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Force Resolution
« on: July 11, 2019, 01:07 PM »

My current max resolution Ingame is 1280 * 800, using wkd3d9wnd and an 13Inch Macbook running BootCamped windows. Recently i attached an external display to my laptop via HDMI, which allowed to increase to 1920*1080. No surprises there, but after disconnetcing the display while worms was open the resolution stayed at 1080p! Does anybody know if there is a way to reproduce this behaviour? Would be good for Roping haha.

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Re: Force Resolution
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Super-resolution: you can run the game at any screen resolution, even those much higher than your monitor's maximum. For example, you could play or record the game in 4K while on a 1080P monitor. The maximum is your GPU's maximum texture size (common maximums: 4096×4096, 8192×8192, 16384×16384; much older GPUs may be limited to just 2048×2048). Note, however, that the display ratio is not respected in such a mode (and is always expanded to your desktop), and it's your own responsibility to preserve it while setting your custom width and height. Custom resolutions can be set either via the registry or by using wkLobbyCmd.