January 30, 2023, 03:52 PM

Teleporting - 100 maps selected by sbs

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Name: Teleporting - 100 maps selected by sbs
Type: Miscellaneous
Maps: 100
Uncompressed size: 31.76 MB
Submitted by: Brazil FoxHound

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Time: September 09, 2022, 01:08 AM
This is a mappack for the scheme Teleporting, created by sbs. This selection of 100 maps was made by the author of the scheme, who tested them for the scheme. I'm just the uploader.

Quote from: sbs

There are different map sizes depending on the number of players in the game. E.g. standard size maps (1920x696) are more suitable for 1v1 games, but maps with larger dimensions work better when there are many players in the game. Keep in mind: the bigger the size the more players may fit perfectly.

In this regard, a word of warning: too many players with full teams of 8 worms in standard size maps, could cause a tedious manual placement at the beginnig of the game, due to exceeding the limit of available space.

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Author Topic: Mappack #547, Teleporting - 100 maps selected by sbs submitted by FoxHound  (Read 685 times)

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Offline FoxHound

I hope the maps don't take too long to load their previews. Now there's a lot of maps to play Teleporting :)
Paisagem (Landscape) by Theodoro de Bona - oil on canvas, 1978

Scheme ideas
gif made by sbs:

Offline Lupastic

some of these maps are perfect for Rowy scheme as well (: for that, thank for sharing

Offline FoxHound

The author (sbs) updated the scheme to 3.8 along with this new map designed for this scheme, not included in the mappack:

Paisagem (Landscape) by Theodoro de Bona - oil on canvas, 1978

Scheme ideas
gif made by sbs: