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TRL #13
April 02, 2013, 06:34 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Intermediate before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Intermediate before the game. Lost 40|40 points

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Information Game scheme: TRL: Intermediate
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Game Chat(s)
[aef`kyho] hfhf
[aef`swisti] hf
[HuskyTdC] u2
[VoK`] funz
[PeJ`AeF] hf
[HuskyTdC] berria
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: beznadziejne pozycje
[HuskyTdC] plan is
[PeJ`AeF] kill swist first pls
[VoK`] husk quit no green :S
[aef`swisti] xD
[HuskyTdC] to use all selects and ropes in first turn
[Berria`TDC] kk
[aef`swisti] i always pwn kyho in inter
[PeJ`AeF] abnormal?
[HuskyTdC] yes
[HuskyTdC] kill ureself!
[aef`swisti] gj
[PeJ`AeF] gj
[HuskyTdC] DOUDE
[aef`kyho] jojo t
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: mow co robic :d
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: ta
[Berria`TDC] atack karolina
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: to samo napisalem
[Berria`TDC] kill dat bitch
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co moge patrycja zrobic? nic
[PeJ`AeF] u know her?
[PeJ`AeF] lol
[aef`kyho] it's not elite u fucker
[aef`kyho] XD
[HuskyTdC] cos chaos else
[Berria`TDC] not at all but look ugly
[Berria`TDC] xD
[HuskyTdC] IT's Not bng either!
[HuskyTdC] oh wait... u used firepunch and sg... it's not bNG!
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: jo
[aef`swisti] lol
[aef`swisti] best rope ever
[PeJ`AeF] its not roper
[aef`swisti] xd
[aef`kyho] n1
[aef`kyho] XD
[HuskyTdC] omg
[HuskyTdC] bl m8
[HuskyTdC] inter luckiest scheme 2013
[aef`swisti] more <<
[PeJ`AeF] sg?
[HuskyTdC] sg inside u :D:D:D
[PeJ`AeF] so you dont damage own team?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: i co mam dyna walnac?
[PeJ`AeF] and make him killable?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: ile mam sekund na ucieczke
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: rope po co?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: zdaz uciec chyba cnie
[PeJ`AeF] 2poco?
[aef`kyho] neva
[aef`swisti] mines 0 sec
[aef`swisti] aw
[aef`kyho] ;p;
[aef`kyho] lol
[PeJ`AeF] no skunk yes?
[HuskyTdC] nu skunk yet )=
[PeJ`AeF] kyho u now see what bullshit u have done in last turn?
[aef`kyho] which one
[aef`kyho] XD
[aef`kyho] in elie?
[HuskyTdC] peja... stop to suck ut ass :D:D:D:D
[aef`kyho] elite?
[HuskyTdC] Kill THEM ALL
[PeJ`AeF] here
[PeJ`AeF] with derek
[aef`kyho] nahhh
[HuskyTdC] YES GJ
[aef`kyho] fuckers
[HuskyTdC] elite tactics in inter :D we win!
[HuskyTdC] ok berria
[HuskyTdC] we only got 7 more ropes left
[aef`swisti] lol
[HuskyTdC] let's try not use them in 1 turn
[aef`swisti] n1
[PeJ`AeF] nice
[HuskyTdC] srs?
[PeJ`AeF] you know see
[aef`kyho] ah only one XD
[aef`swisti] aw
[aef`kyho] tx
[HuskyTdC] ohhh lucky me
[HuskyTdC] ntntnt
[aef`kyho] txtx
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: teraz ania
[HuskyTdC] OMG
[HuskyTdC] vvvvvvbllllll
[PeJ`AeF] husk u are useless
[HuskyTdC] PEJA.. dun PUSH ME!!!111
[PeJ`AeF] so gar u made 1 girder and 1 not working petrol block and 1 jumpfail
[HuskyTdC] DUDE
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: chyba nie
[HuskyTdC] OK FOR THIS turn Berria... try use all transports
[HuskyTdC] yes
[HuskyTdC] lg and jp aswell
[HuskyTdC] hahahah
[HuskyTdC] BUT
[HuskyTdC] NOW
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co to as
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nieeee
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nie probuj
[Berria`TDC] i used only 2 god damn :D
[HuskyTdC] let's try attack without transports =D=D=D=D
[HuskyTdC] bungee u can use... THEY R FUCKING USELESS
[PeJ`AeF] like a huk?
[aef`swisti] bunge?
