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Game #77634, Reported by Thouson, Viewed 834 Time(s)

TEL #5
July 13, 2011, 03:14 AM
Rookie 1285 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 33|23 points
Absolute Beginner 903 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 26|23 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
3 - 1
4 - 4
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Downloaded 330 time(s).
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Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 24 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[dC`Thouson] hf
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: vmao q vmao
[mm`titahemp] liga soh qnd precisar porra
[mm`titahemp] XD
[mm`titahemp] lol
[mm`titahemp] kkkkk
[dC`Thouson] via liga
[dC`Thouson] com ojogoligado??
[dC`Thouson] internet n1?
[mm`nino`ea] a gente eh rico
[mm`nino`ea] xD
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: lol
[SnipeR-dC] lagzinho chato não?
[dC`Thouson] eh
[dC`Thouson] pior eh meu fio do carregador saindo...
[mm`Devilage`sR] :o
[mm`titahemp] vai cair
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: to ligado
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: mas ele nao sai sem dano
[SnipeR-dC] ???
[SnipeR-dC] q merdinha
[SnipeR-dC] auahua
[dC`Thouson] pqp!!!!!
[dC`Thouson] foi mal
[SnipeR-dC] te custo 2 chutes
[dC`Thouson] isso foi feio....
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: -.-
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: suicido
[SnipeR-dC] ok
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: nao tava facil
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: ok
[dC`Thouson] qro ve
[dC`Thouson] o0
[SnipeR-dC] é né..
[SnipeR-dC] quase q erro
[dC`Thouson] nice
[dC`Thouson] eh
[dC`Thouson] mas foi nice
[dC`Thouson] guardou corda e ativou na hora q ele pulou
[SnipeR-dC] vlw
[dC`Thouson] ai nao ateu atesta
[dC`Thouson] ecaiu d vlta
[dC`Thouson] weeee
[SnipeR-dC] q merda
[SnipeR-dC] ein
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: 25 ne1
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: ?
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: dava pra tirar
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: no primeiro shot
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: beleuza
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: pqp
[dC`Thouson] perf
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: olha aonde eu fiquei
[dC`Thouson] praticamente perf
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: hauehuae
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: eu espero
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: bloka nino
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: ah nem precisa
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: yea
dC`Thouson..mm`titahemp: da umas aula d bng pra seu partner ae o0
[mm`titahemp] lol
[mm`titahemp] ae
[dC`Thouson] putz
[dC`Thouson] q mrda...
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: Q MERDA
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: escapo o space
[mm`Devilage`sR] gj
[mm`titahemp] aww
[dC`Thouson] 30 n1?
[dC`Thouson] ^^
[SnipeR-dC] lag
[dC`Thouson] eh
[dC`Thouson] minha net foi pra 10 kb..
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: uaheuae
[mm`titahemp] lol
[dC`Thouson] o0
[dC`Thouson] 59
[dC`Thouson] o0
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: como?
[mm`nino`ea] lag do carajo
[mm`titahemp] Strike dos MM eh mais forte
[mm`nino`ea] lol
[mm`Devilage`sR] its gonn abe a second elite?
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: duvido
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: diagonal /
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: abre pra mete ss logo
[dC`Thouson] powa...
[mm`titahemp] XD
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: auhauha
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: vo mete air
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: mete aereo
[mm`titahemp] cattor?
[mm`titahemp] carot
[dC`Thouson] o0
[mm`titahemp] como eh cenoura msm?
[mm`Devilage`sR] cacarotto
[mm`titahemp] carrtoe
[dC`Thouson] kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[dC`Thouson] carrot
[mm`titahemp] AIUHAHAhaI
[dC`Thouson] isso emsmo
[dC`Thouson] tava certo
[dC`Thouson] hehe
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: aereo
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: nao
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: sem wind
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: xd
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: viga
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: sem wind
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: entao
[mm`titahemp] puta madre
[mm`nino`ea] xD
[mm`titahemp] xD
[mm`titahemp] comche tu mareeeee
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: aff
[mm`Devilage`sR] xD
[mm`titahemp] :))
[mm`titahemp] massa
[mm`Devilage`sR] conchetumare gila culia
[mm`titahemp] awwww
[mm`titahemp] awww
[mm`titahemp] awww
[mm`titahemp] dog
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: air
[mm`titahemp] carai
[mm`titahemp] altos peido cavernoso hj
[mm`Devilage`sR] 1
[mm`Devilage`sR] !
[mm`titahemp] aeee
[mm`titahemp] 1
[mm`titahemp] XDD
[mm`titahemp] we are foda
[mm`Devilage`sR] we playing more?
[mm`titahemp] yeah
[mm`titahemp] if sniper have time , we can play
[dC`Thouson] if eu
[dC`Thouson] havi tme
[dC`Thouson] hehe
[mm`titahemp] XD
[mm`titahemp] uhhhh
[mm`titahemp] sexy
[mm`titahemp] shottt
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: nade gg
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: ele vai por a mesma
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: mas vai por nadae
[mm`titahemp] awww
[mm`titahemp] porra
[mm`titahemp] cu de freira aposentada
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: s
[mm`titahemp] 19
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: abre com missil
[mm`titahemp] kd a sd?
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: temos q abri
[dC`Thouson] venha
[mm`titahemp] lol
[mm`titahemp] aoia ai
[mm`titahemp] temos um wormzão heim
[mm`titahemp] awww
[mm`titahemp] rola de padre
[mm`titahemp] cu de freira
[mm`titahemp] tetas da gretchen
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: ss trap
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: se ele pilar da pra plopar
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: com ss
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: sakas
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: vai q tua
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: rope
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: pra subir
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: vai
[dC`Thouson] vaom
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: SS
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: s
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: hm
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: tendi
[mm`titahemp] kkkk
SnipeR-dC..dC`Thouson: s
[mm`Devilage`sR] :o
[mm`titahemp] ae
[mm`titahemp] ts is inative
[mm`titahemp] dc's
[SnipeR-dC] GG
[SnipeR-dC] we are foda
[dC`Thouson] gg
[dC`Thouson] ^^
[dC`Thouson] owned
[mm`nino`ea] gg
[mm`titahemp] gg
[mm`titahemp] XD
[dC`Thouson] ts = ??
[dC`Thouson] ah...

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