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Replacement water : Worms DC Fire

Started by King-Gizzard, November 18, 2023, 12:13 AM

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This is just a 'proof of concept' to see if I could convert the Worms DC fire to something Worms Armageddon can use. 

If you want to try it in a custom terrain or stock terrain, copy the Water.dir file into the terrain directory (where the Level.dir file is).

It needs the wkTerrainSync module to be installed.  Get the latest version here : https://worms2d.info/WkTerrainSync



Now THAT is damn cool!

Would be sweet if you saw the worms burst into flames upon contact, then their burnt skeletal remains sinking. 8)


The skeleton bit is possible :)


The wkTerrainSync module, when used with a terrain (not a PNG), supports loading a custom water.dir file.  This file not only contains the water animation, but the animations for all objects that sink in the water.  They all share a dedicated 32 colour palette.  Interestingly there are sprites in the water.dir file that exist but the game doesn't use them.  This is why the concrete donkey, homing missile and the mole bomb don't change colour when they enter the water. This should probably be corrected in a future update.  It would also be nice to hear a splash sound when the homing missile  enters the water, but I'm just nit picking!

The module also supports replacing any sprite within the Gfx0.dir / Gfx1.dir files.  These files contain all other sprites in the game, including the worms themselves and their animations.


It is interesting that support for PNG maps will be added in the future. Or is it impossible to implement. Need to ask nizikawa if he hasn't abandoned the project