September 25, 2018, 06:02 AM

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TEL #6
September 26, 2011, 10:12 PM
Inexperienced 1163 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 30|24 points
Absolute Beginner 817 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 31|24 points

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Not rated yet
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2 - 0
5 - 1
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 31 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] fun
[FlexibleRatDc] hävf
[RoH`lales`ea] njoy
[RoH`lales`ea] purpleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[RoH`lales`ea] i hate red
[FlexibleRatDc] lolo at chute
[DeadTdCb2b] dssdffd
[RoH`lales`ea] combo
[DeadTdCb2b] xD
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] nice
[RoH`lales`ea] xD
[RoH`lales`ea] thx
[DeadTdCb2b] hide
[FlexibleRatDc] däm nade
[RoH`lales`ea] uh careful with b2b guy
[FlexibleRatDc] lol
[RoH`lales`ea] or .. .camelo was? :)
[FlexibleRatDc] camelo
[FlexibleRatDc] jaja
[RoH`lales`ea] :p
[FlexibleRatDc] rofl
[DeadTdCb2b] xD
[RoH`lales`ea] nab me
[RoH`lales`ea] k
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] ;s
[RoH`lales`ea] santa maria madre de dios
[DeadTdCb2b] dsafdfdfs
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol
[FlexibleRatDc] afsdafsdfads
[RoH`lales`ea] repeat: SANTA MARIA MADRE DE DIOS
[FlexibleRatDc] xD
[RoH`lales`ea] well, at least he skunked 1
[RoH`lales`ea] dont pray more then :o
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] xd
[RoH`lales`ea] bounce and into him
[RoH`lales`ea] goal !
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] oh cmon
[RoH`lales`ea] nt buddie
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] why did it open
[FlexibleRatDc] adsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsf
[DeadTdCb2b] xD
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol
[FlexibleRatDc] rofl
[DeadTdCb2b] fu
[FlexibleRatDc] just blok his way lolooooo
[DeadTdCb2b] dumb me
[RoH`lales`ea] bl girder, brain lag happened sometimes
[RoH`lales`ea] coste.... nade him
[RoH`lales`ea] next time sure
[DeadTdCb2b] sdffd
[FlexibleRatDc] rofl
[FlexibleRatDc] afsd
[RoH`lales`ea] girder me
[DeadTdCb2b] xD
[DeadTdCb2b] na
[RoH`lales`ea] U R THE BEST
[DeadTdCb2b] dfsdsfgf
[FlexibleRatDc] xD
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] jesus
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] why last second xd
[RoH`lales`ea] cos i pressed some keys qwrong :(
[RoH`lales`ea] fu notebook
[RoH`lales`ea] porca miseria
[RoH`lales`ea] kurw ... time
[RoH`lales`ea] joder !!
[RoH`lales`ea] so sorry
[RoH`lales`ea] 4
[DeadTdCb2b] gg
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] xxxxxxxxxxx
[FlexibleRatDc] GO
[FlexibleRatDc] dyna!
[RoH`lales`ea] kami now
[DeadTdCb2b] zeh
[RoH`lales`ea] time to gwet nc
[RoH`lales`ea] get*
[RoH`lales`ea] gg me
[RoH`lales`ea] i could arch him*
[DeadTdCb2b] gg
[RoH`lales`ea] me too
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] oh fuck it
[RoH`lales`ea] gg game
[RoH`lales`ea] boom !
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] gg
[FlexibleRatDc] 99

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