[aef`swisti] mose usefull weapon in game
[aef`swisti] lol
[aef`swisti] most&
[Berria`TDC] use bunggee fly
[PeJ`AeF] kk use bungee next turn swist
[aef`kyho] XD
[aef`swisti] i can pwn all with bungee
[HuskyTdC] FUCK
[Berria`TDC] this is more elite then inter
[aef`kyho] lol
[PeJ`AeF] lol
[aef`swisti] even me and kyho too powerfull so i ont use it
[aef`swisti] "<
[VoK`] n1 xD
[HuskyTdC] xDDDD
[aef`kyho] xD
[Berria`TDC] pejas map
[PeJ`AeF] was it husk again?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co robic
[HuskyTdC] it's good map
[HuskyTdC] we just playing weird
[HuskyTdC] yes
[HuskyTdC] but yea
[HuskyTdC] peja's favourite map yet again
[aef`swisti] cause we are all middle and u are all up
[HuskyTdC] I hope mods would do something about this!
[PeJ`AeF] i will join cat
[HuskyTdC] CAT never spam favourite maps like AEF
[VoK`] i get invite in cat <3
[aef`kyho] aef da best clan
[HuskyTdC] best after A HORSE MAYBE
[PeJ`AeF] if we would kick swist maybe
[aef`swisti] xD
[HuskyTdC] TdC... cat, dog, horse, AEF
[PeJ`AeF] btw swist u did great today
[PeJ`AeF] won 2 clanners alone
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: tera nie puszcze krow dobrze
[HuskyTdC] swist master dyna )=
[aef`swisti] only 1
[PeJ`AeF] the wxw
[aef`swisti] becasue guria was playing good
[PeJ`AeF] kyho didnt realyl take part
[HuskyTdC] peja... next turn I will be useful =)
[aef`swisti] but kyho not
[aef`swisti] xD
[HuskyTdC] or not xD
[PeJ`AeF] be useful now
[PeJ`AeF] go go husk
[aef`kyho] I played best wxw so far
[HuskyTdC] berria's plan
[HuskyTdC] so I can't take credit
[aef`swisti] nade karolina
[aef`swisti] ;o
[Berria`TDC] n jump
[HuskyTdC] thx =D
[HuskyTdC] omg
[PeJ`AeF] gj husk
[VoK`] and open xD
[HuskyTdC] )):
[PeJ`AeF] that maybe yes no maybe useful
[Berria`TDC] thats good
[Berria`TDC] now i ll kill him ^^
[HuskyTdC] OK
[aef`kyho] dont do this
[aef`kyho] jojojo
[aef`kyho] kill nice one
[HuskyTdC] USe 2 molebombas in 1 turn :D
[aef`kyho] best rope of 2012
[aef`kyho] 2013
[HuskyTdC] hahahaha
[HuskyTdC] kyho
[aef`kyho] gjgjg mate
[aef`kyho] :D
[HuskyTdC] we live in the future m8
[aef`kyho] haha
[aef`kyho] lol
[aef`kyho] u puto
[aef`kyho] xD
[HuskyTdC] xDDddd
[HuskyTdC] this is roper !
[aef`kyho] dont kill him
[aef`kyho] noooooo
[HuskyTdC] good one
[HuskyTdC] hahaah
[HuskyTdC] it was good kygo
[HuskyTdC] kyho
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: no wlasnie nie mialem czatu
[HuskyTdC] killing enemy wyrm always GUD!
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: bo zdupczylem ropa
[aef`kyho] hahah
[aef`kyho] lol
[HuskyTdC] YES
[aef`kyho] xD
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nie peniaj
[aef`kyho] nice
[aef`swisti] nice napalm
[PeJ`AeF] yeah so hard to use
[HuskyTdC] yea
[HuskyTdC] very nice shot berria
[PeJ`AeF] need to train 3 more years to master such a napalm
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: mowielm ze krowy do niczego sie nie przdadza ;f
[HuskyTdC] cos u never CUDA MADE THAT
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: tak to z hg mozna plopnac kogo sie chce
[HuskyTdC] whew
[HuskyTdC] lucky me
[PeJ`AeF] go go aef
[HuskyTdC] omg
[PeJ`AeF] so sueful chute
[aef`kyho] LOL
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: e nie wiem xd
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: patrycja tera
[PeJ`AeF] so useful bungee
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: a
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: to ania
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: yy
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: marta
[PeJ`AeF] so useful turn
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co zrobic
[aef`kyho] NICE
[aef`swisti] :o
[aef`kyho] sheepem
[PeJ`AeF] wth lol
[HuskyTdC] omg
[Berria`TDC] hah
[HuskyTdC] I killed my own worm )=
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: w co sg
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: jak lol
[aef`swisti] moze nice one bloknac
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: dluga xD?
