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TEL #6
October 19, 2011, 12:29 PM
Absolute Beginner 838 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 31|37 points
Absolute Beginner 787 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 47|37 points

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Not rated yet
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2 - 0
2 - 0
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Downloaded 305 time(s).
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1920 x 696, BIT, 3.49 KB, Downloaded 27 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[RoH`Darkmaul] hf
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] fun
[cFc`sock] hf
[cfc`madøg] ah
[cfc`madøg] delay xd
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol
[cFc`sock] lol
[cfc`madøg] still a elite noob here
[cFc`sock] f5!
[cFc`sock] ;p
[cfc`madøg] get him!!1
[cFc`sock] xd
[cFc`sock] bastard
[cFc`sock] now u get him
[cFc`sock] !
[cfc`madøg] hahaha
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] ahaha
[cFc`sock] haha
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] nice
[RoH`Darkmaul] lol
[cFc`sock] perfect
[cfc`madøg] sweet
[cFc`sock] did u notch that shit, walking backwards
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] save it you twat
[cFc`sock] crazy maain
[cfc`madøg] i know the distance from bng
[cFc`sock] ya
[cfc`madøg] saved
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] he has scratched it on screen
[cfc`madøg] no notch, striaght up business
[cFc`sock] lol
[cFc`sock] nothing
[cFc`sock] :)
[cfc`madøg] ops
[cfc`madøg] powa ne1
[cFc`sock] u havent scratched the power either?
[cfc`madøg] not for that one xd
[cFc`sock] ;p
[RoH`Darkmaul] why me
[cFc`sock] ur dark and evil
[RoH`Darkmaul] nazi :(
[cFc`sock] satan
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] bast
[cFc`sock] i axed an only worm
[cFc`sock] great
[cFc`sock] lol
[cfc`madøg] hehe
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol
[cfc`madøg] nice
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: napalm full red please
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: haha
[cfc`madøg] ouch
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: ya but wish worked
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol
[cfc`madøg] nice
[cFc`sock] oh ty lord
[cFc`sock] lol
[cfc`madøg] haha
[cfc`madøg] almost not
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: try to petrol madog
[cfc`madøg] yep
[cFc`sock] kk
[cFc`sock] nt
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: nope
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: go rope and block him
[cfc`madøg] noo
[cFc`sock] gt
[cfc`madøg] -should hav used chute
[cFc`sock] all those pixels woulda prolly fucked the sheep up anyway
[cFc`sock] lol
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: if he kills me go rope fast and sg both
[cfc`madøg] damn
[cFc`sock] oh no
[cfc`madøg] ;x
[cFc`sock] lol
RoH`lacoste`b2b..RoH`Darkmaul: har
[cfc`madøg] lol
[cFc`sock] gg
[cFc`sock] ;)
[cfc`madøg] gg
[cfc`madøg] eeeek
[cfc`madøg] still got rope
[cfc`madøg] hmm
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol
[cfc`madøg] live
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] gg
[cfc`madøg] ahh
[cfc`madøg] lol
[cfc`madøg] gG
[RoH`Darkmaul] gg

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