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Game #129399, reported by ```MaRishKa```, Viewed 745 Time(s)

TEL #10
November 04, 2012, 07:31 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 35|35 points
Absolute Beginner 912 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 40|35 points

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Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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1920 x 696, BIT, 3.33 KB, Downloaded 19 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[dt-Mablak] hf
[cRw`OopsS] hf
[KrezoCKC] f
cRw`OopsS..cRw`Podseka: e ay o
[dt-barman] XD
[dt-Mablak] avi's confused by our new tag
[dt-barman] ahrhar
[dt-Mablak] Hm lawl
cRw`OopsS..cRw`Podseka: y e
[dt-Mablak] If avi doesn't show up for his turn, restart?
[dt-barman] i'd say so
[dt-barman] sucks to play like that
[dt-barman] so, rh?
cRw`Podseka..cRw`OopsS: eo poco opae
[dt-avirex] oh
[dt-avirex] wtf?
[dt-barman] lol
[dt-avirex] i didnt know i was playing
[dt-barman] GO
cRw`Podseka..cRw`OopsS: ca o op
[dt-barman] well
[dt-avirex] how much did i miss?
[dt-barman] no need to rh at leat
[dt-barman] placement and 1 turn
[dt-avirex] we can still play it out?
[dt-barman] yea game just started
[dt-barman] n
[dt-avirex] gj mab
cRw`OopsS..cRw`Podseka: o ea ??
cRw`Podseka..cRw`OopsS: poco a x a oe
[dt-avirex] long fall it seemed ;D
[dt-barman] oye
[dt-avirex] lol
[KrezoCKC] xD
[dt-avirex] mab is dangerous :D
[dt-avirex] oh, hey krezo
[dt-barman] even to his own worms
[KrezoCKC] hey man
[KrezoCKC] I though you left this game ins tart :X
[dt-avirex] i did ;D
[dt-avirex] i was only putting teams in to be a jackass, was not expecting to play
[dt-avirex] had no idea i was in this game ;D
[KrezoCKC] heh
[KrezoCKC] they trust in you!
[KrezoCKC] ;)
cRw`OopsS..cRw`Podseka: o oyy oe 17
[dt-barman] gg
[cRw`Podseka] шoпy
[KrezoCKC] gg
[cRw`OopsS] 88
[dt-Mablak] I like how crw didn't even respond to avi's absence
[dt-Mablak] ;O
[dt-barman] :D
[dt-avirex] haha
[dt-avirex] "quick, hes not moving.. girder him!"
[dt-barman] they thought it's our secret strategy
[cRw`OopsS] what ur pick Shopper
[dt-barman] lololol
[KrezoCKC] aw
[dt-avirex] lol
[dt-Mablak] jesus christ avi ;O
[dt-avirex] im getting vbad lag, sorry
[dt-Mablak] ah bl
[dt-statik] I removed background from dt flag again, prolly u r not gonna like it, but it looks so minimal and pro that I have a chobby
[dt-avirex] i was not expecting to play this at all
[dt-barman] close
[dt-avirex] just plugged this pc in, have no idea how it would react
[dt-avirex] gg
[KrezoCKC] why gg?
[dt-avirex] cuz im killing next
[cRw`OopsS] LOL
[dt-avirex] gg
[dt-barman] gg
[cRw`Podseka] gg
[cRw`OopsS] 99
[dt-Mablak] gg
[dt-avirex] sorry guyz
[KrezoCKC] gg :X
[dt-barman] host up
[cRw`OopsS] Oгoнь
[dt-avirex] team me out :D
[cRw`OopsS] Haйc

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Game #129399, reported by ```MaRishKa```
« on: November 04, 2012, 07:43 PM »
ahahahah, so dt gonna pwn this season?

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Re: Game #129399, reported by ```MaRishKa```
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Yes, as long as avirex keeps owning like in this game :D
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Re: Game #129399, reported by ```MaRishKa```
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bar wanna clanner tag?