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August 07, 2018, 03:09 PM
Novice 1348 in Aerial before the game. Gained 26|24 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Aerial before the game. Lost 24|24 points

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Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Danger135] fun fun
[Quai`Thanos] pixy got no team
[Godmax] God luck and have fun! Tobi is in a very god condition today. Too god if you ask me..therefor we can't fucking lose. We never lose you fucking animals! So let the shit begin :)
[Godmax] I can smel victory, it smels very good and specific. Victory smels like: tittymilk
[Pixy`hcp] TURBOBUTT
[Godmax] nice snowmap
[Quai`Thanos] im colder now
[Quai`Thanos] dangerovich will kick ur asso
[Godmax] nope
[Danger135] kkkk
[Godmax] he has a pixie worm look
[Godmax] how sweet
[Quai`Thanos] =)
[Danger135] ops. not hysteria
[Quai`Thanos] im glad im not playing this
[Godmax] its fast
[Godmax] its good
[Godmax] not like that aleksch bullshit
[Quai`Thanos] like sex with u
[Godmax] 30 secs until he moved
[Godmax] oh man
[Quai`Thanos] i see
[Godmax] i always thought when you fly with the jetpack to the right and press space you fall to the right
[Pixy`hcp] BUTT
[Godmax] but no you fall directly down
[Godmax] thats why i usually didnt try suicide shit
[Godmax] but its easy
[Godmax] mh nice
[Danger135] wrong key...
[Quai`Thanos] i learn how to pronunce word thought
[Quai`Thanos] i need for singin...
[Godmax] fucked
[Quai`Thanos] its nice video on yt with some girl
[Godmax] ofc
[Quai`Thanos] he put tongue between teeths
[Godmax] what he
[Quai`Thanos] she*
[Godmax] ab
[Godmax] ah
[Danger135] im not winning?! where is my fan!
[Quai`Thanos] first put tongue between teethy and pull back and say th
[Godmax] quai is distracted by babe
[Godmax] babe before danger
[Danger135] Pixie nooooooooooooo
[Godmax] apparently
[Quai`Thanos] then ou and on end t put tongue on back teeths upper
[Godmax] yes th is not for slovenians
[Quai`Thanos] )
[Godmax] fucked
[Quai`Thanos] easy to say when u know
[Quai`Thanos] someone must show u
[Pixy`hcp] GIGABUTT
[Quai`Thanos] and the UK and US is not same
[Godmax] damn pig pixy
[Quai`Thanos] =)
[Quai`Thanos] pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis penis
[Godmax] the day the butt detective showed up
[Godmax] everything changed
[Danger135] aw!
[Godmax] NO
[Godmax] ok fucked
[Quai`Thanos] ok byee
[Godmax] bye
[Danger135] the worst fan ever... Quai
[Godmax] yes
[Godmax] and he fucked me in mole
[Godmax] i had napalm
[Godmax] wanted to fuck the one who had already won....
[Godmax] no it was red couldnt use it no idea why
[Godmax] he fucked me
[Godmax] and the whole match
[Godmax] remember that
[Danger135] damn im poor today
[Pixy`hcp] today i eat pizza
[Godmax] oh good
[Godmax] what kind
[Godmax] sheep wasted
[Godmax] brasilian pizza
[Pixy`hcp] BUTT
[Godmax] what is on it
[Pixy`hcp] just cheese u butt
[Godmax] what
[Godmax] thats not enough
[Godmax] thats more like a cheesecake then
[Pixy`hcp] its just mozzarella u buttsniffer
[Godmax] ah mozzarella
[Pixy`hcp] no u
[Godmax] with a bit of tomatoes i suppose
[Godmax] and
[Pixy`hcp] ye
[Pixy`hcp] not good hide
[Danger135] [no comment]
[Godmax] nope
[Godmax] wtf
[Danger135] kill me yet
[Godmax] fucked?
[Pixy`hcp] ded
[Danger135] ty
[Godmax] no
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] FUCKED

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