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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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TLDR: I agree with Anubis and Bloopy, just added some extra stuff by addressing other comments in the thread to give some view from my perspective.

Interesting video to look into

Substance abuse is indeed increasing in the first world countries. It is true that developed countries are more prone to substance abuse. But antagonizing drugs completely won't help us to decrease drug related deaths. First, we can legalize non-lethal drugs that could be used for recreational use. It will hurt illegal drug dealing and decrease drug related deaths. For example even though opioid deaths increased across the United States, states with legalized recreational marijuana available like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon are below the national average. Then, we might put some more efforts to educating general public about drugs. You see, when you look at teenage pregnancy, it is higher on places with a lack of good sexual education. It should be same with drugs. It is not feasible to end drug use, just like you can't end alcohol consumption. But folks who drinks alcohol on moderate don't have any problems with alcohol. So with drug use, you would want people to prefer LSD, shrooms or whatever for recreational purposes once in a while rather than getting hooked to meth or heroine. Of course, easier said than done but better than just complaining.

There is a decline in religious service attendance, yeah. Is it bad, though? Just look at all the muslim majority countries stuck with non-critical thinking population under the shadow of unquestionable conservative and religious values. They definitely have higher religious devotion, not necessarily mean they are better off though. I have a clearer perspective perhaps, by living in the most secular area of a muslim majority country. And trust me, you can't fight any backwards ideology by antagonizing people. When the Republic of Turkey founded, it founded on very secularist ideals on the ashes of an Islamic Empire that prevailed for more than half a millennium. The population didn't abandon religion overnight, they were still Muslim but adapted more secular and open mindset. But when we went a bit far on secularism and started antagonizing religious people by being more judgemental towards them, they felt "oppressed" and used this "victimhood" to gain power. And that's why we are stuck with Erdo─čan since the early 2000s. West need to figure out how to assimilate those people to make them a part of their countries.

Agree on some points about economy. Almost all companies here produces their products on China to pay ridiculously low slave wages for profit, which creates lack of jobs for minimum wage folks and increasing the wage gap even further. Not against technology replacing jobs though, it might be cheaper for corporations but it's not immoral.

Shortly mentioned in video, but indeed child beauty pagents are disturbing and need to die off. Never understood why they even became a thing.

It is true that one of the biggest underlying issue for modern civilization is living a life where we look for the next dopamine hit, and it is not addressed enough tbh.

For me, the best and worst thing to ever happen to humanity is the internet. Regional differences are rapidly disappearing and societies are becoming more and more homogenous. This includes accents, preferences, values, and so on. The internet was great back when it was simple and mostly for nerds. Nowadays it's a staple of virtually everyone's life, especially younger folks. I personally think that the internet has affected women worse than men. It has allowed men to be more intrusive and domineering, it has desensitized men to sex and intimacy (because of free porn everywhere) and placed a burden on young women to act like porn stars and not have any morals. It has also made women even more competitive towards each other than ever, which is why every chick these days uploads a million selfies on various social media platforms constantly and also uses a bunch of goofy filters.
Internet is indeed the biggest thing ever happened to humanity in the recent history. It started a new era. It is indeed making world more globalized, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I don't think internet being more mainstream a bad thing. If you can curate your online content well, it improves you and your life drastically. It's all down to how you use it. I can expose myself to variety of ideas and thoughts from all around to globe to become a better person intellectually, or I can imprison myself in an online echo chamber to validate my opinions, right or wrong, and be a more close minded individual. Internet also introduces a wider option for dopamine hits, wherher that's online porn or instagram likes you mentioned. I don't think it put burden on young women to act like "porn stars" though. Those kind of people you mention, usually doing it because they are less mature and they like the dopamine hit they get from the validation from the horny dudes out there.

I agree that porn might have some negative impacts on people. Almost all the professional porn scene promotes a warped unrealistic version of sex. Sex is not about having the biggest dick and fucking in all these weird, and mostly uncomfortable positions, y'all are mostly old enough to know what sex is like. It can be dangerous for unaware younger generation though. Tons of different porn videos with all the different kinks and positions and shit ready to your disposal. It is easy to get hooked into and don't realize any negative impacts since there's no visible harm like in non-moderated drug use. I heard heavy porn usage can bring problems such as getting more warped sense of sexuality, the more you watch the more boring normal stuff gets and you find yourself only shooting pearls to brazillian tranny midget bdsm anal on an upside down mechanical horse. It is also suspected to have erectile dysfunction after heavy porn usage. Kinda makes sense though, you wire your brain to shoot only when sitting faced to a screen.

