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only business
375 (0.768 per day)
Date Registered:
April 11, 2021, 08:43 PM
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only business (ob), is a Worms Armageddon clan created by blitzed and Kradie.

Want to join? Talk to Adnan, blitzed or Kradie.

Join Process
Play and chat with available ob members.
We chat a little bit about you.
In time, leaders will Invite you.

Do not join if
You like one or more member.
You dislike one or more members.
You think it is cool to use tag and not do anything.

Wear tag at all times in-lobby and in-game.
At your discretion play some clan games.
Be reachable on snooper, discord or other IMs.
All Around Schemes are obligated and prioritized, while TFL is secondary.

You can quit anytime but a reason for it would be appreciated.
You may be removed from clan if you do not respect these rules.

Members TUS Admin Clanning Activity Gauge Specialized Most In Catch Phrase
Brazil Aladdin Normal 10% Land & Rope tita gay
Norway Kradie Admin 30% Rope Allah! Sex, FUCK YOU! Oh my Goats!
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan Admin 30% Land & Rope secks, Allah
Ukraine Rocket Normal 10% Land & Rope dafaq, ok warrior mode, wtf I am doin
Germany Saint Normal
United Kingdom blitzed Admin 30% Rope In a bitch. ''don't do what you like.. like what you do''
Ukraine doc Normal
United Kingdom enigma Normal 10% Rope Fancy a bum?
China guo-zi Normal 10% Rope Sex
United States ole Normal