[PeJ`AeF] nah
[aef`kyho] gj XD
[PeJ`AeF] i prefer talking bs about you
[PeJ`AeF] you me and swist?
[HuskyTdC] hahaha
[HuskyTdC] swist winrar of useful alrdy
[HuskyTdC] we need to show our usefuleness!
[aef`swisti] nice waste lg:<
[HuskyTdC] yes xD
[HuskyTdC] Nice One!
[PeJ`AeF] wtf was your plan lol
[aef`swisti] kill nice on at least
[HuskyTdC] xD
[HuskyTdC] HEY
[aef`kyho] dont ask
[aef`kyho] XD
[HuskyTdC] does air kill a 56?
[HuskyTdC] plz tell me
[aef`kyho] nah
[aef`swisti] yes
[aef`kyho] it wont
[PeJ`AeF] cos i cant se any worm getting fucked hrd with lg there
[aef`swisti] it will
[HuskyTdC] u sure?
[HuskyTdC] okkkk
[HuskyTdC] peja
[HuskyTdC] do u think
[HuskyTdC] air kills a 56?
[PeJ`AeF] it wont work
[aef`swisti] it will use it!
[HuskyTdC] ok
[Berria`TDC] i saw once
[PeJ`AeF] cos some rockets
[HuskyTdC] 5 euros says it will kill
[PeJ`AeF] get lost cos landscape
[HuskyTdC] u in peja?
[PeJ`AeF] i am
[aef`kyho] never
[aef`kyho] xD
[aef`swisti] of course it wont
[aef`swisti] ;o
[HuskyTdC] oh shit xD
[PeJ`AeF] 5 euros ae
[HuskyTdC] peja xD I need ur paypal adress!
[PeJ`AeF] need to find my own paypal adress lolo
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nie da sie
[HuskyTdC] hahaha
[HuskyTdC] good
[HuskyTdC] xD
[aef`kyho] lol
[PeJ`AeF] but i know my pw
[HuskyTdC] bad xD
[aef`swisti] ;o
[HuskyTdC] berria
[HuskyTdC] shotgun him to barrel?
[aef`kyho] brbr
[HuskyTdC] okkk nevermind
[HuskyTdC] nice battlerace
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: sd niedlugo
[Berria`TDC] sasas
[HuskyTdC] aww
[HuskyTdC] was nt
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: ah nie ma bata tak to plop by byl
[Berria`TDC] wanted just kill and pile
[aef`swisti] kyho dont homing pls
[aef`swisti] u cant
[aef`swisti] gj
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: mine
[VoK`] plase cluster ?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: xd
[PeJ`AeF] husk is best blocker
[aef`kyho] I will kill you
[Berria`TDC] ah fuck
[aef`kyho] if this mine wont work
[HuskyTdC] good teamwork there
[aef`kyho] tx
[aef`kyho] gj
[aef`kyho] XD
[aef`swisti] thx
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nie wiem czy sie oplacalo tracic select worma
[HuskyTdC] bo1 right?
[aef`kyho] xDX
[HuskyTdC] I need to eat tea with famiry soon
[aef`kyho] bo3?XD
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: CO LOL
[PeJ`AeF] you can bo1 if needed
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: kurwa zapomnialem ze to gowno jest bo3 omg
[HuskyTdC] not drink tea
[HuskyTdC] but eat!
[aef`swisti] bo3 suck
[aef`swisti] too long
[aef`swisti] :\
[PeJ`AeF] i will eat your ass
[aef`swisti] lol
[HuskyTdC] drink my ass instead m8
[PeJ`AeF] ok m8 i will drink your ass water
[aef`kyho] ?XD
[aef`swisti] use mole
[HuskyTdC] what the shit am I doing
[PeJ`AeF] nice
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co?
[HuskyTdC] like peja said
[HuskyTdC] I am fucking useful
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: pewny jestes xd?
[HuskyTdC] such racism
[PeJ`AeF] u have a sg
[HuskyTdC] kill me I got 2 worms
[aef`kyho] shot this zook XD
[Berria`TDC] kill me
[PeJ`AeF] lolololo
[aef`swisti] bad advice kyho
[HuskyTdC] yse... zooka today plz!
[HuskyTdC] or freewin!
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: mierzylem linijka i bylo ok ale chciales 1 do gory ;<
[aef`swisti] when is sd in inter?
