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Hi. Joined up today and shared some sound banks. 2 of which I created back in 1999 using samples from the pc game Kingpin: Life of Crime. I found them on an old hard drive yesterday and was looking for a Worms Armageddon forum and found this place (thank you google). The other is from film Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels. I have no idea who created that one but it was around 1999 that I found it.
Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce myself and hope this is the right place to do that. I recently re-discovered Worms Armageddon in the sale on and have just set up an older pc in my man cave (garden shed) to play it on

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Re: Hello
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Hello MadPete,

Welcome to TUS. You came into the right place! Worms Armageddon is still being updated and works on newer PCs as well.
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