August 25, 2019, 06:03 AM

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Rope #6, Allround #5
February 08, 2019, 08:05 PM
United States NBR S17
Sum: Inexperienced 1154 in Roper before the game. Gained 38|29 points more
Russian Federation sX ZaR
Sum: Inexperienced 1154 in Roper before the game. Gained 38|29 points more
Russian Federation sW ZaR
Sum: Absolute Beginner 915 in Roper before the game. Lost 31|29 points more
Norway S2X ZaR
Sum: Absolute Beginner 915 in Roper before the game. Lost 31|29 points more

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Players history No players history is available for singles 2v2 or 3v3.
Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Map(s)

Kradie's Zar Roper 32 by Kradie
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.12 KB, Downloaded 38 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] hf
[rgs] hfz
[NBRthewalrus] this map looks like it fits together
[NBRthewalrus] it used to be a supercontinent
[Kradie`Zar] Both sides are random maps from other random maps, and modified by me.
[NBRthewalrus] oh nice hide
[NBRthewalrus] didnt see that
[NBRthewalrus] holy shit
[rgs] oh
Kradie`Zar PReminition :_ Defeat
[Kradie`Zar] xD
[Kradie`Zar] bl
[NBRthewalrus] semiblock
[NBRthewalrus] ;0
[NBRthewalrus] or not
[NBRthewalrus] thought that would work
[rgs] its
[NBRthewalrus] that hide is nice
[rgs] he wqas scared
[Kradie`Zar] gs
[NBRthewalrus] holy shit
[NBRthewalrus] PROgi
[rgs] xD ty lol
[NBRthewalrus] vicious
[NBRthewalrus] X
[rgs] xd
[rgs] this cross
[rgs] wee
[NBRthewalrus] oooooooo
[NBRthewalrus] bonus shot
[rgs] heeelp
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[rgs] unreacheable cr8
[NBRthewalrus] we both in shit spots
[NBRthewalrus] going after same cr8
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[NBRthewalrus] waste
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[rgs] why not me into mines?
[NBRthewalrus] dunno
[NBRthewalrus] i was gonna try that too
[NBRthewalrus] and it wasnt even my turn
[rgs] cant aim easy shots
[NBRthewalrus] i was about to take a shot at it rogi
[NBRthewalrus] ur lucky
[NBRthewalrus] HOLY SHIT
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] :\
[Kradie`Zar] Its over m8.
[Kradie`Zar] Try anyway
[NBRthewalrus] its never over
[rgs] gj
[NBRthewalrus] ive won worse roper 2v2s than this
[Kradie`Zar] After this game, i will take a break.
[NBRthewalrus] saltyk9 overcame a 300/250-21 deficit while playing 1v2oh
[NBRthewalrus] team nametag got me
[NBRthewalrus] see
[NBRthewalrus] craterape + opponent pile = comeback
[NBRthewalrus] a few more like that now
[NBRthewalrus] this game is within reach
[Kradie`Zar] Sometimes it feels like crates are conscious
[Kradie`Zar] Trying to balance it
[rgs] ohh
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[rgs] he just blocket my direction xd
[NBRthewalrus] HOW
[NBRthewalrus] HOW IS THAT 1 FDF
[rgs] hmm
[NBRthewalrus] lies man
[Kradie`Zar] Allah said no.
[NBRthewalrus] my eyes are lying to me or the game is
[rgs] too powerfully
[NBRthewalrus] someone is lying
[NBRthewalrus] leave the cr8 for me
[NBRthewalrus] ty
[Kradie`Zar] Ballsdeepinvagina.
[NBRthewalrus] rED
[NBRthewalrus] yess
[Kradie`Zar] :/
[Kradie`Zar] Wanted it :D
[NBRthewalrus] its a sick hide for zar
[Kradie`Zar] Is possible
[Kradie`Zar] But tough
[Kradie`Zar] Skills over luck
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] oh man
[NBRthewalrus] ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[Kradie`Zar] SoL'walrus
[Kradie`Zar] A bit hmmm
[NBRthewalrus] +6
[rgs] good choise
[Kradie`Zar] Unzar
[NBRthewalrus] works
[Kradie`Zar] Ahhhhhh
[NBRthewalrus] ok now its over
[Kradie`Zar] Many good opportunity has presented itself. I am not up for the task now.
[NBRthewalrus] +1 dmg
[NBRthewalrus] 7 net dmg last 2 turns
[NBRthewalrus] we are gaining
[Kradie`Zar] WaG'walrus
[NBRthewalrus] omg
[NBRthewalrus] what
[Kradie`Zar] Finally
[rgs] gj
[NBRthewalrus] lagged out the ass
[rgs] gg
[NBRthewalrus] fuck off
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] gg
[NBRthewalrus] what a lie
[NBRthewalrus] whole screen just stopped
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[NBRthewalrus] dunno if u wanted to do that though
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] happens to mee too
[NBRthewalrus] risky
[NBRthewalrus] roping fast is riskier
[Kradie`Zar] You can do it now
[rgs] eeh
[Kradie`Zar] if good crate
[NBRthewalrus] yes
[NBRthewalrus] just do 51 dmg
[NBRthewalrus] with a zook
[NBRthewalrus] to a worm standing on the bottom border
[Kradie`Zar] It is possible
Kradie`Zar sarcasm
[NBRthewalrus] red wind red wind red wind
[NBRthewalrus] ull get blue
[NBRthewalrus] totally unexpected
[rgs] pheew
[NBRthewalrus] more red now
[NBRthewalrus] urkidding
[Kradie`Zar] Shaved hair from ass
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] tense
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] uh
[Kradie`Zar] Nope
[NBRthewalrus] 50
[NBRthewalrus] no wayt
[rgs] hah
[NBRthewalrus] the luck is with you incredibly friend
[NBRthewalrus] i cant win this
[NBRthewalrus] ur luck too strong m8
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] :D
[rgs] pain for eyes
[NBRthewalrus] ok gg
[NBRthewalrus] ima die this turn
[sW`Nuta`ZaR] --
[Kradie`Zar] fuck
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[Kradie`Zar] cyua

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