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Game #223592, reported by TheWalrus, Viewed 138 Time(s)

Rope #4, Allround #3
October 06, 2018, 08:16 PM
United States NBR S17
Novice 1306 in Roper before the game. Gained 36|23 points more
Norway sex ZaR
Absolute Beginner 929 in Roper before the game. Lost 26|23 points more

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Players history
1 - 1
12 - 5
1 - 1
13 - 5
Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRthewalrus] glhfg
[prabe`zar] Hf
[prabe`zar] Tus game on.
[prabe`zar] K
[NBRthewalrus] looks fun
[prabe`zar] n1
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[prabe`zar] Happens
[NBRthewalrus] 1 is nasty tho
[prabe`zar] Indeed.
[NBRthewalrus] whoa
[NBRthewalrus] wildman
[prabe`zar] hm
[prabe`zar] Good
[NBRthewalrus] wtf
[NBRthewalrus] minimized
[prabe`zar] hmmm
[NBRthewalrus] oh windows key lock turned off
[NBRthewalrus] wow vn
[NBRthewalrus] that fly
[prabe`zar] tanks wal
[prabe`zar] not bad
[NBRthewalrus] yeah you needed a perfect fly
[prabe`zar] dang
[NBRthewalrus] to saave ur turn
[NBRthewalrus] awwww
[NBRthewalrus] that might be the end
[prabe`zar] true words my master
[prabe`zar] sadly
[prabe`zar] good one walrus
[NBRthewalrus] no fd music
[prabe`zar] damn
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[prabe`zar] yeah
[prabe`zar] i know
[NBRthewalrus] aahaha
[prabe`zar] gagaagaa
[prabe`zar] ^^
[NBRthewalrus] ow
[NBRthewalrus] go fd
[NBRthewalrus] time for a comeback
[prabe`zar] ok man
[prabe`zar] n1
[NBRthewalrus] ty
[prabe`zar] damn
[prabe`zar] 2
[prabe`zar] j,,,
[prabe`zar] Hard to win now
[NBRthewalrus] very
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[prabe`zar] Good job walrus, you beat me in tus zar
[NBRthewalrus] shh
[NBRthewalrus] our secret
[prabe`zar] nah
[NBRthewalrus] 'roper'
[NBRthewalrus] ^
[prabe`zar] zar
[prabe`zar] <ar
[prabe`zar] :D
[prabe`zar] hahahaa

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Game #223592, reported by TheWalrus
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