[PeJ`AeF] kill ania
[HuskyTdC] why r we playing this so slowly
[PeJ`AeF] and you will win
[HuskyTdC] we alrdy know that aef is gonna win
[HuskyTdC] oh shit
[aef`kyho] oh there is a plop
[aef`swisti] one cow wasted
[aef`swisti] !
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: ok wale kami
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: rpoe i kami
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nn
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nawet jak nie bede mial w zasiegu to wale kami
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: woda sie podnosi w interze?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co tera
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: czekamy?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nie maja nalotow
[PeJ`AeF] kami ae
[HuskyTdC] do it
[aef`kyho] dont waste rope!@
[HuskyTdC] so I can go eat tea
[aef`kyho] ah ok
[aef`kyho] u can waste
[aef`swisti] np
[PeJ`AeF] lolo
[aef`kyho] tele somewhere
[PeJ`AeF] jump in water pls
[aef`kyho] jo
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: nie maja nalotow
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: musza isc na gore
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: poczekjamy
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: mamy naloty
[HuskyTdC] good one I suppose
[aef`swisti] go go kyho
[aef`swisti] do something
[PeJ`AeF] water homing ae
[aef`swisti] lol
[aef`swisti] wow
[aef`swisti] nice
[PeJ`AeF] vn
[aef`kyho] tx
[HuskyTdC] oh O=
[HuskyTdC] gg
[aef`kyho] gg
[aef`kyho] :<
[VoK`] -7 hp :D
[aef`swisti] gg
[PeJ`AeF] surgeonlike
[aef`kyho] xD
[PeJ`AeF] huk
[aef`kyho] hhaa
[aef`kyho] run forest run
[PeJ`AeF] now its time 2 be useful
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: poczekam
[HuskyTdC] I need to kill Joe O=
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: wiem 4fun
[aef`kyho] nuh
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: win chyba ze totalnie zjebiemy
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: mamy rope i napalm
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: i jestesmy u gory
[HuskyTdC] fly cow
[aef`swisti] xD
[PeJ`AeF] lololo
[aef`swisti] nooo
[aef`swisti] :<
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: chyba nie dasz rady
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: prawie na pewnie nie dasz
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: niee
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: czekaj
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: one more ture
[HuskyTdC] wanted a backflip
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: ja mam blizej wiele
[aef`swisti] nooo
[HuskyTdC] doesn't matter I guess
[Berria`TDC] ya
[aef`swisti] wow
[PeJ`AeF] why swist didnt use rope lol
[HuskyTdC] was that ur last rope?
[aef`swisti] nice kyho
[aef`swisti] i wanted in next turn
[aef`swisti] but he used now :
[aef`swisti] :f
[HuskyTdC] haha
[HuskyTdC] if that was ur last rope
[HuskyTdC] u still got jp tho?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: czemu ty uzyles ta jebena line?
[HuskyTdC] or lg?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: i wgl tylko 1 strzal?
[Berria`TDC] zook
[Berria`TDC] ah
[PeJ`AeF] napalm willw ind for us
[aef`kyho] yea
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: tera gg moze byc
[PeJ`AeF] husk u make me horny
[HuskyTdC] I fucked it
[HuskyTdC] I can't get up
[Berria`TDC] gow watch 2girls1cup and wank
[aef`kyho] dont do this
[aef`kyho] nahhh
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co mam zrobic bez liny?
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: lol nie widzialem tego
[aef`kyho] nahhh
[Berria`TDC] possible
[aef`kyho] never
[aef`swisti] self
[aef`swisti] ;o
[aef`kyho] gg
[HuskyTdC] why do I hide here
[PeJ`AeF] n
[VoK`] wow
[VoK`] hj
[VoK`] gj
[HuskyTdC] t
[HuskyTdC] gg
[HuskyTdC] but hide
[HuskyTdC] last second derp
[Berria`TDC] yeah
[HuskyTdC] just nade me swist
[aef`kyho] nade it
[aef`kyho] dont zook puto
[HuskyTdC] real....
[aef`kyho] ah ok
[HuskyTdC] hurr durrrrrrrrr
[aef`kyho] why fp ?
[aef`kyho] lOL
[aef`swisti] lel
[PeJ`AeF] hauhahaha
[VoK`] xD
[PeJ`AeF] kill him husk
[Berria`TDC] telecide !!!!
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: lol gdybys nie zjebal liny to bysmy juyz wygrali ;o
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: wystrscyzlo poczekac ture
[PeJ`AeF] gj husk
[aef`kyho] XD
[HuskyTdC] dang swist
[HuskyTdC] u shuda naded me )=
[aef`swisti] i shoulda rope but kyho wasted
[aef`kyho] jojo
[PeJ`AeF] why you didnt rope the turn before?
