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Re: Network lags
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any news here?

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Re: Network lags
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Was just looking for this thread to comment.
Wormnat2 gonna get fixed soon?

we have a deadline for the migration until the end of September or so

If this "migration" thing have something to do with WormNET switching to new-faster server, is that option now gone? Cause september is over and last thing I understood was that CS running Hosting Buddy from his PC.
I'm really bad at getting this tech stuff, sounds scary.   ???
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Re: Network lags
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If it sound like I come out as ungrateful, but I'm not. The lag through Wormnat2 is still ever so persistent as before. What is going on CyberShadow? We're way past end of September, and halfway through October. Are there anything new to report regards to the relentless lags?