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TTL #3
December 24, 2022, 09:07 PM
United States CKC DOS
Rookie 1275 in TUS Team17 before the game. Gained 22|22 points
Netherlands TdC ae
Absolute Beginner 864 in TUS Team17 before the game. Lost 23|22 points

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7 - 0
10 - 1
Information Game scheme: TUS Team17
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Game Chat(s)
[Deadcode] hmmm and you get the lower left...
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] gl hf ae
[Deadcode] but first turn :)
[Deadcode] 2u2
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] guess i will play only this 1, senator asked for clanners
[Deadcode] aw, ok
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] for some reason when i saw u approaching me there, i thought exactly about banana
[Deadcode] that's kind of a conflict of interest :-\ it's in his interest to block me from overtaking him in the standings
[Deadcode] Yep, it was a banana-y situation
[Deadcode] vbl
[Deadcode] Nice
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] nah, coulda've done it better
[Deadcode] Or you could've failed to blow the oildrum...
[Deadcode] I think it was good enough
[Deadcode] I don't think even Dangling Pointer could chute over with that wind
[Deadcode] Hmm I wonder why you didn't choose my HHG-proof hide there
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] cos i wanna see that hhg u shopped explode this turn...with rope used :)
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] but wind is a bitch it seems
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] yay
[Deadcode] then unlucky for you I got wind :-)
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] gg xd
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] ofc wind lol
[Deadcode] Well... I used my rope without killing you, so there's still chances
[Deadcode] mainly Scales or Armageddon
[Deadcode] though Out of bouinds makes Armageddon less valuable
[Deadcode] Okay, Armageddon is back on the table...
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] not possible dammit
[Deadcode] oh dear
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] no vegas stuff for me tonight i guess
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] perfect, nade gg
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] damm cr8s
[Deadcode] Oh... yeah I could have
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] god damn wind
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] gg
[Deadcode] gg
[TdC`StJimmy`ae] :(
[Deadcode] bl with that
[Deadcode] though it was biased toward that kind of wind with my worm being on the left

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