[aef`swisti] because i wanted to wait 2 turns he coudlnt do anything
[aef`swisti] and he had to go up
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: czym lol
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: niee
[HuskyTdC] I dun have chutes
[HuskyTdC] only 1 bungee
[HuskyTdC] so I can't get to u
[aef`kyho] we got 2 bunges too XD
[aef`swisti] :
[aef`swisti] :o
[aef`kyho] b2bswist
[aef`kyho] gg
[aef`kyho] XD
[aef`swisti] yeah
[Berria`TDC] 3s?
[aef`swisti] oO
[aef`kyho] nt lolo
[HuskyTdC] mm
[HuskyTdC] I can get to it I believe
[HuskyTdC] so I can climb up
[HuskyTdC] but the flames stop me
[PeJ`AeF] with your macro?
[Berria`TDC] just use normal jump
[HuskyTdC] nice try
[Berria`TDC] forrward
[PeJ`AeF] dont husk
[PeJ`AeF] normal jump kilsl you
[aef`swisti] ;o
[HuskyTdC] O=
[aef`kyho] HAHAHAHHA
[aef`swisti] lol
[VoK`] wow .D
[VoK`] x
[aef`kyho] HAHAHAHA
[PeJ`AeF] wtf
[VoK`] D
[aef`kyho] MATRIX HUSK
[aef`swisti] xDDD
[aef`kyho] HAHAHAHAHH XD
[PeJ`AeF] lmao
[aef`kyho] HAHAHHA awesome
[Berria`TDC] 3s
[Berria`TDC] god damnit bro
[aef`kyho] how awesome was that
[aef`kyho] hahahah
[aef`kyho] really
[VoK`] hehe :D
[PeJ`AeF] jump of 2013
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: o tera
aef`swisti..aef`kyho: co tera
[HuskyTdC] vote today
[aef`kyho] jojo
[PeJ`AeF] dont
[aef`swisti] it wont work
[HuskyTdC] flames will disappear
[aef`kyho] ok
[aef`kyho] so kami
[aef`kyho] gj
[aef`kyho] xD
[HuskyTdC] good shot
[Berria`TDC] hahah
[PeJ`AeF] haahahahah
[VoK`] :D:D:
[aef`swisti] xd
[aef`kyho] hahhaha
[PeJ`AeF] n1 swastik
[aef`swisti] thx
[aef`swisti] abut now he cant jump there
[aef`swisti] or not
[Berria`TDC] why u dont throwin nades?
[aef`kyho] i wanted to ask the same
[aef`kyho] XD
[PeJ`AeF] cos he is husk
[HuskyTdC] well
[aef`swisti] i could kill him with zuka + lg
[aef`swisti] but no lg
[HuskyTdC] I cudn't hide if I threw a nade and missed?
[Berria`TDC] so dont miss
[PeJ`AeF] sui him now
[aef`swisti] oO
[aef`kyho] olol
[HuskyTdC] am I supposed to zooka?
[aef`kyho] yea
[PeJ`AeF] telesuicide?
[aef`swisti] risky
[aef`kyho] weeeeeeeeee
[aef`swisti] pls wind
[HuskyTdC] gg
[HuskyTdC] I go eat tea
[aef`kyho] gg
[VoK`] gg
[Berria`TDC] gg
[PeJ`AeF] ggggg
[aef`swisti] gg
[PeJ`AeF] wpwpwpwpwpww
[aef`swisti] if i skip
[aef`swisti] water wil rise?
[aef`kyho] yea
[PeJ`AeF] u win
[aef`kyho] lol
[aef`kyho] xD
[aef`kyho] skip
[aef`kyho] not
[aef`swisti] gg
[aef`kyho] gj
[aef`kyho] XD
[aef`kyho] gg

Author Topic: Game #142919, reported by Kyho  (Read 648 times)

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Game #142919, reported by Kyho
« on: April 03, 2013, 06:56 PM »
[HuskyTdC] peja
[HuskyTdC] do u think
[HuskyTdC] air kills a 56?
[PeJ`AeF] it wont work
[HuskyTdC] ok
[PeJ`AeF] cos some rockets
[HuskyTdC] 5 euros says it will kill
[PeJ`AeF] get lost cos landscape
[HuskyTdC] u in peja?
[PeJ`AeF] i am
[PeJ`AeF] 5 euros ae
[HuskyTdC] peja xD I need ur paypal adress!

t for the money huskov xD

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Re: Game #142919, reported by Kyho
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2013, 10:00 AM »
this game was awesome to watch :D