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Classic #26
May 27, 2012, 10:58 PM
Beginner 1088 in Elite before the game. Gained 29|26 points
Absolute Beginner 785 in Elite before the game. Lost 35|26 points

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Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] hf
[TdC`Peja] hf
[Pulpo`FD] hf
[DENnis`FD] hf
[`TdC``HHC] hf
[TdC`Peja] we play in cool combinations today xD
[TdC`Peja] btw cool hide dennis with superden
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] oh gj xD
[TdC`Peja] gj
[`TdC``HHC] t
[`TdC``HHC] lucky he doesnt plop me though
[TdC`Peja] well
[TdC`Peja] would cost a rope
[DENnis`FD] waste a rops at first turn + i cant hide then? nah thx
[DENnis`FD] rope*
[TdC`Peja] ye that barrel is nasty
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] ;o
[TdC`Peja] job
[`TdC``HHC] t
[TdC`Peja] sheep can kill?
[`TdC``HHC] in peja's dreams?
[DENnis`FD] dont think so
[TdC`Peja] dunno if it would jump for 60 +
[DENnis`FD] cant jump to u
[TdC`Peja] sure
[TdC`Peja] with some seldamge
[TdC`Peja] your skunkded anyway xd
[DENnis`FD] it couldnt make -60 with the wall and i dont think it would jump up and turn there^^
[`TdC``HHC] doh
[TdC`Peja] nice girder
[`TdC``HHC] well yeah, either that or hide on top xd
[TdC`Peja] maybe the girder helps xd
[TdC`Peja] dude
[TdC`Peja] camelo ahs turn
[DENnis`FD] xd
[TdC`Peja] he can 50 sg him xd
[DENnis`FD] he will die
[`TdC``HHC] i dont want to though xD
[TdC`Peja] sure you want
[DENnis`FD] gj
[Pulpo`FD] damn
[`TdC``HHC] nice
[`TdC``HHC] ooh
[Berria'TDC] god d mnit
[Berria'TDC] i love duck
[Berria'TDC] duck'
[`TdC``HHC] ah
[`TdC``HHC] failed sui
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] well done
[TdC`Peja] donald duck
[TdC`Peja] that was a good plan
[DENnis`FD] nt
[Pulpo`FD] mhh
[TdC`Peja] kill this pile xd
[`TdC``HHC] ack
[Pulpo`FD] lol
[Pulpo`FD] goal i guess
[TdC`Peja] ye
[TdC`Peja] amazaing a dutch scored a goal
[Pulpo`FD] aw
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] aaaaaa
[`TdC``HHC] ack
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] lol
[TdC`Peja] rofl
[DENnis`FD] über mein 1
[`TdC``HHC] oh ffs
[DENnis`FD] weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Pulpo`FD] n1
[`TdC``HHC] damn nice
[DENnis`FD] ty
[Berria'TDC] gj
[DENnis`FD] ty
[DENnis`FD] =)))
[Berria'TDC] my man!
[DENnis`FD] telecower :(
[DENnis`FD] gj
[Pulpo`FD] t
[`TdC``HHC] sweet
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] gj
[Berria'TDC] vn
[DENnis`FD] gj
[`TdC``HHC] ty
`TdC``HHC thanks the sheep
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] gg
[TdC`Peja] interesting dropü
[Berria'TDC] gg
[`TdC``HHC] gg
[Pulpo`FD] gg
[DENnis`FD] gg
[Pulpo`FD] ich versuchs
[DENnis`FD] gg
[`TdC``HHC] gg
[Berria'TDC] gg
[Pulpo`FD] gg
[Berria'TDC] n jump
[Berria'TDC] ;p
[DENnis`FD] lol wtf
[DENnis`FD] couldnt even look where to throw to
[Berria'TDC] tele
[Pulpo`FD] woow u have ss ;D
[DENnis`FD] lol
[`TdC``HHC] i would have lolled if it had come back through other hole
[TdC`Peja] yeah
[TdC`Peja] pro battlerace
[DENnis`FD] xd
[TdC`Peja] wth
[TdC`Peja] dennis u spammed?
[TdC`Peja] u were ignored xd
[DENnis`FD] loooooooooooool
[Berria'TDC] xd
[DENnis`FD] i didnt spam
`TdC``HHC breaks the table with his head
[`TdC``HHC] cmon wolf!
[DENnis`FD] aw!!!!!!!!1
[Berria'TDC] am afraid for plop
[DENnis`FD] aw
[`TdC``HHC] ow nt
[DENnis`FD] damn it
[DENnis`FD] that had to work
[TdC`Peja] awesome
[`TdC``HHC] good thinking wolf
[DENnis`FD] gg
[Berria'TDC] gg
[TdC`Wolfgang`od] gg
[`TdC``HHC] gg
[Pulpo`FD] gg

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