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Game #215860, reported by TheKomodo, Viewed 894 Time(s)

Classic #54
December 17, 2016, 07:24 PM
Absolute Beginner 1053 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 34|34 points
Absolute Beginner 941 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 34|34 points

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4 - 2
4 - 2
11 - 19
11 - 21
Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Awards
Russian Federation Korydex has nominated this game for Shot of the season (Addional note)
United States avirex has nominated this game for Shot of the season
Poland Chelsea has nominated this game for Shot of the season (Addional note)
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Game Chat(s)
[St`Komodo] Was I really?
[St`Komodo] if I was must have been just to argue with you lol
[dt-freee] i dont wanna risk my 12-2 record on dt this season hahaha
[dt`avirex] i knew you never actually tried it.... i had a feeling, and even called you out on that, in the thread
[dt`Alaaddin] hf
[dt`avirex] but you were in that thread each and every day, fighting against having w2roper take place of regular roper
[dt-freee] by lower turn time i mean theres more harder cr8s and you need to be more consistent of a roper and theres a bigger chance for both getting equally cr8 raped, especially if your not roping optimal
[St`Komodo] Ah wtf am I doing
[dt-freee] buuut who knows
[St`Komodo] Wrong way round
[St`Komodo] Idiot lol
[dt-freee] something should be done with roper
[St`Komodo] What a complete retard lol
[dt-freee] atleast come up with some league map pack, like 50 good maps
[dt`avirex] w2roper eliminates cr8 luck (to an extent) but best of all.... its actually adds strategy to the game... rathen then just mindless "collect cr8, attack, pile.... collect cr8, attack, pile... repeat, repeat, repeat*
[StKorydex] ya bring back w2 rope 30s rr :D
[dt`avirex] 50 map pack on roper would get boring quick
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Awesome, got the hide pixel perfect xd
[dt`avirex] i actually brought that up to tus couple years back aswell... but there were people to fight it
[St`Komodo] Lmao, nice landing
[dt`avirex] but not just regular 30 sec maps we have now........ but a BIG map... but still with small paths (like current ttrr maps are)
[dt-freee] close
[St`Komodo] Ah thanks
[dt`avirex] so on the big map.... average turns it would take with 30 sec turns each... maybe 7-10 turns to complete???
[StKorydex] so thats basically a big rr
[StKorydex] i dunno
[dt`avirex] and then it would not just be a total rape... with always best ttrr winning...
St`Komodo..StKorydex: ok shit
[dt`avirex] anyone can have a chance, and best ttrr will probly still win... but if they fall, the slower player can still stand a chance if they rope consistant
St`Komodo..StKorydex: hit my guy!
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Fuck iddn't notice he had 1 worm dead
StKorydex..St`Komodo: its ok
[dt-freee] or maybe we ask deadcode to implement a scheme where a cr8 spawns twice on the same spot, so both players always go for same cr8
StKorydex..St`Komodo: he doesnt
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Oh nvm he doesn't, phew
[dt-freee] like horse :D
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Forgot that worm there haha
[dt`avirex] yeah kory.... i guess you could say its big rr.... but when i think of big rr, i think of these super wide paths... its like playing rr in a wxw map
[StKorydex] :G
[dt`avirex] im talking about regular ttrr type paths... but just takes much longer to finish...
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Lol, think you can hit one of them? xFD
[dt`Alaaddin] damm
[dt`avirex] i think it would be rly fun to play league with maps like that... ninjacamel made one for me, to test the theory... its a pretty cool map.... but not alot of ppl were interested in changing ttrr scheme... they just wanted to change how many worms we use in the scheme, every month
[St`Komodo] Lies
[StKorydex] ye
[StKorydex] xd
[St`Komodo] lol
[St`Komodo] Yah, like it makes a difference
[St`Komodo] 3 worms was just less painful for those who didn't like it xD
[St`Komodo] About all I can say really
[dt`avirex] also... free.. i understand what you meant now.... less turn time will not fix cr8 rape, it will make more of it... so cr8 rape would be more even..... makes sense.. but there is better solutions imo
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Oops meant to let go
[St`Komodo] Nt
[dt`avirex] yeah... i did not get changing the amount of worms in ttrr... they changed it like 3 or 4 times now? lol
[dt-freee] just 1 worm no chute
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Next turn do that agin but 99% pwoer
[dt`avirex] regardless, the player more known for ttrr skill, is going to win about 95 out of 100 times.
[dt`avirex] lol free
[dt`avirex] that would be more interesting.... like.. take your time or die type thing :DD
[dt`avirex] but... 2nd player would have big advantage lol
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Crud
