March 21, 2019, 10:42 PM

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Free #33
August 07, 2018, 03:28 PM
Novice 1372 in Aerial before the game. Gained 24|22 points
Absolute Beginner 976 in Aerial before the game. Lost 22|22 points

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Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Godmax] Good luck and have fun! Tobi is in a very god condition today. To good if you ask me..therefor we can't fucking lose. We never lose you fucking animals! So let the shit begin :)
[Godmax] I can smell victory, it smells very good and specific. Victory smells like: titmilk
[Godmax] think pixy wanted
[Godmax] too late
[Danger135] im winning yet?!
[Godmax] :D
[Godmax] wtf
[Godmax] ?
[Danger135] fu girder
[Godmax] fuck off
[Godmax] fucked
[Danger135] weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Godmax] fucked
[Godmax] now lets see
[Godmax] if you can fuck african
[Godmax] or attack low
[Godmax] fuck fuck
[Godmax] thats not good
[Godmax] ok
[Godmax] 36hp vs. 101
[Godmax] shit
[Godmax] BUT
[Godmax] it is also low on fat!
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] FUCK YES
[Godmax] wont escape
[Godmax] ok
[Godmax] now plz drown
[Godmax] damn i gotta shit
[Godmax] fuck off
[Godmax] i need to go to the toilet soon
[Danger135] good
[Godmax] if i lose its only because i need to shit ofc
[Godmax] you understand
[Danger135] then kill me faster
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] yes
[Godmax] oh man
[Godmax] fuck it
[Godmax] almost
[Godmax] wtf
[Danger135] hehe
[Godmax] oh my god
[Godmax] almost
[Danger135] <---- [+]
[Godmax] 19 lost
[Godmax] 25 gained
[Godmax] great
[Godmax] very optimistic
[Godmax] i still gotta shit
[Danger135] ye we got mortar too?!
[Godmax] ah fuck it
[Godmax] yes
[Godmax] ok
[Godmax] barrel fucked
[Danger135] :D
[Godmax] fuck off
[Danger135] vn
[Godmax] 2
[Danger135] dead
[Godmax] NO
[Godmax] 1
Danger135 need [+]
[Godmax] oh man
[Godmax] i would really like to sit on the toilet now
[Godmax] fuck me
[Danger135] it can te so hard kill 8 hp...
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] sensei and his aimbot would've shot you first chance
[Godmax] but i am human
[Danger135] xD
[Godmax] puihhh
[Godmax] ah fuck off
[Godmax] FUCK
[Godmax] you got no more mortar
[Godmax] oh oh
[Danger135] mortars... :(
[Danger135] my roof! grrrr
[Godmax] careful
[Godmax] oh my god
[Danger135] aha <-----
[Godmax] fuck
[Godmax] a crate
[Godmax] just makea mistake and drown
[Godmax] do it now
[Godmax] ah ok
[Godmax] you dont want the crate
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] FUCKED
[Godmax] YES
[Danger135] yeeee
[Godmax] goodbye dangerovic :D
[Godmax] thats enough
[Godmax] shitting now
[Godmax] sHITTING

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