July 21, 2018, 12:23 AM

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Free #33
September 29, 2017, 09:02 PM
Saudi Arabia Pn ae WG`
Absolute Beginner 881 in Aerial before the game. Gained 34|33 points
Egypt TLaD ae pH
Absolute Beginner 843 in Aerial before the game. Lost 45|38 points

Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] Funks
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] fuck me
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ae
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] opaa
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] aeeee
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ooof
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] ` .-.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] gj
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] ty xd
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] :O
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] .-.
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] ops
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] xD
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] owie
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] woah
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] lol this gift
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] xDDDD
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] omg
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] nt
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] tae
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] dis fifts lool
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] gifts *
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ow
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] not dmg*2
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] :x
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] daaam
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] LOL
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] lots of gifts
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] cancer
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ae
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] ;lol
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] lol skunk agai
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] n
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] xD
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] wow
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] fuck me
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] hi
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] hi
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] gG?
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] not
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] xd
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] wew
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] gg ?
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] maybe
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ow
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] oO
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] wtf
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ow
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] gG
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] fuck u
[Pr1nCe-EgYpT] gg
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ;D
[tadeusz] gg

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