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Wanted to hit the other 2 guys
[dt`avirex] blucky shot
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Oh, sorry I meant move aim forward a little haha
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Same amount u did last turn
[dt`avirex] " "
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Why didn't I do full OMG
[dt`avirex] " "
StKorydex..St`Komodo: xD
St`Komodo..StKorydex: I knew it was full lol
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Better kill kross
[dt`avirex] and again... blucky shot :X ;p
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Unless u sure u can hit the 2 guys
[dt`avirex] ok, ill stfu now... :(
dt`avirex [gogogoog dt!]
[dt`avirex] awww bounce.. nt
[StKorydex] whats blucky xD
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Lol
[dt`avirex] bad lucky abreviated
[StKorydex] ahh D
[St`Komodo] None of us have hit shit for too long
[St`Komodo] Gj
[dt`avirex] thought it was just one word? :D blucky blucky!!!
[dt`Alaaddin] aee
[dt`avirex] soon as komo says that :DD lol
[dt`avirex] gj laddin
[dt`Alaaddin] t
[StKorydex] fuckkk
[St`Komodo] Damn we suck this game Kory lol
[StKorydex] way off
[St`Komodo] Missed so many nice wind turns lol
[dt`avirex] yeah, you guys had some good winds, and bombed
[StKorydex] use zooka
[StKorydex] kono
[dt`avirex] nevaaaaaa
[StKorydex] ah n hit
[St`Komodo] Finally
[dt`avirex] good shot komo
[St`Komodo] Ta
[dt`avirex] wind
[dt`avirex] wwwwwwweeeee :D
[St`Komodo] Very nice
[StKorydex] tae
[dt`avirex] nice shot
<<St`Komodo>> I will sui gaz
[dt`avirex] get em dt!!!
StKorydex..St`Komodo: kay
[StKorydex] uhh
[StKorydex] shot
[dt`blitz] t
[StKorydex] ups
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Worth a try lol
StKorydex..St`Komodo: i can pile those bastardz
StKorydex..St`Komodo: no more
[dt`Alaaddin] >>>
[St`Komodo] Nice try
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Try kill acid
StKorydex..St`Komodo: get closer to me?
[dt`avirex] ok aladdin, own komo with a curvy zook :DDDDD
[dt`avirex] show him whos the boss
[dt`avirex] hehehe
[dt`blitz] ns
[St`Komodo] N/t
[dt`avirex] nice :D
[dt`Alaaddin] t
[St`Komodo] Heh xd
[dt`avirex] aww, almost
[dt`avirex] :D
[dt`Alaaddin] n
[dt`blitz] t
[dt`avirex] niceeeeeeeeeeeee
[dt`avirex] wheeeeeeeeew
[dt`avirex] exactly on his dome peice ;D
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Think you could sui on one of them?
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Or tele actually
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Not yet
StKorydex..St`Komodo: y not yet
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Next
St`Komodo..StKorydex: If I miss
StKorydex..St`Komodo: i have too many hp
[dt`blitz] wanted petrol
[dt`blitz] + lg
[dt`avirex] btw.. im up for 2 more, if st wanted 8]
[St`Komodo] Bah cmon !
[StKorydex] im up for just the 3rd at most
[dt`avirex] weee nt komo
[dt`avirex] ok, we can 3rd.. what would the scheme be though.
[dt`avirex] maybe elite?
[StKorydex] eleet sounds cool
[dt`avirex] ok
[St`Komodo] Ah lol
[StKorydex] lol
[St`Komodo] Ok we'll take that
[dt`avirex] me, dibz, and aladdin all played a couple clanner each... so free, you play the elite. and you can pick who you want for a partner.
[dt`Alaaddin] gg
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Can sui next turn xD
[dt`avirex] gj kill
[dt`avirex] gg laddi
StKorydex [i pick u avi]
[dt`avirex] huahauha... funny thing is.. that was not me :DDD lol
[dt`avirex] who said that? lmao
[dt-freee] ah
St`Komodo..StKorydex: Jetpack cide
[dt-freee] i dont mind partner, as long as he listen xD
[St`Komodo] Oo
[StKorydex] XDDD
[StKorydex] bad idea
[dt`avirex] bad lucky :DD
[St`Komodo] bl
[St`Komodo] Was good idea jiust bl
[StKorydex] i suck at doing that lol
[dt`avirex] well, pick one.. flip a coin or something.
St`Komodo..StKorydex: I have tip which will help in future
[dt`avirex] i dont mind if i play, or not.. does not matter for me
[dt`avirex] aladdin, u feel like elite?
[dt`avirex] eeek bl
StKorydex [avi u will play]
[dt`Alaaddin] y
[St`Komodo] Gg
[StKorydex] LOL
[dt-freee] lmao
[dt`Alaaddin] n
[dt`Alaaddin] gg
[StKorydex] dat shot
[dt`blitz] gg
[dt`avirex] nice shot gg
[StKorydex] crazy!!!!
[dt-freee] that was crazy
[dt`avirex] what a weird bounce

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Game #215860, reported by TheKomodo
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:07 PM »
very sick shot by komo at 20:00

Offline avirex

Re: Game #215860, reported by TheKomodo
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2016, 03:15 AM »
ahhhhh haha... yeah, this was a pretty cool shot.... max bounce, up and over him, through a pretty small gap.. .then even bounces again in "transfer" style i guess you would call it, for nade to come back @ dibz direction lol...

ill even say this one is worth a nomination myself ;p gj

Offline TheKomodo

Re: Game #215860, reported by TheKomodo
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2016, 11:54 AM »
Heh, wow, avirex voting Hysteria shot the worlds gone mad  ;D :D ;D

Thanks,  :D

avi, not trying to find the hair in the egg or anything(lol) but, it's a trapshot :)  ;D