Favourite Scheme Worst Nightmare
Poland Damian Admin DaMi BeaR Hysteria STRGRN
Chile Frutiloops Normal FruTi BeaR Team17 Roping
Romania HyperKiller Normal HypeR BeaR RR Unknown
United States ImAfraidOfBears Normal ScaReD BeaR RR BeaRs
Poland Ledan Normal LeDiK BeaR Hysteria Brussels
Brazil Lord-Diego Admin DieGo BeaR Banana Show His Boss
France Malthus Normal MalT BeaR Hysteria His Internet Connection
Brazil PQ-Peido-Quente Normal PQ BeaR Shopper Having No Job
Brazil Pedro Normal NicoLe BeaR Trick Race His Internet Connection
Morocco SNAKE_CT Admin SnakeY BeaR Golf Hysteria
Sweden STRGRN Admin STR BeaR Boom Race Doesn't have nightmares
Russian Federation Scully Normal ScullY BeaR Hysteria Unknown
Serbia Vojske Normal VojiSlav BeaR Intermediate Quitters
Australia `-dRaGo-` Normal dRaGo BeaR WxW Unknown
Bulgaria bgace Normal AcEr.NaCeR BeaR RR Magenta
United States goom Normal GoomY BeaR Hysteria Unknown
Denmark niff Normal NiffzKi BeaR Hysteria F5 x 5
Brazil xitus Normal SziTuS BeaR Hysteria Eggplants