It's truly sad how annoying women have become. I live in a very liberal city and if you want a shot with women here you basically have to act like a beta cuck fuckboy, unless you are black, in which case you can treat women like dog shit and they will never leave you. If you support Trump even in the slightest people think you are a piece of shit. If you have anything bad to say about Obama, Clinton, Sanders, etc... you're also a piece of shit. If you think progressive values suck, you're either ignorant or a piece of shit. Or both. If don't support every new social justice warrior hot topic you're a bigoted hater. If you don't praise feminism and kiss ass by saying things like "women can do anything men can do, but not vice-versa" then good luck. On top of all of those nauseating personality traits, tons of women these days are covered in tattoos and piercings, which I think looks like absolute shit.
Now, this is a dangerous way of thinking. Those "black" guys get a girl even though they act like dog shit because they appear more confident and not needy, and less mature women usually see the confidence and not the negative traits. Also from my experience, those kind of agreeing everything type of "beta cuck" nice guys appear needy to women and gets friendzoned because they kill any potential sexual spark. Women don't want a yesman, they want a genuine man, that can challange them sometimes. That's why some less mature women likes dramas. Also, why would you want those women though?  If you just want to fuck them, don't complain you're only there for the fuck, if you want something more like a long term relationship for example, filter those women out and seek for someone fitting. Complaining won't improve your sex life and/or romantic relationships.

If you are not adapting then less and less women will find you attractive/interesting because they expect their men to act a certain way. Basically, if you are not mainstream, then it will take a significant longer time to find people you enjoy spending time with.

Sounds like me. I have a versatile personality and can get along with most people, but I just enjoy what I enjoy and have no desire to pretend. Being myself is great as it seems to naturally repel fake or shallow people. By some miracle I got hooked on the social hobby of going to see live music, so I mostly cross paths with people who have good taste. :D Still, I had to go out at least once a week for 10 years straight to collide with my soulmate/girlfriend. But I was quite happy being single rather than spending time with women I can't relate to. If most women are as annoying as skunk3 says, I couldn't care less. We may be on the wrong side of whatever the modern social equivalent of natural selection is, but it's just a popularity contest or group delusion. We can focus on our own life and what we're about.
This is important. It has many great points which I need to emphasized. If you don't compromise from things that makes you who you are, you will find better people. But of course, women just won't fall on your lap. You will need to be at places/situations where you can meet women, like your live music hobby. And you shouldn't view relationships as something you need to make your life more complete. You should of course strive for it but you shouldn't need it to be complete. You should be content with yourself and be able to love yourself, which would increase your chances by radiating confidence rather than neediness.

Now about music (I won't quote any posts, there are too many of them), I think it is getting better. Spotify is great, lack of physical media is great. Seeing complains about people not buying physical LPs or whatnot but only bigger bands used to get cut from that. I mean on a store, you could only sell a limited number of albums from a limited number of artists, and stores wants to make profit so they would sell more popular ones. Those kind of bands make money easily on live gigs anyway. Thanks to post-napster world, smaller artists gets to reach people. I have at least a dozen of artists with less than 500 listeners on Spotify, and I enjoy some of songs by those artists a lot. Playlists, algorithms like spotify weekly discovery, etc. broadened my musical horizon greatly and introduced me to many artists that I couldn't find in a pre-napster world. Indeed, they may make less revenue from albums but this is the new era of music and artists must adapt themselves. Also don't start me with shitty todays music, shitty songwriting or whatever. There always has been shitty music, and there are still great music been released constantly. You just need to stop view mainstreams of the today's music and dive into more obscure ones. Don't just claim to be open, be so.
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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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Nice post Triad :)

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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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I know I'm being political, but hear me out.
I think it's getting slightly worse, due to SJWs. However, most of that is offset by Trump.
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Re: Is the world getting worse?
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And you shouldn't view relationships as something you need to make your life more complete. You should of course strive for it but you shouldn't need it to be complete. You should be content with yourself and be able to love yourself, which would increase your chances by radiating confidence rather than neediness.

Due to my health issues I wasn't striving for it and I wasn't radiating much confidence, but you're very right about avoiding being needy. What is good to have completed is a solid foundation. Arguably there's infinite room to build/grow from there. I gained confidence painfully slowly over the years, until I met the right woman to coax me out of my shell. Now I'm far beyond what I imagined was possible in many ways. I'm confident and have much stronger understanding and control over my emotions. I used to bottle up negative feelings and wait for them to slowly fade. Now I still bottle up negative feelings, but I'm hyper-aware of which thoughts are causing those feelings so I can just manipulate them away by thinking about the same things from an alternate point of view. I do have the confidence to express anger occasionally now though, which is funny because it lasts for about 5 seconds.

A big part of it for me was seeing the funny/absurd side of everything, so I probably laugh at the terrible state of the world a bit more than I should!