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Files / Big Rope Race Generator (BRRG)
« on: June 03, 2019, 06:28 PM »
Big Rope Race Generator (BRRG)

Some of you on Discord may already know that I've been working on a Big Rope Race generator, which I'm just calling BRRG. I thought it was time to make a topic to keep everything in one place, so here it is. I can't promise that I'll be regularly updating it. That depends on whether I feel like prioritising it over other projects. Suggestions are welcome, but it's probably already on my to do list :) Maybe I'll tidy that and add it here at some point. If you think you've encountered a bug, feel free to let me know and post the steps taken to reproduce it.



It's a Windows application that requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or greater to run.


    -Added embedded arrow options. These include: type, outline colour, interior colour, and arrow colour.
    -Added buttons to open and save the configuration. Some example files are included in the "Configurations" directory.
    -Added a menu strip with "File", "View", and "Help" menus.
    -Added the ability to expand and collapse each group of UI controls.
    -Added units to the UI labels where necessary.
    -Added icons to the "Generate" and "Export" buttons.
    -Added status bar messages for: opening a configuration, saving a configuration, loading a background, removing a background, and exporting a map.
    -Added a "Changelog.txt" file.
    -Changed the default border outline colour and wall outline colour.
    -Changed the "Save" button to an "Export" button to prevent ambiguity with the button to save the configuration.
    -Moved the version and author text from the status bar to the "About" message in the "Help" menu.
    -Fixed a bug where using an odd cell size could cause gaps in the walls.
    -Fixed a bug where the background tiling was offset if padding was required at the top of the map to ensure the map height was divisible by 8.

See the "Changelog.txt" file for the full changelog.

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