July 13, 2020, 02:27 PM

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Rope #6, Allround #5
March 26, 2019, 05:04 PM
Russian Federation sX ZaR
Absolute Beginner 990 in WxW before the game. Gained 31|32 points more
Spain TdC ea ZaR
Absolute Beginner 832 in WxW before the game. Lost 40|32 points more

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Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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10 by Hussar
1920 x 696, BIT, 0.48 KB, Downloaded 7025 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[TdC`lales`ea] Hf.
[sX`Rogi] u2!
[sX`Rogi] lol
[sX`Rogi] gj
[TdC`lales`ea] ty
[TdC`lales`ea] x2 uzi lel
[sX`Rogi] clusters
[sX`Rogi] and some nice shit, doesnt matter, i cant play wxw
[TdC`lales`ea] change map to Kevin w3w
[TdC`lales`ea] ;D
[sX`Rogi] bitch!
[sX`Rogi] haha
[sX`Rogi] too boring
[TdC`lales`ea] 23s then ;o
[TdC`lales`ea] xD
[TdC`lales`ea] gj
[sX`Rogi] ty xd
[TdC`lales`ea] oi
[sX`Rogi] fghdp[l;'
[sX`Rogi] fsdfsdsdffsdfsd
[TdC`lales`ea] nah ... bl
[TdC`lales`ea] in time ^^
[sX`Rogi] did i touch?
[sX`Rogi] all shit?
[sX`Rogi] xD
[TdC`lales`ea] I think
[TdC`lales`ea] uhh
[TdC`lales`ea] gj
[sX`Rogi] t
[TdC`lales`ea] joder
[sX`Rogi] ah
[TdC`lales`ea] x3 uzi`s
[TdC`lales`ea] Ix1 cluster
[TdC`lales`ea] x1*
[sX`Rogi] 55 ok
[TdC`lales`ea] 55 ok, lets ee me
[TdC`lales`ea] nein
[sX`Rogi] oh u dont trying xd
[TdC`lales`ea] neine nein krasiva karta
[TdC`lales`ea] nope horoshi ;D
[TdC`lales`ea] u in time to push to barrel
[TdC`lales`ea] but its ok ^^ gj
[sX`Rogi] lol
[sX`Rogi] nice languages
[sX`Rogi] Du hast
[TdC`lales`ea] Du hast mitch
[TdC`lales`ea] Eintchen ;D
[TdC`lales`ea] svin worms noew
[TdC`lales`ea] ;po
[sX`Rogi] i tried to sing it in home karaoke
[sX`Rogi] gj
[TdC`lales`ea] hehe nice
[TdC`lales`ea] Youtube subtitles is best to learn languages
[TdC`lales`ea] music vids
[sX`Rogi] damn!!
[TdC`lales`ea] nt
[sX`Rogi] t xd
[sX`Rogi] system of down
[sX`Rogi] revenga
[TdC`lales`ea] take that
[TdC`lales`ea] close
[sX`Rogi] xD
[TdC`lales`ea] weeee
[sX`Rogi] crazy move
[TdC`lales`ea] rude end
[TdC`lales`ea] ;) Gg.
[sX`Rogi] gg;d

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