March 22, 2023, 06:14 AM

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Allround #19
Clanners, Playoffs
December 10, 2022, 07:58 PM
Absolute Beginner 737 in BnG before the game. Gained 0|0 points
Inexperienced 1173 in BnG before the game. Lost 0|0 points

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6 - 12
21 - 13
120 - 116
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Komito`TdC] Hf
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] Funs
[TdCxKorydex] hf
[Komito`TdC] Oops
[Komito`TdC] Bit much power lol
[Komito`TdC] Gj
[TdCxKorydex] t
[Komito`TdC] Jeez
[Komito`TdC] I feel like I'm letting go earlier :/
[Komito`TdC] Bit better
[Komito`TdC] Almost got the transfer!
[TdCxKorydex] lolo
[Komito`TdC] Man...
[Komito`TdC] My timing is so bad these days
[Komito`TdC] I may need to do easier shots I guess...
[Komito`TdC] Gj
[TdCxKorydex] t
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] yey
[TdCxKorydex] g1
[Komito`TdC] Makes it easier to hit anyway
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: Hmmm, I might have a 4s angle on Kradie, let's see
[TdCxKorydex] shot
TdCxKorydex..Komito`TdC: hehe yeah
[Komito`TdC] Yeah it's easy when you don't have to worry about the power xD
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: Ok he has pretty much no angle to hit me so I'll focus on Kradie as well now
[TdCxKorydex] job
[Komito`TdC] Ta
[Komito`TdC] Vn
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] tae
[Komito`TdC] Yeah just dig
[Komito`TdC] Nice aim though
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: I need to roller now
[Komito`TdC] Well, I guess that's ok lol
[Komito`TdC] Knew it was 99% pweor.. Damn
[Komito`TdC] Gooder dig though!
[Komito`TdC] Close
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] yep
[Komito`TdC] Shame he moved..
[TdCxKorydex] :)
[Komito`TdC] What schemes did you play already?
[TdCxKorydex] elite and roper
[Komito`TdC] Gj
[ob-Kradie`zar] t
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: Yeah go for Kradie, otherwise he can repeat that 4s
[Komito`TdC] Close!
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: At least it will work next time! You got the ledge
[TdCxKorydex] n
[Komito`TdC] Ta
[Komito`TdC] Which PO is this?
[Komito`TdC] Semis or Final?
[TdCxKorydex] final
[Komito`TdC] Nice
[TdCxKorydex] t
[Komito`TdC] Woulda been better if I hadn't made such a hole lol
[Komito`TdC] Got it
[TdCxKorydex] gj
[Komito`TdC] Ta
[Komito`TdC] Why hasn't someone made a WA clan called Only Clans yet?
[Komito`TdC] Vn!
[TdCxKorydex] tae
[Komito`TdC] Shot of the match :-)
[TdCxKorydex] lol
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] :^)
[Komito`TdC] Tickle!
[Komito`TdC] Blackjack!
[Komito`TdC] Not bad
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: Ok I'll nail that shot next turn if you don't kill him
Komito`TdC..TdCxKorydex: Once Kradie is dead, would be best to throw either 4s rollers or dig him out
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] oooh
[Komito`TdC] Damn
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] \vn
[Komito`TdC] What a shot!
[TdCxKorydex] was close to sitter damn xd
[Komito`TdC] It wasn't though!
[Komito`TdC] Gg?
[Komito`TdC] What a dig!
[Komito`TdC] Kory on fire today
[TdCxSenator] England vs France started!
[Komito`TdC] That World Cup needs to burn in hell
[Komito`TdC] But even more important, I hope England lose!
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] oh my
[Komito`TdC] Nt there
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] tae
[Komito`TdC] Ah
[Komito`TdC] Held on too long
[Komito`TdC] My reactions are so bad
[Komito`TdC] Nice push
[TdCxKorydex] t
[TdCxKorydex] nt/s
[Komito`TdC] Ty
[Komito`TdC] I didn't want to risk 99% pwoer
[Komito`TdC] Just in case it done 97 and missed completely
[Komito`TdC] SO I was happy with the knock!
[TdCxKorydex] uh
[Komito`TdC] Wow
[Komito`TdC] Robbed!
[Komito`TdC] Aka, saved!
[TdCxKorydex] gs
[Komito`TdC] Ta
[Komito`TdC] Nt
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] tae
[Komito`TdC] Nice header!
[TdCxKorydex] aw
[Komito`TdC] Lmfao
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] the chinese hacker
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] lmbhao and lmao
[Komito`TdC] Good push
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] tae
[Komito`TdC] 4s lg bank there
[Komito`TdC] LOL
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] okay
[Komito`TdC] That works xD
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] xd
[TdCxKorydex] gj
[Komito`TdC] Ta
[Komito`TdC] Adnan with the comeback!
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] :D
[TdCxKorydex] gg
[Komito`TdC] Shot!
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] gg
[Komito`TdC] Gg
[TdCxSenator] gg
[`ob`Mega`Adnan] congrats
[Komito`TdC] Cheers!
[ob-Kradie`zar] g
[Komito`TdC] Is there like
[ob-Kradie`zar] g

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